Can vegans consume collagen supplements? How vegan collagen works?

    Can vegans consume collagen supplements? Vegan collagen from GM bacteria is a great source to amplify collagen building in the body for those maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

    The soft, elastic moist skin for ages is definitely a result of a good diet and skin conditioning. But the protein that contributes most to all connective tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin is collagen. But can vegans consume collagen supplements?

    Collagen composite 25% to 30% of total body protein in mammals. Therefore, it means that the main source of collagen in our diet is animal resources. With time, collagen storage in our body decreases causing loose skin, osteoporosis, joint pains.

    But, recent findings have led to the discovery of plant-based sources of collagen as well. Vegan collagen works quite differently than animal protein.

    What acts as vegan collagen? Can vegans consume collagen supplements?

    Vegan collagen is available in the form of different microbes including yeast and bacteria. Researchers have genetically modified bacteria as P. pastoris. Scientists attached the genes of human DNA that transmit and transcribe collagen protein.

    So, to answer the question of what acts as vegan collagen, genetically modified yeast and bacteria act as producers of collagen. As they build the basic peptides of collagen, it combines with pepsin in our stomach to get a full structure of collagen protein.

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    Vegans also can consume collagen supplements. Plant-based collagen sources like the microbes are not easily available but what is available in the food products that can help you boost collagen percentage naturally and alongside, some vitamin and mineral mixes are also available that can boost collagen synthesis.

    Vegan Foods that boost collagen :

    Researchers found that plant-based food, herbs, and spices have the ability to naturally increase collagen production. These foods are:

    • Pomegranate
    • Garlic
    • Soy products( tofu, tempeh, soy chunks)
    • Turmeric
    • Legumes
    • Seeds and nuts
    • Licorice
    • Cinnamon

    vegan collagen boosting foods

    What are collagen boosters?

    Collagen is the protein that provides healing of the bones, connective tissues and promotes healthy hair growth and younger and tight skin. But most collagen supplements in the market are made up of fish or cow derivatives. It raises the question can vegans consume collagen supplements.

    The best plant-based alternatives are vegan collagen or vegan collagen booster. But, vegan collagen and collagen booster are not the same. Vegan collagen is much more effective as a source as you will be consuming collagen directly. On the other hand, collagen supplements are minerals and vitamins in it’s vegan and sometimes hydrolyzed peptides of collagen protein from animal sources.

    Are vegan collagen as effective as collagen supplements from animal sources?

    Collagen is produced naturally in our bodies. Vegan collagen supplementation can boost the process while animal collagen supplements are actual collagen. Animal collagen supplements have a greater risk of contaminants.

    There is no reason to believe vegan supplementation won’t be as effective as animal collagen whatsoever. Vegan collagen supplements are better in ways that animal collagen is not. These are the reasons for the question if vegans can consume collagen supplements safely.

    • No contamination
    • Added ingredients for radiant skin and hair
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    Pure vegan collagen sources like the genetically modified bacteria supplements are hard to come by but they are as collagen-rich as those from animal derivatives.

    Are vegan collagen boosters effective?

    Vegan collagen boosters or vegan collagen builders are products that are a mix of plant-based products that boost collagen, vitamin c, and anti-aging proteins. It may include:

    • Acerola cherry
    • Vitamin C
    • Rose petals
    • Sea buckthorn
    • Pearl powder

    Rose extract is added to most vegan collagen boosters to rejuvenate the skin. And, Vitamin C helps in the process of building collagen peptides. Ingredients like sea buckthorn and acerola cherry increase collagen production. One other benefit of consuming vegan collagen boosters are filled with other anti-aging ingredients. Hence, they help to maintain healthy nails, skin, and hair.

    Best Vegan Collagen booster brands:

    There are several brands in the market the have standard-quality vegan collagen powders and pills. Some of the brands you can opt for, are Organifi, Oziva, PlantFusion, Garden of Life, Amazing Grass, BioSil, Cureveda, etc. Here is a review of the top brands among them:

    1. Oziva Plant-based Collagen Builder:

    Oziva’s vegan collagen powder is well balanced with Vitamin-C rich acerola cherry, biotins, sea buckthorn, bamboo shoot, Acai berry. Although all of them. The sea buckthorns and cherries stimulate collagen building and other ingredients also help to elixir hair and skin.

    Can vegans consume collagen supplements?

    2. Amazing Grass Glow Collagen Promoting Vegan Powder:

    This collagen-boosting protein powder is heavily loaded with plant-based vitamin C sources like Amla Fruit, Acerola cherry, phytonutrients from Hibiscus, Camu Camu, and also a great source of protein B as well as biotins, and antioxidants. There are tons of variety for the flavors which is a plus point. But the sweetness comes from stevia which affects the taste. But also, that makes it a healthy protein powder to mix in your smoothies.

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    can vegans consume collagen supplements3. Garden of Life Mykind Organic Plant collagen Builder:

    It contains plan-based high polyphenolic pomegranate that stimulates collagen building. it contains natural ingredients like turmeric that can help with collagen-boosting and fruit flavors for better taste rather than uncommon ingredients. It may not be the best collagen powder out there but it is a pretty solid one.

    can vegans consume collagen supplements


    Vegan collagen is made of genetically modified microbes and is as effective as animal collagen sources. It can help in hair growth, healing joint aches, anti-aging of the skin, healthy nails in a vegan way. But can vegans consume collagen supplements? However, as they are hard to get in hand, vegan collagen boosters are a great alternative made up of ingredients that supplements the process of collagen production. Vegan collagen builders or boosting supplements are best if you are taking for your skin, hair, and nail.


    Does vegan collagen help hair growth?

    Plant-based collagen supplementation is for overall collagen growth. And, hence vegan collagen supplements also have anti-aging properties it may help to rejuvenate your hair follicles and result in vibrant shiny hair.

    Can vegans consume collagen supplements?

    Most collagen supplements in the market are made from cow or fish. But, vegan options made from genetically modified bacteria are available now. And, natural plant-based collagen boosters are also great alternatives for vegans.

    Where does vegan collagen come from?

    Vegan collagen is sourced from genetically modified bacteria like P. psatoris with human DNA to produce collagen.

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