Can Dogs Eat Cheese and is it healthy?

    can dogs eat cheeseWho Moved My Cheese? Is that your doggie? Let us know if can dogs eat cheese. Dogs don’t hunt for cheese, but it might not be a bad snack for your adorable pets. Dogs of various breeds react differently to a variety of cheese available. Cheese fed occasionally is healthy for dogs unless they have lactose intolerance. As long as your dog is not allergic to milk, plain cheese is a source of nutrients for your dogs.

    Feed them in moderation as it can lead to a host of health problems if they overeat it. It could lead to obesity, and organ failures if they are overfed with it. Swiss and Cheddar cheese are the best types of cheese suitable for dogs.

    Types Of Cheese Suitable For Dogs To Eat

    can dogs eat cheese

    There are at least 20 types of different cheese. Does your dog like everything French? Are you wondering if your dog loves brie or camembert? Cheddar cheese originated in England and is suitable for dogs as it is mild and dogs like its taste. If your dog has gas or stomach ache after eating cheese, you can stop feeding them with this cheese.

    Cottage cheese can be shared in moderation if you do not want your dog to gain a few pounds. It has a bland taste and is low in lactose. Cottage cheese can be fed if your dog has lactose intolerance. Check how your dogs react to a variety of cheese or cheese treats before you feed them regularly.

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    Do not replace cheese with a meal as it is not recommended. Dogs who are lactose intolerant do not produce the lactase enzyme. If your dog is allergic to milk, they might as well not enjoy cheese or treats that have cheese.

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese – Do’s and Don’ts

    can dogs eat cheese

    • Mozzarella, cottage, and goat cheese have low-fat content and a good source of protein and essential nutrients for dogs
    • Do not feed them cheese that has high-fat content
    • Cheese cannot be included as a regular food
    • Use it as a treat or for tricks such as to get them to do a task or take their medicine
    • Cocker Spaniels and Schnauzers dog breeds develop pancreatitis or other ailments when fed with cheese
    • Not all dog breeds are suitable for cheese intake

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese Treats

    There are umpteen health benefits if your dogs eat them in moderation. Calcium in cheese is good for bones. It also contains Vitamin A, B12, phosphorous, and zinc. Dogs love cheese treats. It is recommended to consult your vet to know what kind of cheese is suitable for your dog breed.

    Avoid cheese that is high in sodium, fat content, or fat as it causes dizziness, weight gain, and other health complications. Dogs do not have digestive enzymes like humans and cannot digest cheese easily, especially, if they are lactose intolerant. It could also lead to bloating and diarrhea in dogs.

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese Cakes

    Do not serve dogs cheese mixed with garlic, tomatoes, or other complicated food as it can be toxic and difficult for them to process. Treats with cheese such as cheesecakes can only be fed on special occasions, like birthdays, and must not be included in daily diet.

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    You might be tempted to share your favorite treats with your dog, but it might not be good for their health. It’s best to avoid cheesecakes, especially, if it contains raisins and chocolate as small amounts can cause diarrhea. You can prepare cheesecake at home for your dog with yogurt or other safe ingredients. If you have pups, avoid feeding them cheesecake at all.

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese Puffs

    Cheese puffs can be given at treats rarely. You could be enjoying a movie or your favorite sitcom with popcorn or cheese treats. Your dog’s curious looks might melt your heart to feed them too but resist, for the sake of your dog’s health.

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese Pizza

    Can you hide pizza from your dog? You will be rewarded if you can eat it without them noticing it. Can dogs eat cheese pizza? Nope! Their stomach cannot process cheese as it contains high fats, lactose, and other ingredients such as garlic, pepperoni, etc. can cause stomach and other health problems. You might think, can a single slice hurt? Yes, it can. It could crush your heart not to share it with your dog but do it anyway to keep them in good health.

    Can Dogs Eat Cheese Burger

    LOL cats can tell dogs, ‘I can has cheeseburger,’ but shut their ears and eyes from the tempting words of naughty LOL cats, because, ‘They cannot has cheeseburger.’ You can make a hamburger for your dog with no cheese, meat for protein, and ingredients suitable for their stomach.

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    Plain cheese is good enough. So, make a custom cheeseburger with ingredients suitable for a dogs health, never share one that you buy for yourself with your dog, it can land their stomach in trouble.

    How About Cheese Popcorns And Crackers?

    Nope! Plain popcorns are better than cheese popcorns for dogs. Plain popcorns contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for a dog’s health. Cheese popcorns contain everything that is bad for dogs. As a rule of thumb, processed cheese treats are a strict no for your dogs.

    Dogs can eat plain cheese as it is a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamins. Steer clear from treating your dog with other types of cheese you use in baking dishes. Yummies are not good for their tummy. Use it as a treat sparingly as it could lead to numerous health problems and is best avoided.


    Dogs love to eat whatever is fed to them. Unlike guinea pigs, they are not cautious eaters. They are babies and you need to take care of their diet and hold your heart from feeding them with cheese treats.

    Mix fruits, veggies, and meat to create a balanced diet for your dogs. It prevents them from numerous problems such as obesity, kidney, and stomach ailments. Cheese is best avoided. But, if you have to, use it sparingly, such as motivating them to take medicines.


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