How much to spend on baby shower gift? 2+ brilliant pocket-friendly budgets discussed

    For starters, it was wedding season. You had a great time dancing your way through all of them. You chose the ideal engagement, bridal shower, and wedding gifts. Then, suddenly, a new season had begun: baby showers. How much to spend on baby shower gift?

    how much to spend on baby shower gift
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    If you attend a baby shower, you are expected to bring a gift, but gift-giving can be difficult. How much to spend on baby shower gift? What should you purchase? This can be extremely challenging if you haven’t yet experienced the joys of parenthood. It can feel as if you need a Ph.D. in baby gear to understand the difference between a high-end stroller and a functional baby chair.

    You may be familiar with the awkward feeling of buying gifts for a baby shower and the uneasy feeling you may get when a mom-to-be is opening presents and you’re comparing yours to everyone else’s. There’s the question of what to buy, but there’s also the question of how much to spend on a baby shower gift. Many moms open gifts at the party, which can be awkward if you’re unsure how much to spend or what to buy. You might also have questions about group gifts or one-of-a-kind gift ideas.

    This article will advise on how much to spend, what big-ticket items to buy, and other topics. Here’s our guide to determining how much to spend on baby shower gift.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    What is the moderate cost of a baby shower present?

    How much to spend on baby shower gift? A baby shower gift registry typically includes some large, expensive items and some smaller, less expensive items. Often, you can find something at any price point. If you want to buy more from the registry while still saving money, you can buy a few less expensive items.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    What if there isn’t anyone to guide you? How much to spend on baby shower gift? Simply ask the soon-to-be parents what they require or check the gift registry. They’ll know better than anyone, and you’ll know you’re getting them a gift they’ll use. Determine what is most needed and begin there. If they are unsure or make hazy suggestions, you can ask someone close to them, such as the baby shower host, what they might want as a gift.

    So, how much should you spend on baby shower gift? What is the average expenditure on a baby shower gift? A normal range for spending on a friend or relative is between $30 and $50. You can spend more or less than this, but it’s a good place to start. Assume it’s a close friend or family member. In that case, you might consider spending a little more, especially on a large-ticket item they will use frequently.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    How much to spend on baby shower gift? 

    Regarding baby shower gifts, stick to a budget you’re happy with and can afford. However, here are some commonly accepted price ranges to consider when shopping. Because your relationship with the recipient significantly impacts gift budget guidelines, we’ve broken it down for you.

    • $20-$25 for a coworker or a distant friend

    How much should you spend on a baby shower gift for a coworker or distant friend? Don’t feel bad about spending less than $25 on a gift for a coworker you barely know or a college roommate you haven’t seen since her wedding. A good price range to keep in mind is $20 to $25, but even $15 is acceptable in this case.

    • $30-$50 for a friend or relative

    How much should you spend on a baby shower gift for a relative or friend? Most baby showers you’ll attend will likely be for friends and family, and a budget of $30 to $50 is generally considered appropriate.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
    • $60-$100 for a best friend or close relative

    How much should you spend on a baby shower gift for a close relative or best friend? When it comes to somebody you’ve known your entire life (or it feels like it), gifts in the $60 to $100 range allow you to choose something unique. A close relationship necessitates putting more thought and effort into a baby shower gift to give them support and love as they embark on the exciting journey of parenthood.

    • Group presents

    Big items like strollers and car seats can be tough to afford for a new parent, so pooling finances with friends or relatives is a great way to gift more expensive but necessary items. If you’re uneasy about paying more than your fair share, have everyone contribute what they can and buy a gift card to a store that sells the item. Everyone involved should sign the card so the expecting parents know who to thank.

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    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for a family member?

    Yay! Congratulations, a new member of your tribe will be joining you soon! It’s extra special to attend a baby shower for a family member. Going to this party will be a fun gathering of familiar faces, and there is no doubt that you want a personal and useful baby shower gift.

