Excellent Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

    In this immensely hectic schedule, a glass of juice can invariably bring you refreshment. While any random juice can assure you only refreshment, cranberry juice can do a bit more. You might be thinking about how cranberry juice can do much more than refreshment. You will be amazed to know the several health benefits of cranberry juice that can cure many of your health issues.

    So, take your time and keep on reading this article to know more about them.

    But before that, are you familiar with this evergreen cranberry? Do you know how they taste and look?

    These fruits are generally round in shape, and in red colour. People don’t frequently indulge themselves in eating raw cranberry as it tastes a bit sour. But you can always use cranberries to prepare sauces, juices, and jellies. Apart from the preparation of juice, you can also make cocktails to suit your taste buds.

    Nutritional facts of cranberry

    health benefits of cranberry juice

    Before introducing the health benefits of cranberry juice, you must know the nutritional composition of cranberry. This would further provide you with a more clear idea about its impact on your health.

    Studies have revealed that the following are the contents they found in cranberry:

    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin K
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Phosphorus
    • Folate
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Omega-6 fatty acids

    Cranberry is considered a boon for your body because of its positive impact. Therefore, it is quite natural that possessing such impressive nutritional compositions will, of course, help cranberry to deliver you some essential and unique health benefits.

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    Health benefits of Cranberry Juice

    Amazing Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice | Twigs Cafe

    Increase the level of proanthocyanidins in the body

    The polyphenols present in our body work as antioxidants and can reduce the risk of growing cancer cells, named proanthocyanidins. They are also known to reduce cardiovascular diseases.

    You can always opt for cranberries when you want to cleanse or detoxify your body organically. Detoxification of proanthocyanidins can be done rightly with the help of cranberries.

    You can try to detox your body with the help of cranberry smoothies or cranberry. Here is the recipe provided for cranberry smoothie:

    • Take as many cranberries as you desire to.
    • Choose any one of the frozen fruits, either apple or strawberries.
    • Though optional, you can also take a carrot to add a sweet flavour to your dish.
    • You can also pour some orange juice if you wish to.

    Just mix all the ingredients in a blender, and you are all set to enjoy!

    Reduces the cold

    Cranberry is a highly enriched fruit in Vitamin C. Consequently, they help in the prevention of colds. Yes, they might not completely eradicate the chance of catching a cold but are strongly efficient in reducing the lifespan of the viruses causing colds. They can even contribute to boosting your body’s immune system.

    Generally, drinking an ample amount of water is suggested to get rid of the viruses causing colds. But often, you may opt for a sweet cranberry juice instead of having tasteless water.

    Treating cold is one of the major health benefits of cranberry juice, and you can try out a tea made out of fresh cranberries. It would be an additional boost for your body as it is warm and can suppress the cold before it gets a chance to flare up. Following is the procedure how to make a spicy cranberry tea:

    • Take some fresh cinnamon sticks.
    • Buy some allspice.
    • Take some fresh cloves.
    • Boil water according to need.
    • Arrange for teabags.
    • Make some cranberry juice.
    • Pour some orange juice or lemon juice into a container.

    Create a tea bag by stuffing allspice, cloves, and cinnamon sticks into it. Now, pour all the other ingredients into the boiling water. Now just dip the tea in that mixture and enjoy your cranberry tea!

    Can eradicate kidney stone

    The excess quantity of acids present in cranberries is beneficial for your body. Quinic acid present in cranberries helps in eradicating the chance of developing kidney stones.

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    Those who are generally prone to develop kidney stones are recommended to regularly include a glass of cranberry juice in their diet. It also guarantees the proper functioning of the kidneys, thus reducing the chance of kidney stone development.

    You can mix cranberries with barley green powder to make the juice that is extremely helpful in detoxifying your body.

    Let us help you out with the recipe for this detoxifying drink:

    • Take pure cranberry juice according to your wish.
    • Take barley powder accordingly.

    Mix both the components in the desired amount and enjoy the detoxifying drink.

    Functions against respiratory infections

    Functioning against respiratory infections is one of the most important health benefits of cranberry juice. Besides containing acids, it also encompasses a large amount of non-dialyzable material. These materials are primarily meant to assassinate the presence of the influenza virus in our lungs at once.

