How To Duplicate A Page In Word – Best Guide For You!

    Microsoft Word is the best word processor, without any doubt utilizing which you could share, manage, and create documents effortlessly. Since its initial launch by Microsoft, this software has gone through a plethora of changes, and lots more features have been updated to make it a top-rated word software for the masses.

    How to duplicate a page in word? Duplicating a page could be a massive time-saver whether you do some changes just after leaving as it is or copies it. While the word does not offer an in-built attribute to duplicate a page, you could still consummate this task within a few minutes.

    There is a broad range of functionalities and features that you can use on MS Word. If you’re chasing after a quick way out on how to duplicate a Word page, we’ll discuss the same in detail through this article.

    How to duplicate a page in word? Process of duplicating a page from a single-page document

    If your current document only includes one page, copying and then pasting it in your document is truly simple.

    how to duplicate a page in word

    On the page, select all contents utilizing one of these methods:

    • Click on Ctrl + A.
    • Press Select > Select All from ribbon on Home tab.
    • Drag the cursor through the entire contents.
    • To duplicate a page, select all the content in MS Word.
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    Afterward, copy those contents utilizing one of these approaches:

    • Strike on Ctrl + C.
    • Press Copy in the ribbon on the Home tab.
    • Do right-click and select Copy.
    • Copy content to produce a duplicate page

    Next, at the end of the page, place your cursor. Proceed to the Insert tab and select Blank Page in the Pages section of the ribbon.

    In MS Word, insert a blank page. Your cursor now must appear at the top of the newest blank page. Paste contents that you just copied utilizing one of these procedures:

    • Click Ctrl + V.
    • Press Paste in the ribbon on the Home tab.
    • Do Right-click and choose Paste.
    • In MS Word, paste content to duplicate a page.

    And that is all about how to duplicate a page in word from a single-page document. You just have duplicated a page within your current document.

    How to duplicate a page in word from the multiple-page document

    If your document possesses multiple pages and you only desire to duplicate one, utilize the same copy/paste formula but only choose that particular text on the page you wish to copy.

    • To do this action, drag the cursor only through the contents of that page, and utilize one of the approaches above for copying the contents.
    • Locate your cursor at the ending part of a page where you wish to insert the soon-to-be duplicated new page.
    • After that, on the Insert tab, hit on Blank Page. Paste the contents you recently copied utilizing one of the approaches above.
    how to duplicate a page in word

    How to duplicate a page in word? The process of copying the page to a new document

    If you wish to copy another page from the existing document and then place it into a completely new document, utilize the similar steps mentioned above in the section on how to duplicate a page in word from the single-page document but adjust only one thing.

    • Select and copy the contents of the page utilizing the mentioned approaches.
    • Thenceforth, instead of utilizing the Insert tab to add on a new page, select File and choose Blank Document under New.
    • When the brand new document displays, make your cursor where you want the newest page and utilize one of the paste options given above.
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    how to duplicate a page in word

    How to duplicate a page in word? The process for copying a page to an existing document

    If you already own a document to which you desire to copy the page, thoroughly follow the similar steps to select and copy the page. Furthermore, open up your existing document, place your cursor where you want that page, and utilize one of the aforementioned paste approaches.

    In MS Word, you could rearrange pages as well, certainly after you duplicate a page.

    All about duplicating a page is only copy and paste

    How to duplicate a page in word? Maybe the capability to duplicate a single page is something Microsoft will add to MS Word at some specific point. But if not, anyways, you have a simple way to do it utilizing simple Copy and paste methods.

    Wrapping Up

    This article shows- how to duplicate a page in word how to copy a page over to a new document and in the same one. If you are working on a document in Microsoft Word, you might wish to copy a page to reutilize with only slight changes in that same document. This is quite handy if you are generating a template. On the other hand, you might want to copy a page from the current document to utilize in a new one convenient for any business document.

    After all these steps, you could duplicate, copy and insert the contents on a new page. Now we hope you can effortlessly duplicate a page in Microsoft Word and generate a spanking new duplicate copy of the original document.

    MS Word is the most popular operating system used by millions of people across the globe. It has been in use for such a long time that people learning to use a computer seem to automatically know the essential functions and features of the operating system. However, there are times when a regular user can also face trouble with a specific feature or function. If you need any help regarding MS Word, you can surely get help from the detailed guide content. This blog on How To Find And Replace In A Word – The Best Actionable Guide will surely be helpful for you.

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