Don Henley Net Worth – 5 Major Contributors!

    Don Henley is a multi-talented artist from singer and songwriter to a drummer in America. Don Henley net worth is approximately around $250 million. He is one of the founder members of the prestigious award-winning Eagles, a popular rock band in America.

    Being a talented musician, Henley possesses the skills to play the drums and guitar proficiently. He also knows how to sing lead vocals. If you have been actively searching about Don Henley net worth, you should read this article.

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    Don Henley net worth is very high, and the major source of it comes from the rank of the Eagles as one of the best-selling bands in the history of America. Apart from his association with the Eagles, he has taken forward with his solo career.

    After Dave Grohl, 8 After Ringo Starr, as well as Phil Collins, Don Henley is recognized as the 4th wealthiest drummer worldwide. Most of the publications recognize him as one of the talented singing drummers of all time. Don Henley net worth is around $250 million.

    He has also been a founder of different political as well as environmental causes; one of the most noteworthy is the Walden Woods Project. The major division in his musical activities was seen from 1994 to 2016 between his solo career and Eagles.

    Don Henley Net Worth

    #1. Formation of the famous band

    Don Henley formed his band named Eagles in the year 1971. After the formation, its signing was done to the label of David Geffen Asylum records. The first studio marked its release with an incredible song named “Take It Easy.” Jackson Browne curated the whole song by himself.

    During the running of the band, most of the band’s songs were written by Henley in collaboration with Frey. Read this article till the end to know about Don Henley net worth. One of his initial commercial songs was “Witchy Woman,” which was written by Henley in association with Leadon.

    The songwriting partnership between Desperado and Frey also began. Henley sang many lead vocals for his band songs such as “Life in the Fast Lane,” “Desperado,” “Life in the Fast Lane,” “One of These Nights,” and many more hit songs like them.

    During the early 1970s, Eagles was honored with multiple Grammy Awards, and it soon became the most successful rock band in the world of all time. The band ranked 5th amongst all the best-selling bands in America. This is how Don Henley net worth kept increasing.

    Eagles also became one of the highest-selling ling bands in the whole of the U.S. Moreover, Henley and Frey gained the recognition of the American version of Lennon as well as McCartney by his fans. Unfortunately, the band had to break up in the year 1980.

    The band was dissolved because of some personal tensions which took place during the whole recording of one of the songs named The Long Run. In 1994 the reunion of Eagles took place after 14 years. The band also gave birth to numerous successful tours like the Hell Freezes Over Your and Road Out of Eden Tour.

    #2. Investment in real estate

    In 2018 a home worth $2.2 million was purchased by him in West Hollywood. The origin of the property is in Spanish style, and it was listed for around $1.85 million. Somehow, Henley won the bidding war to take up that 1,800 large square foot home. This gives us a perfect idea of Don Henley net worth.

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    Back in 1923, the house was built, but it kept getting more updated as well as developed over the several years. The house features a lavish living room and oak floor followed by a Batchelder-tile fireplace. The living room also has a covered ceiling, making it look more appealing.

    The attractive fireplace is perfectly flanked by built-in casings of books and windows surrounding the entire room with French doors that give a serene view of palm trees outside. This whole scenario also makes it an amazing outdoor space to dine. This lavishness speaks a lot about Don Henley net worth.

    The house also continues with other French doors leading to a guest bedroom which is full of pilaster-accented arched casement windows. The lavish master suite consists of a bathroom with a double sink, custom-fitted closets, a soaking tub located beneath a large skylight, and a glass-surround shower.

    Being a native of Texas, he also has a primary residence situated in Dallas, where he is the owner of a 16,000-square-foot mansion. According to sources, he had also purchased a 40-acre huge luxury property located right above Point Dume of Malibu. His newest West Hollywood home was listed with popular EXP Realty.

    Henley is the winner of two prestigious Grammys Awards as well as a MusiCares Person of the Year award. He has also been felicitated with multiple awards such as “The End of the Innocence” in 1990 as well as “The Boys Of Summer” in 1985.

    #3. Taking forward his solo career

    During his live shows, Henley used to play the drums along with singing his different Eagles songs. He used to play electric guitar on his solo as well as Eagles songs. Moreover, Eagles songs used to get some drastic rearrangements like “Hotel California” followed by four trombones. Check out Don Henley’s Album on Spotify.

    After 11 long years, another solo album of Henley was released in 2000 named Inside Job, which ranked 7th on the Billboard among 200 songs. It also constitutes new singles such as “For My Wedding,” “Taking You Home,” “Workin’ It,” as well as “Everything Is Different Now.”

    If you have been curious about Don Henley net worth, you should read this article. During 2000 in the VH1 Storytellers episode, he used to perform different songs from his album. The year 2002 marked its release of a live DVD named Don Henley: Live Inside Job. During the year 2005, he was the opener of 10 of Stevie Nicks’ concerts on her two voiceover tours.

    Don Henley Net Worth - Sleck
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    In 2006 he performed a duet with popular Kenny Rogers and released a song named “Calling Me.” During an interview with CNN in 2007, he spoke about the future of his band Eagles. He opened about having plans for multiple records. This gives us a vague approximation of Don Henley net worth.

    He talked about signing a contract with Warner for multiple solo mums. During the start of 2011, in January, he started working on a solo album of country covers which featured some of the special guests such as Alison Krauss, Ronnie Dunn as well as Brooks & Dunn. Altogether they also recorded a song for Henley’s album.

