How to a Have Full-body Orgasm: 7 Tips to Enjoy the Ultimate Pleasure Tonight!

    Full-body Orgasm: Learn How to Enjoy the Pleasure

    –“Right there!”

    –“That way! That way!”

    Some of the expressions during sex or having an orgasm! Especially when the individuals feel an immense sense of pleasure in their whole bodies, such expressions are natural to come out. However, this sense of full-body orgasm varies from person to person. Hence, there is no exact definition of it.

    full-body orgasm
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    While somebody feels like running butterflies in the whole body, somebody’s legs cringe, giving them a complete sense of pleasure. In short, you cannot describe the joy out of a full-body orgasm in a general way. But, yes, definitely we can discuss how to get that. Or, we can talk about how to help your partner to get that pleasure. So, here it goes.

    In this article, we are going to discuss how to get full body orgasm-

    • When you are alone
    • When you are with your partner

    Before we start, let’s have a quick overview of the Tantric approach towards sex. Yes, it is one of the age-old practices majorly found in Hindu and Buddhist culture. It includes the synchronization of body, mind, and soul while practising sexual movements. If you are here to learn the details of full body orgasm, you need to know this unique form of yogic sexual practice.

    Tantric Sex: Align your Body, Mind & Soul

    Do you want to explore who you are from inside while having the deepest erotic pleasure? Tantric sex is a way to achieve that. It connects every corner of your body and mind with a strong vibe of energy. You feel sacred and pure from the inside while practising the intimate forms of sexual moves with your partner or all alone. Here, sex becomes more enjoyable, healing, and beautiful.

    Your random hook-up becomes more profound with Tantric sex; casual lovemaking becomes a practice of mutual respect and devotion. Sometimes, the Tantric sex practitioners do not even move yet find the ultimate orgasm and pleasure through meditative dimensions. A complete spiritual upliftment takes place within an individual through the practices of Tantric sex.

    full body orgasm
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    However, if you are not in a mood to go spiritual and want to learn how to have a full-body orgasm through Tantric sex, here are the steps to follow. The process is slow but effective. It is definitely not for a one-night stand. But yes, if you give yourself and your partner enough time, this can go unbelievably well. Learn the details here:

    1. Create the Environment: Ambiance matters to a great extent when it comes to having sexual pleasure. In Tantric sex, it is of utmost significance. Find a space separate from the worldly crowd and hustle-bustle. It can be the room in the attic or the never-trodden-before corner place in your home. Arrange the area in the most sacred and purest way with all of your and your partner’s favorite stuff.
    2. Contact through Eyes: Looking straight to your partner’s eyes leads to a compatible intimate relationship ahead. The longer you maintain the gaze, the more you will enjoy it. Sit comfortably and look at each other with the passionate urge you have within you.
    3. Hands on the Chest: Slowly, place your right hand on the left side of your partner’s chest. And let them do the same. Feel the heartbeats of each other. At the same time, feel your own heartbeats as well. Take deep, profound breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply. Feel the sense of love arousing within you. Thus, a loop of love and energy floats within both individuals.
    4. Tantric Massage: Now, it is time to go a step ahead. Whether you are a person with a vagina or someone with a penis, massage takes you to the brim of erotic pleasure. You find a gradual shift from a relaxed mind to a full-body orgasm. Here, the real journey of seeking pleasure starts.
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    full-body orgasm
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    Lie back and enjoy the massage from your partner. And do the same with them. You can apply some special massage oil that suits both of you. The popular massages are – lingam massage, a swift way to please the people with penis; yoni massage, a process to bring orgasm into the vagina; and nipple play. Try them and get into the mood of exploring the divine connection of love, passion, and respect.

    5. The Classic Tantric Sex Position: Last but not least! It is time to get the ultimate pleasure. Following the previous step, a sense of full-body orgasm develops in your body. Now, use that to get the divine pleasure of meeting each other’s souls.

    When you get into the tantric sex position, it represents the union of Shiva and Shakti. However, gender is not a concern here. Between two individuals performing the moves, one represents Shiva, the masculine energy. On the other hand, another one represents Shakti, the feminine energy.