    Your budget will first determine the amount you spend on a baby gift. Nobody wants you to go into debt in order to buy a gift. So, how much should you spend on a baby shower gift? Family members’ average gifts range from $50 to $200. A cousin might spend $50, whereas a grandmother or close aunt might spend more. If it’s a close friend, your budget may be around $100.

    Whatever you decide to spend on a baby shower gift, keep in mind to strike a balance between what the mom-to-be needs or wants and something unique or personal. You want your loved one to “remember” that you gave her something special and useful.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    Options for Gifts

    • Baby Carrier (also known as a front pack or wrap/sling): Many love giving this as a gift because it will be used frequently. Every time she puts it on, the new mom will silently thank you in her head. There are many wonderful options on the market, so it comes down to personal preference. We’d stick with what mom-to-be has on her registry for this item.
    • Stroller Accessories: It may be too much to ask to go all-in on the stroller system, but if you comprehend what stroller the mom is registered for, you can take care of the much-appreciated accessories. Examples include organizers/caddies, snack trays, cup holders, ride-along boards (for older siblings), rain shields, and hooks.
    • A Bathtime Bundle: Bathtime can be a wonderful time to bond with your baby. Obtaining the baby tub, shampoo, washcloths, toys, towels, and even an apron from mom/dad can enhance the fun experience. Don’t be afraid to purchase items that will benefit the older infant. The best gifts are those that last longer and grow with the baby. In addition, a collection of items can be arranged in the baby tub or a basket to make a lovely presentation at the baby shower.

    Gifts to avoid

    • Baby Clothes: This is a tried and true favorite of many baby shower gifters, making it extremely popular. We all appreciate a cute outfit, but aside from the fact that most clothes given are too small, they also grow out of them quickly. If you want your gift to have an impact and be remembered, avoid those cute little onesies.

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    How much to spend on baby shower gift for a distant relative?

    We suggest you spend between $40 and $80 when deciding how much to spend on baby shower gift for a buddy or distant relative. How well do you know the expectant mother will determine what you buy with this budget? Most new moms have a baby registry where you can see what she has already purchased and what she still needs.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    That said, if you want to get something more personal or unique, don’t be afraid to stray from the registry list. If you’ve used a product you adore, but it’s not on her registry, go for it! Don’t ignore including the gift receipt if she needs to exchange it.

    Options for Gifts

    • Diaper Cake: Bundling diapers, covering them with a swaddle blanket, and topping them with a cute bow is a great show-stopper to bring to the party if you’re feeling creative. Numerous how-to videos on YouTube will assist you in creating a lovely arrangement.
    • Portable Playard: We love how useful this piece of baby equipment is, whether at home or on the go. Avoid gimmicky add-ons in favor of portability and ease of use.
    • Gift Cards: If you cannot attend the baby shower, a gift card can be mailed to the new parents. The gift card need not have to be for a baby store; gift cards to grocery stores, restaurants (with dine-in options), Target, and Amazon are all acceptable.

    Gifts to avoid

    • Anything that does not include a gift receipt: If you’re giving a gift to someone you don’t know very well, ALWAYS include a gift receipt. You can tape it to the box discreetly or include it with the card. You get extra points if you write the item’s name on the top of the receipt for easy reference. This is because it can be awkward (and time-consuming) for pregnant women to request a gift receipt to return or exchange an item. She’s got a lot on her plate, right?

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for a client/employee?

    If you have an employee or client expecting a new baby, you have an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation and support! How much should you spend? Depending on your proximity to the expecting parents, we recommend a budget of $50 to $150.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    When selecting a gift, buying something unique and/or extremely useful will always go a long way. This demonstrates a higher level of appreciation. It is also important where you shop. Several items purchased at a discount store may leave a negative impression, especially if you purchase for a client. We recommend purchasing one or two higher-quality items rather than several low-cost items.

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    Options for Gifts

    • Mini-Sessions for Family Portraits: Many local photographers and studios offer mini sessions that make excellent gift certificates. This gift will be greatly appreciated, unique, and reflect well on your company. This is also an excellent group gift.
    • Diapers: There will be so many diapers needed for the new baby that new parents will never turn them down (unless they are too small!). So, opt for diapers, a friendly yet useful gifting option. 