    Cranberry juice is also helpful in clearing the air passage from nose to lungs and maintaining a proper flow of air. Cranberry juice is highly recommended to those who frequently suffer from respiratory problems.

    For the protection of your body from viruses causing respiratory diseases, you are suggested to have the drink prepared by mixing fermented cranberry juice with ginger.

    Below is the recipe for this drink:

    • Take the desired quantity of cranberries.
    • Take oranges accordingly.
    • Get some ginger, honey, and salt.
    • Get hold of some cinnamon sticks and cloves.
    • You can take hot or cold water as per your wish.

    Grind the cranberries and put them into a blender. Pour the remaining ingredients into the jar. Stir them well. Now it is ready to serve!

    Combats the development of an ulcer

    Do you know that cranberry juice not only kills the bacteria in our body but there are also some other health benefits of cranberry juice that can combat an ulcer?

    The development of Helicobacter Pylori, the bacteria responsible for the development of ulcers, is also prevented by the intake of cranberry juice. Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that generally develops in the digestive tract. They damage the stomach lining by resulting in ulcers.

    Here again, cranberry juice comes with its extraordinary beneficial characters. Pure and unsweetened cranberry juice can cure the problem. You can also add pineapple to this juice for the enhancement of effect.

    Following is the technique for making cranberry pineapple juice:

    • Get some frozen and fresh cranberries from the store.
    • Pour some cranberry juice into a jar.
    • Also, pour some pineapple juice into a jar.
    • Arrange for some fresh tidbits of pineapple.

    Now, after arranging all the ingredients, mix the cranberry juice and pineapple juice and stir the mixture well. Next, add the remaining ingredients to this mixture.

    Helps in protecting your bones and teeth

    The component named proanthocyanidin is present in an adequate amount in cranberries. It also contains Vitamin C, which is an important vitamin required for the healthy maintenance of your bones and teeth. Consequently, this is evident that cranberry juice contributes to the increasing strength of your teeth.

    This juice is immensely helpful for the elders as it can protect the bones from getting weak and retains their strength. Having a mixture of cherry and cranberry in your diet is always helpful.

    Here we go with the procedure of making cranberry cherry recipe:

    • Get some cherry gelatin and cranberry juice.
    • You need both boiled and cold water for this recipe.
    • Also, arrange some lemonade concentrate, lemon sherbet, and chilled club soda.

    First of all, mix the gelatin in boiling water. Now pour this mixture into a jar. Add the cranberry juice, lemonade concentrate, and cold water to this jar. Refrigerate this mixture. After some time, take it out and again mix it with club soda. Finally, serve the juice with sherbet. We guess nothing can be more chilling than this!

    Combats urinary tract disease

    Urinary tract disease is perhaps the most dangerous disease one can face. Here again, we can see the amazing health benefits of cranberry juice. Starting from children and extending to elders, everyone can benefit from their urinary tract with the intake of cranberry juice. Cranberries can stop the bacteria from spreading in the bladder tissue, and can indefinitely relieve your pain by having the juice.

    Cranberry includes flavonoids, anthocyanin, and catechin. Apart from these, it also contains several organic acids such as benzoic acid, malic acid, and also citric acids.

    Women are highly prone to develop urinary tract infections. Put cranberry juice in your daily routine to avoid the chance of bacterial growth in the urinary tract.

    Below is the mentioned process to follow for preparing a spicy cranberry detox recipe:

    • Buy some fresh cranberries.
    • Paste some cumin and turmeric.
    • Get bulb fennel.
    • Pour some purified water into a jar.
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    It’s easy and would take just 10 seconds. Just mix all the ingredients and take care of your urinary tract.

    Contributes to losing weight

    Cranberry juice can seriously help you to lose weight. It can act as a perfect complement to your regular exercise and aid your weight loss process.

    A proper metabolism can also be maintained by the intake of organic acids present in the unsweetened cranberry juice. Remember, not to add excess sugar to this juice. This can result in the opposite reaction and might pose to be a hindrance to your weight loss.

    The unnecessary wastes in your body can be removed by the intake of juice – made by mixing cranberry juice and lemon juice.

    So, here we are ready to serve you with the Fat flush cranberry recipe:

    • Get some pure and sweetened cranberry juice.
    • You can also add lemon juice if desired.
    • Get some normal or cold water as per your wish.