    The person holding masculine energy is penetrative, while the feminine energy leads towards devout reception. The masculine one is the base partner. The base partner sits cross-legged on either a pillow or on the bed, and his feminine counterpart wraps the legs around him. She rests her hips on the bed or pillow or the lap of her base partner.

    full-body orgasm

    The base partner should wrap her waist with two hands while her hands should be on his shoulders. The heads should be close to each other. Thus, the chakras inside the bodies are aligned, and sexual urge arouses and goes upward along the spine.

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    Then, through different moves, the base partner transmits the energy into the receiving feminine partner. Connect the breathing and enjoy the penetration. Also, you can enjoy a full-body orgasm without any penetration.

    Thus, along with full-body orgasm, you will find a perfect bond of communication aligned with communion.

    Now, if you do not have time, you can have a full-body orgasm in your regular lovemaking as well. Get the details here.

    How to Get Full Body Orgasm: When You are Alone:

    Bingo! The talk begins! Hold your breath and read it till the end to learn useful tips to enjoy the heavenly pleasure of full-body orgasm.

    Don’t have a partner? No worries! You are enough for yourself. Learn how to get a full-body orgasm without a partner.

    full body orgasm
    • Relax your mind: It is easy to take stress when you are doing it alone. The lack of a partner may irritate you. But, you need to relax and focus. Do not feel inferior about yourself. You can give yourself pleasure.
    • Start with the naval: The naval, especially for women, is a sensitive point to start with when you seek full-body orgasm. Relax the muscles around your belly and pelvic. And move your fingers around the navel gently. Gradually you will feel a pleasant sensation.
    • Slowly go upwards: From naval, roll your fingers gently over your belly, chest, throat, and shoulder. Feel the tips of the fingers all over your body.
    • Spend time on hips and thighs: Hips and thighs are the sensitive areas that can move you anytime if you play well. While going upwards, take time to adore these places too.
    • Get into the genital: Slowly, use your fingers to feel the muscles inside your genital. Do not rush. Take time and find the g-spot. Well, for some women, rubbing the clitoris feels better than reaching to the g-spot. Find what your pleasure point is and enjoy.
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    Enjoying full-body Orgasm: With the Partner

    Ok, so when you are with your partner, things become easy. It feels less like struggling to get into the mood and do it perfectly. You can explore each other pleasure points without getting bored. After all, it is a performance of mutual understanding, respect, and emotional bond.

    full body orgasm

    Nonetheless, if you are with your partner, you can follow all of the initial stages while giving pleasure to yourself. In addition, you can try these other steps.

    • A deep hug is needed: If you seek a full-body orgasm, this old-school method leads you to it. As per the scientific study, deep, passionate hugs emits oxytocin or cuddle hormone, one of the driving forces for sexual arousal.
    • Smooching works: Touch your partner’s lips with yours. Slowly tuck them together and kiss. Deep kissing is the next thing after a hug to develop the orgasm in your body.
    • An oil massage: Gently massage each other’s body. Involve your body and mind in this process and relax. You can use some essential oil for it.
    • Cuddle before you begin: Do not miss the foreplay. Cuddling is the best way to tickle the sexual gasps in you. Get closer and appreciate the intimate moments.
    • Start with oral moves: If you want a full-body orgasm, oral sex helps. Just do it properly. In many cases, due to lack of knowledge, people miss out on the chance of enjoying heavenly bliss. Read and learn about it. And then apply the tips.

    All about Full-body Orgasm: 7 Tips You Should not Miss

    1. Choose your partner wisely whom you are comfortable with.
    2. Moan softly throughout the process.
    3. Stimulate the sensitive parts like nipples, skin behind the ears, perineum, etc.
    4. Continue experimenting with different ways.
    5. Breathly deeply during the sex.
    6. Go for edging, which means stopping from orgasming just before it occurs.
    7. Practice semen retention if you have a penis.

    Over to You

    So, got the details about full-body orgasm? Are you excited to enjoy the blissful sensation in your body? Enjoy happy and safe pleasure moments ahead! Do not forget to maintain hygiene. And always take consent before any move!

    Best wishes to you!

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