How To make Alkaline water Using 7 Amazing Ways!

    How To Make Alkaline water- Use These Methods!

    Drinking water to boost your metabolism is a healthy practice. Learning how to make alkaline water and consuming it daily can have great effects on your health. It is believed to boost metabolism and reduce acid levels in the bloodstream which helps your body absorb essential nutrients faster. These are just a few benefits of alkaline water. Once you know how to make alkaline water and use it daily, you will feel much more.

    Water is surprisingly helpful for you, no one is debating on that. But are several drinks of water more suitable for you than others? It depends on whom you are asking. While a lot of people are satisfied in drinking clear old H2O, there’s a strong community of people who affirm and swear by functional waters—essentially, good old H2O with combined special components(like herbs, essential vitamins, and healthy antioxidants) that declare to bring numerous health benefits.

    You will learn how to make alkaline water and enjoy its benefits through this article. Let’s see how to start with different methods.

    Before you start learning how to make alkaline water, you should determine the exact pH of water.

    Determining the pH of the water

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    Determining the pH before and after you make alkaline water will help you check the pH level of water and will let you know how much you have to adjust for the water to be alkaline. Naturally, most waters have a pH of 7. Impurities present inside the water tend to make it more acidic due to which the pH measures of pure drinking water are between 6.5 to 8.5.

    Here’s what you need to for measuring the pH:

    1. Purchase a pH kit first of all. You may purchase a piece of pH equipment at most fitness stores. The kit or equipment must come with a few pH strips along with a pH color chart.
    2. Dip the pH strip inside the water before you proceed to how to make alkaline water. Allow the strip to sit for a while, and then match the strip’s color with different given colors on the chart. Record what your water’s current pH level is and later on alkalize the water by implementing one of the methods we have listed below. After you are done with alkalizing your water, the water must roughly show 8 to 9 on the pH scale
    3. You need to understand your water’s pH. When the water sample is higher than 7 on the pH scale (that is 8, 9, 10, etc) the water is basic in nature, and water under a 7 ( that is 6,5,4, etc) is acidic. You need the water to be around 7 and 9 on the pH scale.
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    Now that you know how to check the pH of water. These are a few methods you can employ to learn how to make alkaline water.

    How To Make Alkaline Water

    1. Using water additives

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    You can use baking soda, lemon, and pH drops to make alkaline water. Follow the steps:

    1. Add about 1/8 tbsp or 600 mg of baking soda to about an 8 oz. or 0.237 liters drink of water. Baking soda is rich in alkaline content. When this baking soda blends with the water, it raises the alkaline or basic characteristics of the water. Shake (if you use a water bottle) or stir the mixture quickly to ensure that baking soda blends in thoroughly with the water. If you are eating a low sodium diet, do not add this ingredient to the water as Baking soda is enriched in sodium.
    2. Using lemon is also a good option as lemons are anionic in nature. When you consume lemon water, your body meets the anionic properties of water thus making the water alkaline as digested by the body. To use this method- Fill one vessel(64 oz.) using clean water. Filtered h2O is the most reliable way to go, but if one does not have any filter, tap water is also fine to be used. Cut up a lemon in the eighth piece. Add these lemons into the water but make sure do not press them too much or squeeze–simply set them inside the water. Cover this water and allow it to sit late for 8 to 12 hours keeping it at room temperature. You may add a tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt to the lemon water if wanted. Adding this salt will mineralize the alkaline water.
    3. Adding pH drops- pH drops hold potent alkaline minerals inside and are extremely concentrated. You may buy pH drops at any health food shop or online. Observe and follow the regulations on the particular pH bottle to conclude how many drops one must insert into the water. Bear in mind that while the pH drops enhance the alkalinity of the water, they do not separate any other things like fluoride and chlorine that can be present within the tap water.