    Mix all three liquids in a container. Serve it and rock your life by losing stubborn weight!

    Contains anti-ageing properties

    The antioxidants present in cranberries are extremely beneficial for your health. Besides keeping you healthy, it also pushes the thyroid glands to secrete anti-ageing hormones. Cranberries can undoubtedly maintain the youthful glow of your skin. However, instead of drinking it, we would suggest applying it as a face mask on your skin for better results.

    Know the cranberry face mask procedure to help yourself enhance your beauty:

    • Get some fresh cranberries, grapefruit juice, and seedless red grapes.
    • Buy some unflavored gelatin.

    Grate the cranberries and red grapes in a blender. You must get the proper consistency for your facial mask. Put the mix in the refrigerator. When the mixture is ready to put on your face, just let it settle down at room temperature. Finally, apply it as a mask on your face. Your youthful, glowing skin is back right here!

    Helps in preventing scurvy

    Scurvy develops due to the lack of vitamins in your body. Cranberry is such a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and consequently assists in getting rid of scurvies.

    To give an additional boost to your body with vitamin C, have cranberry juice with lemon or any other fruit containing citric acid. Have it with a minimum amount of sweetener to gain the maximum result.

    The citrus cranberry mix recipe is here for you:

    • Take the desired quantity of cranberry juice.
    • Take a lemon if you wish to.

    Mix the lemon juice with the cranberry juice. Add a bit of sweetener. You may also put in some ice. Serve chilled!

    Helps in detoxifying liver

    The proper excretion of wastes from your body is possible only when the functioning of your liver is appropriate. To let the liver carry on with its normal functioning, add a glass of cranberry juice to your daily routine and get yourself benefitted by the wonderful health benefits of cranberry juice.

    The cranberry recipe for liver detoxification is mentioned as follows:

    • Pour the desired quantity of cranberry juice into a container.
    • Pour some orange juice and lemon juice into another container.
    • Mix some cinnamon, ginger, flaxseed, nutmeg, and stevia.

    You have to prepare a hot mixture of cranberry juice along with the paste of ginger, cinnamon, stevia, and nutmeg. Let this mixture get cooled. After cooling, add the mixture of orange juice and lemon juice to it.

    Helps in sleeping quickly

    Are you suffering from insomnia? Can’t sleep at night properly? Consider the health benefits of cranberry juice in order to sleep comfortably. Surveys have revealed that hypothyroidism is eliminated with the addition of cranberry juice to your routine. Subsequently, this will lead you to sleep faster than before.

    You may not know, but honey is also responsible for making you go to bed earlier. You can always try the mixture of honey and cranberries before you go to bed. But make sure that the juice is hot.

    The method of preparation of hot bedtime cranberry juice is:

    • Take honey as much sweetness you desire to get.
    • Pour some cranberry juice into a container.

    Put one teaspoon of honey into the hot cranberry juice. Stir it well. It is ready to serve!

    Boosts thyroid function

    The iodine intake in the body is extremely important for the proper maintenance of the thyroid gland. The health benefits of cranberry juice stand out to be a friendly one in this regard. It is because of the exact proportion of iodine present in this fruit juice.

    The procedure of cranberry juice for the improvement of the thyroid gland is as follows:

    • Make a paste of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.
    • Boil some water.
    • Pour some cranberry juice into a container.
    • Mix orange and lemon juice in another container.
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    Mix the paste of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in boiling water. After cooling, mix the remaining ingredients.

    Maintains the hormonal balance

    A lot of hormones control the body’s functioning. The disbalance in hormonal levels can result in severe health issues. The health benefits of cranberry juice can benefit you by balancing the hormonal secretion in your body.

    The more green cranberry juice is made in the following way:

    • Buy some fresh and large kale leaves, beetroot, and carrot.
    • Grind some turmeric.
    • You can either choose pear or apple.
    • Pour some cranberry juice into a container.

    Blend all the ingredients leaving the turmeric paste. Stir the paste after all the ingredients are properly mixed.

    Stimulates heart health

    One of the excellent health benefits of cranberry juice is its impact on heart health. Cranberries are known to contain phytonutrients, which can take care of the better functioning of the blood vessels and arteries. In the long run, the risk of heart disease is lowered.

