Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition Facts | Healthy Or Not?

    Lately, there has been a lot of debate about heavy whipping cream nutrition. The debate makes sense as, on the one hand, heavy whipping cream is rich in nutrition. Whereas, on the other hand, it contains a lot of calories. 

    In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of heavy whipping cream and find out if it’s healthy to include in your diet or not. Let’s begin with understanding what heavy whipping cream is. 

    What Is Heavy Whipping Cream? 

    Heavy whipping cream tops the list regarding fat percentage in various dairy products. However, you can get other processed dairy products with lower fats like double cream, regular and light whipping cream, and even evaporated packaged milk. 

    Heavy whipping cream is obtained from the creamy upper layer of the raw milk, which gets separated naturally because of its heavy fat content. Later on, this raised cream is taken out from the raw milk to process further. 

    Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition

    The cream is then first pasteurized to kill bacteria and ensure that it lasts longer. Then this pasteurized cream is homogenized to make it whipped cream. After homogenization, the cream does not get separated easily like the raw cream. 

    If you look at the heavy whipping cream nutrition, you will see the highest fat percentage of about 36% to 40% of fats in one ounce.  We will see what health benefits heavy whipping cream offers later in this article. But, first, let us see the detailed nutritional facts about heavy whipping cream.

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    Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition 

    Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition

    Heavy whipping cream is a high-calorie product. However, it contains a high percentage of facts and various fat-soluble vitamins. Let us see the nutrition content in 100 grams of heavy whipping cream.

    • Calories: 340
    • Protein: 2.8 grams
    • Fat: 36 grams
    • Carbs: 2.8 grams
    • Fiber: 0 gram
    • Sugar: 2.9 grams
    • Sodium: 27 milligrams
    • Calcium: 66 milligrams
    • Vitamin A: 46% DV
    • Vitamin B12: 7% DV
    • Vitamin C: 1% DV
    • Vitamin D: 8% DV
    • Vitamin E: 6% DV
    • Vitamin K: 3% DV

    Note: DV (Daily Value) gives nutrition value to a food serving.

    Health Benefits Of Heavy Whipping Cream 

    Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition

    Dairy products can be divided into three categories depending upon the fat content. First, there are full-fat dairy products like heavy whipping cream, and then there are low-fat dairy products like yogurt, and lastly, fat-free dairy products like skim milk. 

    The heavy whipping cream had the most nutrition amongst all the three as it contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. These are some essential vitamins to keep nutrition levels balanced. One interesting fact about all of these vitamins coming from heavy cream is that all are fat-soluble vitamins. 

    Full-fat dairy products often contain more fat-soluble vitamins than low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Fat-soluble vitamins are those vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body when consumed with fats. 

    Therefore, heavy whipping cream’s nutritional value is more than any other dairy product as the fat in the cream helps to absorb the vitamins better.  

    You may have seen a lot of debate regarding heavy whipping cream nutrition or if this is a healthy option or not. Some common concerns and beliefs consuming heavy whipping cream causes obesity or increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. 

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    However, a couple of studies show pretty different outcomes. One of which was conducted among 1,300 volunteers, and it was found that people who consume heavy whipping cream, a full-fat item, are less likely to suffer from obesity. 

    Another study was carried out to find a link between heart diseases and heavy whipping cream, but it was found that there is no direct correlation between them.

    Health Concerns Regarding Heavy Whipping Cream

    There are not many major health concerns with heavy whipping cream, and some of these may or may not apply to everyone. However, as you may already know, heavy whipping cream is rich in calories. Just half a cup of this cream contains 400 calories. 

    Therefore, if we consider this heavy whipping cream’s nutritional value, it is a high-calorie item and can put you on excess calories if you eat it frequently. Another health concern is that it can create problems for those people who are lactose intolerant. 

    In the case of some people, it can lead to mucus creation. Therefore, if you observe excess mucus production, then reduce the consumption of dairy products, mainly heavy whipping cream. 

    Now that we are done with all the heavy whipping cream’s benefits and possible health concerns, it’s time to look at some of the most common and valuable uses. The heavy whipping cream’s nutrition and taste make it possible to be used in many recipes and food items. 


    Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition

    There are many recipes and dishes in which adding heavy whipping cream makes a lot of difference. It adds a nice texture as well as flavor to ordinary dishes. And, of course, there is the added benefit of the heavy whipping cream nutrition content. So let’s start with whip cream itself. 

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    Whipped Cream 

    You can easily make whipped cream out of heavy cream. Just add some sugar, maple syrup, vanilla cream, and honey if you want. Mix it well and beat it until it becomes foam, thick, and creamy. With these few ingredients and small steps, your heavy whipped cream is ready to compliment any of your drinks and recipes. 

    Ice Cream / Softy 

    One of the most common uses of heavy whipping cream is in ice cream or softy. Just add a nice extensive layer of this cream over your ice cream, and you are good to go. It can be a tremendous post-dinner treat. 

    Sour Cream

    If you are planning to make your cake more delicious and soft, you might add some sour cream to it. Well, you can make this sour cream using heavy whipping cream. Just take equal quantities of buttermilk and heavy cream, mix it well, and form a thick sour cream. 

    Frosting For Cakes

    Heavy whipping cream is the simplest frosting form to add to a cake. Just make any cake of your choice and add a nice thick layer of this cream to your cake and take it one level up. 


    If you found oats nutrition-rich but pretty much essential in taste, you can bring up the taste with the added heavy whipping cream nutrition to your morning breakfast. 

    Conclusion | Heavy whipping cream nutrition 

    So far, we have seen all the heavy whipping cream nutrition values along with all the benefits. To get these nutrients, you can consume the heavy whipping cream by adding it to the various food items given above. 

    However, this heavy cream may not suit everyone. In that case, look for any visible symptoms and try to avoid these dairy products. I hope you got all your doubts cleared regarding heavy whipping cream. If you have any other queries, feel free to drop them into the comment box given below. 


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