Cast Iron Pan: 5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know!

    Interesting Facts you must Learn about Cast Iron Pan

    cast iron pan
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    Whether to prepare the crispiest potato hash or delicious steak tartare, a cast iron pan is essential cookware. It is durable, easy to use, can withstand high temperatures, and is versatile. However, many still debate which one is better- cast iron pan or cheap nonstick appliances. On the other hand, some ask about the differences between cast iron appliances and iron appliances.

    While some of you are fond of it, some of you are still in doubt about what it is. Should it be used in cooking? Can you re-season it? Is it costly? Numerous questions probably come into your mind.

    No worries! We are here to help. We will answer a handful of questions here. First, we will discuss what a cast iron pan is. Next, you will get to know about its pros and cons. Further, we will proceed with other details, including frequently asked questions.

    So, are you interested in spruce up your knowledge? Without any delay, let’s dig into the details.

    What is a Cast Iron Pan?

    Not only pans but also multiple options are there under cast iron utensils. Cast iron pan is heavy-duty cookware made of cast iron metal and used for many purposes. If seasoning works well, it can be used as a high-quality non-stick appliance. Seasoning has another benefit as well. It helps in preventing rust on these appliances.

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    cast iron pan
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    Chefs prefer to use a Dutch oven, skillets, woks, deep fryers, karahis, etc., made of this material. Undoubtedly, it has occupied a special place in modern kitchens worldwide. In Asian countries, it has been in use for a long time. Later on, it was introduced in other parts of the world.

    Three types of cast iron appliances are available-

    • base cast iron,
    • enameled cast iron,
    • seasoned

    Cast Iron Pan: The Pros and Cons: 

    Everything comes with some positive and negative aspects. It is up to us to evaluate the pros and cons and opt for it accordingly. So, when we are here to discuss cast iron pan, let’s know its perks and disadvantages.

    The Pros:

    Let’s begin with a sweet note. The significant advantages which compel the buyers to go for it are-

    Cost-effective- You can get a standard quality cast iron skillet at just $15-20. It maintains and distributes the heat as many expensive pans. So, you can enjoy good food without spending tons of money buying cooking appliances.

    cast iron pan

    Durability- When it comes to home appliances, especially kitchen stuff, we all look for options that last long. Cast iron is something that ensures it. A cast iron pan can last long, even if you use them roughly. However, it is suggested to use them carefully.

    Versatility: What if one single pan can do all? Ranging from shallow frying the veggies to roasting chicken- a cast iron pan help in all. From potato pieces to eggs, corns- the pan loves all. So, once you buy one, you can relax about the kitchen tasks to a great extent.

    Heat Retention- Another benefit that makes it an ideal choice for cooking purposes is that it retains heat. You can cook your favorite pan-roasted chicken and vegetables with it.

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    Easy to Clean- Who likes to rub the utensils overnight? Nobody, we guess. Probably, you are also not so fond of it. Cast iron pans are easy to clean. Just run hot water on it and gently rub it with a stiff brush. Bingo! Your pan is clean.

    Boil water in that pan for hard stains and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wipe it off with a cloth piece. Anyways, do not use soaps. Only when you think of re-seasoning can you use soaps. Also, make sure that the pan is dry always to prevent rust.

    So, whether it is your favorite scrambled egg breakfast or delicious beef steaks, you can use your pan easily to ensure a perfect cooking experience.

    The Cons

    There are many advantages of a cast iron pan. But, along with that, there are several disadvantages as well. Let’s count them to be prepared from every aspect and overcome the cons.

    • It does not get heated evenly. However, you can sear your beef steak without any tension. Even heat distribution is not a concern for that.
    cast iron pan
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    • A cast iron pan with seasoning can work as a non-stick appliance. But, it rarely provides the full benefits of Teflon, which is used in real non-stick cookware.
    • They are heavy. So, you cannot call them handy.
    • It requires frequent re-seasoning if it is used daily.

    Facts about Cast Iron Skillet you Should not Miss. 

    So, we are moving towards the end of our discussion; let’s have some exciting trivia about cast iron cooking appliances.

    1. You can use a metal spatula in it. Break the myth!
    2. Rust does not mean the end of its lifespan. You can clean and re-season it.
    3. Seasoning is always renewable.
    4. Acidic things do not ruin the skillet. It may just scrap off the seasoning a little.
    5. Heat your cast iron pan 10-15 minutes before cooking.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Cast Iron Pan

    Before we say goodbye, here is something for you. Umm! You can call it a final dessert after the meal. We will answer some commonly asked questions about the cast iron pan. Let’s see if we can clear all of your doubts in mind.

    1. Can you ruin a cast iron pan?

    It is something that goes for generations. But, yes, when it is worn out, it can even break into pieces.

    2. Can you put butter in a cast-iron skillet?

    Yes, you can put butter on it. But, make sure the temperature is not high. Butter burns at very high temperatures. Maintain a low heat.

    cast iron pan
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    3. What is the best oil to season cast iron?

    You can use any vegetable oil or canola oil. Also, you can find special seasoning oil for these appliances.

    4. Why do my eggs stick to my cast iron skillet?

    There can be more than one reason for that. Either your skillet is not seasoned enough, or the temperature is incorrect. Otherwise, you may not have put enough fat or oil.

    5. How many times should I season a cast-iron skillet?

    There is no such mandate for a perfect number of seasoning. However, according to the experts, around 2-3 times is OK.

    See You Soon! 

    We have discussed whatever you want to know about cast iron pan, from the definition to the pros and cons. Take care of your cast iron pan well so that it can maintain its functionality for years. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    cast iron pan
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    Write down if you have any questions in the comment boxes below.

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