    The process of making cranberry apple ginger juice is as mentioned below:

    • Get some fresh cranberries.
    • Buy apples and kale leaves accordingly.
    • Make a paste of ginger.

    Wash all the ingredients properly. Finally, make a juice out of all the ingredients. Serve it and enjoy your drink.

    Supports post-menopausal health

    There is a hike in cholesterol levels and the heart health risk for women after their menopause. However, cholesterol can also be reduced with the help of the health benefits of cranberry juice. We have a cranberry punch recipe here for you to take care of your post-menopausal health.

    Here we go with a cranberry punch recipe:

    • Buy some unsweetened cranberry juice.
    • Get some sparkling water.
    • Buy pink lemonade concentrate.

    Combine all these ingredients and serve chill.

    Stimulates circulation

    The increased intake of cranberry juice can heighten the flexibility of the arteries. Your circulation would be boosted by the addition of cranberry juice to your diet. Hence, the pressure would be decreased.

    Another cranberry juice recipe is right here:

    • Buy some fresh cranberries.
    • Get some oranges and carrots.

    After washing all the ingredients, utilize a juicer to make the juice of all the ingredients. Now, enjoy the drink!

    Facilitates digestive health

    Initiating proper digestion is one of the most important health benefits of cranberry juice. It enhances the gut bacteria that is correlated to mood, digestive health as well as immunity. The fibre content of cranberry also helps in combating constipation, thus boosting the overall development of the digestive system.

    The recipe for cranberry juice mixed with honey is:

    • Buy some fresh cranberries.
    • Get some filtered water and lemon juice.
    • Arrange some cinnamon sticks and raw honey.

    Pour filtered water into a pot and add cinnamon sticks and cranberries to it. Then, strain the ingredients and pour some more water.

    Pinch the lemon juice into the mixture. Add honey just before serving.

    Side effects of pure cranberry juice

    Cranberries: Benefits, nutrition, and risks

    Though there are numerous health benefits of cranberry juice, yet, it too comes up with a few side effects. Let us introduce you to these risks as well so that you can make a wise choice. It is of no astonishment that people are opting for cranberry juice at a very rapid rate. But when taken in uncontrolled amounts, it can even lead to some hazardous threats to your life.

    Overuse of cranberry juice can lead to the following health issues:

    • Stomach upset
    • Diarrhoea
    • Hike in blood sugar level

    Furthermore, some studies have also made clear that cranberry juice reacts negatively with some specific medicines. The medications they interact with are:

    • Blood-thinning medication known as warfarin.
    • Amoxicillin
    • Flurbiprofen
    • Cefaclor
    • Tizanidine
    • Cyclosporine

    Hence, you are always recommended to consult your doctor before taking any kind of major step. Consult your doctor and know whether you are fit enough to include cranberry products in your diet.

    Food tips for incorporating cranberry into your diet

    4 Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice – PureWow

    Drinking pure cranberry juice is not always necessary. The health benefits of cranberry juice also work on adding it to your meals.

    Particularly as:

    • Mix the cocktail of cranberry with low-fat yoghurt and frozen, fresh fruits to prepare a healthful smoothie.
    • Make popsicles for snacks by using cranberry juice.
    • Freeze cranberry juice cocktail in an ice tray. Then use it by mixing it in your drinking water.
    • Freeze cranberry juice overnight. Enjoy the sorbet the day after it melts.
    • Drink a glass of this juice while having breakfast. Take another glass at night after or before dinner.


    So, now that you finally know about all the health benefits of cranberry juice, don’t you want to try it to take care of your health? Its benefits are multiple, so adding it to your daily routine can really do magic to your health.

    FAQs on cranberry juice

    How much cranberry juice can you have daily?

    Sipping on 9–15 oz of cranberry juice per day is advised to retain urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract diseases.

    What is the perfect time for taking cranberry juice?

    Wondering how you can get the most out of the health benefits of cranberry juice? Well, you can sip on it any time of the day but it would be beneficial for digestion if you drink the juice during the daytime.

    Can cranberry juice make you poop?

    Your body desires liquid to make stool susceptible to pass. Therefore, drinking additional cranberry juice can curtail dehydration and assist with constipation. But there’s no proof to infer that cranberry juice fulfils this in a better way than plain water.


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