    On the 18th of July, 2015, his album was opened to be pre-ordered, named Cass County. On September 25th, the album made its final release. Moreover, in 2015 during the Music awards of East Texas, Henley was felicitated with the “Lifetime Achievement” award.

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    #4. Supportive Family background

    Don Henley was from the smallest northeast town of Linden in Texas. He possesses the ancestry of Scottish, Irish as well as English. He completed his school at Linden-Kildare High School, this is where he started playing football, but his coach told him to quit because of his small build.

    This marked the beginning of him joining a high school band. Trombone was first played by him, followed by the percussion section. In 1965 after completing high school, he joined ned college at Stephen F. Austin State University located in Texas. From the year 1967 to 1969, he attended North Texas State University.

    During the middle of his school days, he joined a popular band named Four Speeds. This marked the beginning of his career and high Don Henley net worth. He also curated a song for that band called “Hurtin’,” which marked its release under a brand new name Felicity. This single proved to be a massive hit that was applauded by the audiences.

    After completing graduation from high school, he went to Stephen F. Austin State University before getting transferred to Texas State University. He also dated numerous celebrities such as Lois Chiles, Loree Rodkin, and Stevie Nicks during the 1970s. During the 1980s, he got officially engaged with actress Maren Jensen. However, the separation of the pair took place in 1986.

    He got married to Sharon Summerinl in 1995. He was blessed with three children. The family lives in Dallas, Texas. Being a solo artist, he managed to sell around 10 million albums across the world, having over eight top forty singles. He was honored with five MTV Video Music Awards along with two Grammy Awards.

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    #5. Contribution towards charitable causes

    The Walden Woods Project was founded by Henley in 1990 for the protection of “Walden Woods” from getting developed. In 1998 at Walden Woods, The Thoreau Institute began researching as well as educating about Henry David Thoreau. This is one of the common reasons behind Don Henley net worth.

    Don Henley Net Worth - Sleck
    Source – Pioneer Press

    In 1993 after making a compilation of an album regarded as Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles, which marked its release along with the portion of the sales from the royalties from the Walden Woods Project. He also raised a concert for fundraising along with Elton John in 2005 for buying Brister’s Hill, which is part of the Walden Woods, to turn it into a hiking trail.

    In 1993 one of the non-profit organizations named Caddo Lake Institute was founded by him with Dwight K. Shell man for underwriting ecological education and research. Being an essential part of the Caddo Lake Coalition, it helps the protection of the wetland of Texas, where Henley holds precious memories of his childhood.

    Caddo Lake Institute was successful in the protection and restoration of Caddo Lake’s wetlands. Meanwhile, Caddo Lake gained recognition as the 13th site in the U.S. on the convention list of Ramsar for significant wetlands. As a result, Don Henley net worth kept increasing.

    The Ramsar Convention is a prime intergovernmental treaty that helps provide a framework for international cooperation and national action for optimum use of wetlands and their respective resources along with their conservation. Henley was also an honorable member of the CuriosityStream Advisory Board.

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    In 2000 with the firm foundation of a group by the name Recording Artists Coalition was made to protect musicians’ rights against common malpractice of industrial business practices. He played his role by testifying before the Senate Committee of U.S. in 2001 on the Judiciary.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Is Don Henley still associated with the Eagles?

    A: Although the band was dissolved in 1980 because of personal conflicts as well as a personal tour that arose during the recording of the Long Run. In 1994 the reunion of Eagles took place after 14 years. He continued to record with the Eagles. Long Road out of Eden was one of his recent albums, which marked its release in 2007.

    Q2. Who caused the main conflict between the members of the Eagles?

    A: The famous brand separated in 1980 after two of the members of the band fought and threatened each other physically onstage in front of a huge audience. The Eagles were dealing with a lot of internal problems because of the rising pressure to take their career forward to compose the album Hotel California in 1976.

    Q3. How is the friendship between Stevie Nicks and Don Henley?

    A: During the late 1970s, both Henley, as well as Nicks, united after Nicks started dating drummer Mick Fleetwood. Henley might have thought of getting married to Nicks. In 1979 Nicks became pregnant, and she had to abort the baby afterward.

    Q4. What was the reason behind the formation of Walden Woods?

    A: Don Henley made a worthy contribution towards taking The Walden Woods Project forward In 1991 to protect the 2,000 long acres that Walden Pond surrounds. Henley provides full support to the works of Henry David Thoreau. He extended his hand, so he could get through his difficult time since his father passed away at the young age of 25.

    Q5. How many solo albums have been composed by Don Henley so far?

    A: The multi-talented artist and drummer Don Henley constitute five studio albums with 27 solo singles along with two compilation albums.


    After moving to Los Angeles in early 1968 to align the group with the top acts in the West Coast music scene, he got familiar with Glenn Frey, a Detroit native. Don Henley net worth is something to be taking pride in. Henley and Frey formed a team with Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon.

    He played the role of Linda Ronstadt’s backup band during the album of 1970s Silk Purse. By 1971 Don Henley founded the Eagles, and he was successful in securing a recording contract within some months from Asylum Record, which was the brand new label initiated by David Geffen.

    Country-rock rock r ts heavily influenced him. The emergence of West coast sound, intricate arrangements of music, the Eagles merged folk, country music with tight vocal harmonies, and rock music influenced Henley a lot. A series of hits were produced, which set them on the top position in the West Coast country-rock genre of the 1970s.

    Don Henley net worth is the perfect proof that hard work and dedication can make a significant difference in an individual’s life. His strong stand for charitable causes and his helpful nature for his fellow artist emphatic nature is what made him one of the successful artists in the whole of the U.S.


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