    Gifts to avoid

    • Anything Relating to Breastfeeding/Nursing: Although extremely useful, this is a sensitive subject that we advise coworkers, employees, and clients to avoid.
    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for a friend?

    This is the crucial question. If you’re attending a Friend’s baby shower, you’re expected to bring a gift. However, deciding how much to spend is difficult. How much to spend on baby shower gift for a friend? What is the typical amount? Here are some things to think about:

    • How close is the friend to you? 

    Generally, if the parent-to-be is a close friend, you will spend more than if the parent-to-be is an acquaintance. If you’ve known this person for a long time, they might expect a larger gift. However, there are some other considerations.

    • Is it their first or second child? 

    If your friend is expecting their first child, they’ll need a lot of things for the baby, so a more expensive gift might be appreciated. Assume, however, that this is their second child. In that case, they’ll likely already have many big-ticket items, such as a stroller and a crib.

    • Is there a registry? 

    A registry is useful because it tells you exactly what the new parents will require. If the new parents don’t have one, you can assume they’re not too concerned with receiving large gifts. However, if they have a registry, you should get something from it.

    • What does the expecting mother require the most? 

    Consider what your friend already has and what she still requires. Big-ticket items like high chairs are typically required, but everyday necessities like diapers, bibs, and bottles are also appreciated.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    • How much money do you have?

    How much to spend on baby shower gift? Your friend will not appreciate it if you forego paying your electric bill to buy her a gift. Remember that if you don’t have much extra money, it’s perfectly fine to pick up something small, even if the parent-to-be is a close friend.

    If you can afford it, buy something expensive from the registry; if not, don’t worry about it. What matters far more than the present is your presence at the new parents’ baby shower. You were invited to the party to share in their joy, not to receive a gift.

    Baby shower gifts: Other options

    DIY gifts 

    What if you’ve been invited to a baby shower but can’t afford to bring a gift? How much to spend on baby shower gift? Instead of spending money, consider making a gift for the new parents. Making a present is generally less expensive, but the present can have a lot of meaning. It shows the new parents that you thought about what they might want.

    Perhaps the idea of a DIY gift appeals to you, but you aren’t particularly crafty, or perhaps you simply need to put together a present quickly. A diaper cake is a simple solution if you want to do it yourself. Every new parent requires a large supply of diapers for their newborn.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
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    Check out some videos on how to make a diaper cake guide to make your diaper cake. You’ll buy a bunch of diapers, shape them into a cake, and add whatever fun decorations you want. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that the expecting parents will remember, and it’s simple to make.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    Try knitting baby booties, hats, or blankets if you are a crafty or creative person. This is a lovely way to show the new parents that you took the time to plan something special for them. You can also help prepare for the baby’s arrival by painting the nursery. If you need more inspiration, YouTube has some great DIY baby ideas.

    Gifts $25 or Less

    You don’t want to turn up empty-handed, but you also don’t want to spend too much money. How much to spend on baby shower gift? We have some baby shower gift ideas for under $25. To begin with, many parents will have $25-and-under gifts on their registry. If that’s the case, you can entirely browse the registry and purchase something immediately. If there are no inexpensive items on the registry, or if they have all been purchased, you can try these suggestions.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift
    • Baby burp cloths: These are usually in short supply for parents. It’s a useful gift that they’ll use daily, and it’s inexpensive.
    • Baby onesies: These are frequently inexpensive and extremely useful.
    • Baby bottles: These are usually sold as a set and make an excellent present.
    • A keepsake journal: New parents can keep a cute journal to record all of their memories of their newborn. They may even include images.
    • Diapers: You can’t go wrong with plenty of diapers. Because this item is constantly in demand, there is no risk of overbuying.
    • Personalized newborn baby hat: This is a lovely and one-of-a-kind gift for the new baby. You can add their name and select from a variety of colors.
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    Baby Shower Planning Timeline | Martha Stewart
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    How much to spend on baby shower gift for Group Presents

    A group gift involves several people getting together and contributing to the purchase of a large gift. This is useful when purchasing a large item, such as a car seat. It’s ideal for those on a tight budget because the expecting parents get something for the baby, and everyone saves money by pooling their resources. A baby swing or rocking chair are two more expensive items to consider.