    How to make alkaline water using filtration systems

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    You may use a water ionizer, ionizing water filter, or reverse osmosis water filter to alkalize the water sample. Follow the steps given below:

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    4. Bring a water ionizer for this purpose. Water ionizers connect to the faucet and are highly user-friendly. The water converts to electrically improved(ionized) water because the ionizer operates it over two electrodes- positive and negative. Performing this distributes the water into two types- alkalized and acidic water. The alkalized type of water is about 70% of the delivered water and could be utilized for drinking. Do not just dump all the acidic water produced. Acidic water will help kill various types of bacteria. You may utilize it for cleaning and washing your body, thus destroying some of the bacteria existing on your skin.

    5. Buy an ionizing water filter. Such filters are readily transportable and way more contemptible and cheaper than purchasing an electric ionizer. All function in a similar manner to any normal filter. Drain the water into this filter and allow it to sit for three to four minutes. While you are just waiting, the water is moving through a sequence of filters. Once the water transfers through these filters, it remains in a supply of alkalizing minerals. Those filters could usually be detected in kitchen tools in home stores.

    6. Buy any reverse osmosis water filter. Such type of filter is called a hyper filter, and it takes into use a primarily fine membrane to filter the water. The fragility of the filter lets it catch more elements compared to regular water filters, which eventually alkalizes the water more effectively. These filters can be bought at any local home improvement or maybe hardware store and are positioned alongside conventional water filters.

    7. Use a normal water distiller With the addition of pH drops. Water distillers heat the water poured inside them, killing the bacteria and any other contaminations that may be discovered in the tap water. Water distillers or purifiers can make the water slightly more alkaline, but to truly alkalize the water sample, add pH drops to the recently purified water. Water distillers vary in cost and size. They can be seen adjacent to other kitchen instruments.

    Now that you know all the methods on how to make alkaline water, you must know how many amazing benefits it has so that you can use it without any doubts.

    Benefits of alkaline water

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    Here are some benefits of alkaline water that make it great to be consumed than normal water.

    1. It is hydrating. well, this one is quite obvious, but similar to other kinds of water, alkaline H20 hydrates your body, and a hydrated body is basically the solution to everything. Understanding and getting your fill for the day will provide you energy, help the digestive system operate smoothly, and give your skin all that glowy and dewy appearance. It is just not determined to be extra efficient at doing this than normal water.

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    2. It could defend your body against harmful free radicals. Free radicals are atoms and molecules having an unpaired electron. In a non-science speaking way, this suggests that they are not stable and wandering around inside your body scanning for another free radical or electron to match up with. They may harm the DNA, probably leading to little health problems such as wrinkles and big issues such as cancer. The greatest way to oppose and fight free radicals is by increasing the level of antioxidants—and drinking alkaline water has shown to possess some antioxidant results on the body.

    3. It might support healthy digestion. Sipping water overall assists in maintaining the food movement through your digestive tract, but research suggests that alkaline water, in particular, can be much effective at holding things, passing through the gut at least found in rats.

    Side Effects of alkaline water

    With several amazing advantages, alkaline water can have a few side effects. Here are some risks to keep in mind:

    1. It can mess with stomach acids: Even though the entire point of swallowing down the alkaline water is to restore the body, if one consumes excessive amounts of alkaline water, they could acquire hypochlorhydria which refers to insufficiency of hydrochloric acid inside the stomach. When this happens, the digestive system does not function well as it should (it could not accurately digest food or destroy harmful bacteria). So if you are particularly drinking alkaline water and feel “off” due to something you must think about.

    2. It could influence your skin and eyes. While alkaline water has a pH of 8 or 9 range, drinking too basic water (maybe, over a pH of 10) might aggravate your eyes and worsen the current skin problems, as per reports by World Health Organization (WHO).

    3. It might cause muscle twitching. Sipping too much basic water can create metabolic alkalosis. This condition essentially means that the body’s pH has totally lost out of whack, and originates with some scary side effects such as vomiting, twitching muscles, and tingling. Ask for medical help quickly if you encounter these symptoms.

    This was how to make alkaline water with some great benefits and a few side effects that one must keep in mind. Make sure you do not excessively drink basic water or alkaline water or add too much baking soda if you already have issues with sodium content or consume a low sodium diet.


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