    Contact a couple of other people you know who are invited to the baby shower to easily organize a group gift. A group gift is probably best for the parents-to-be from their friends. The new grandparents, some relatives, and the host will almost certainly buy multiple items from the registry or more expensive items. 

    However, if a group of friends wants to buy something nice while saving money, they can ask some people if they want to chip in and determine how much each person can contribute. Decide who will collect the funds and purchase the gift next. Then, obtain a card that everyone can sign.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for second or third-child baby showers?

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for second or third-child baby showers? You can spend up to $50 to $100!

    The number of items needed for a new baby can overwhelm first-time parents. They’ve probably put a lot of thought and research into the items on their baby registry, so it’s a convenient way for you to ensure you bring a gift they’ll appreciate.

    If you’re an experienced parent, you might consider gifting something you know will come in handy, even if it’s not on their registry. Fill a diaper bag with your favorite swaddles, bottles, and board books, for example. Include a note in the card about why you found the item useful with your child, or give sound advice about when to use it.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    Because many parents store baby clothes and toys after their first child has outgrown them, practical gifts such as diapers and baby shampoo are more useful than a cute layette or bath towels. On the other hand, new clothes are perfectly acceptable and will be appreciated if they already have two girls and expect a boy.

    Experienced parents’ thoughtful gesture is providing unexpected items such as meal deliveries or maid services. They’ll undoubtedly find it difficult to manage more than one child, particularly if the siblings are close in age. 

    How much to spend on baby shower gift? Another brilliant idea is to spend less on a baby gift and enclose a little “big sister/brother” gift for the elder child, who is likely to undergo many changes due to the arrival of a new sibling.

    Parents want to remember the moments and milestones of their baby’s first year and beyond, whether it’s their first or third child. You’ll impress the parents-to-be with personalized baby shower gifts like keepsake boxes and engraved frames.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    How much to spend on baby shower gift for twins’ baby shower?

    You will definitely be invited to a twin baby shower if a friend or family is expecting twins. Baby showers are a delightful way to celebrate the arrival of a baby, let alone two babies, in the case of a twin baby shower. Budgeting and planning for the exciting day are critical for you and the other guests in attendance. 

    Expectant parents understand this and have most likely set up their gift registry to include items within their budget and inexpensive extras. So, How much to spend on baby shower gift for the twins’ baby shower? Depending on your relationship with the to-be-parents, you can spend $25 to $50 for twin baby shower gifts. You can also gift separately for both babies. If you are gifting in a group, the budget can increase above $50 also.  

    Over $50 items can be given as a gift from a group of guests. Reach out to others who are attending the twin baby shower if at all possible. Ask if they would like to participate in a group gift. According to twin parents, twin parents, walkers, diaper bags, and nursing pillows are popular group gifts for twin baby showers.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    Gift cards, baby monitors, adjustable baby gates, and play yards are examples of collaborative gifts. Taking part in a group gift allows you to give the expectant parents more expensive items they might not be able to get on their own. Other items that twin parents have received from guests include cribs, double strollers, and car seats.

    Final words

    You now understand how much you should spend on a baby shower gift. This article discusses the average amount to spend on a gift, the best group gifts, and how to give a great gift for $25 or less.

    How much to spend on baby shower gift

    It is also important to remember that even if you are unable to provide a baby shower gift, you should still attend the party! It is no longer acceptable to assume that every guest must bring a gift for the baby shower. Even if you didn’t afford a gift, the host and new parents would like you to attend the event. You are welcome to attend simply to celebrate the new baby; no gifts are required.

    This article should help you select a gift and give you an idea of how much to spend on baby shower gift. While gifts for the new baby are frequently included in the celebration, they are not the most important aspect. What matters most is that people come together to offer encouragement, advice, and support to the new parents.


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