Cairngorm Coffee | All-Inclusive Details

    Cairngorm is a beautiful mountain area also called a highland situated in Edinburgh city, United Kingdom. This place is not ordinary like any other city. It is a special town where one can enjoy their favorite espresso in the best authentic form. What made this place so special is this guy named Robi Lambie.

    Cairngorm Coffee

    Robi Lambie, a guy from Cairngorm city who opened a coffee house named ‘Cairngorm Coffee’ which turned out to be a huge success and became very much popular in the United Kingdom. Today, Cairngorm Coffee is well known by many people worldwide and it is the favorite stop of coffee lovers.

    Today we are going to see all aspects of Cairngorm Coffee like how Robi Lambie started Cairngorm Coffee, how he built the brand, and what is the specialty of Cairngorm Coffee. First, let us get to know a little bit more about the owner of this business.

    Robi Lambie | Founder Of Cairngorm Coffee

    Robi Lambie, the founder of Cairngorm Coffee is a resident of the Cairngorm town in Edinburgh. He always had a creative mind from childhood and growing up he took interest in graphic designing.

    During the initial days, Robi was doing a corporate job for some time. Being a creative person, he was not satisfied with the job he was doing and didn’t really like his job.

    Robi’s father was previously running a coffee shop in Cairngorm and Robi had seen his father working for a long time.

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    Even Robi used to work with his father in the shop. As Robi was not happy with his job, he wanted to do something he would love. Finally, his father’s experience came to the rescue. Robi quitted his job and decided to start his own coffee house.

    Also, he was aware of the fact that every coffee shop is unique and their special coffee is famous even though there are multiple coffee shops in the same city. Therefore he thought that it was his chance to create something special and he found his interest in running a coffee house and came with this idea of Cairngorm Coffee.

    Beginning Of Cairngorm Coffee

    Cairngorm Coffee was established in 2013 by Robi Lambie. The goal was never to open a coffee house to create a big brand but Robi Lambie started with his Cairngorm Coffee house in order to work for himself. The support of his family was incredible which led to the huge success of this coffee house.

    Originally, Cairngorm Coffee started as a multi-roaster cafe and later on they started to roast their own authentic coffee. The reason behind opening a coffee shop was, Robi noticed that various popular and famous brands were charging too much for their special coffee.

    Cairngorm Coffee

    Therefore Robi wanted to bring authentic, good quality coffee in a reasonable price range under his own brand.

    In spite of the fact that Robi’s father was running their coffee house in Cairngorm, Robi was never much interested in coffee. He didn’t know much about how to run a cafe nor had any experience with specialty coffee. However, he always believed in learning and growing together.

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    Today, Robi Lambie runs the store as well as manages the social media of Cairngorm Coffee all on his own. This shows how much Robi and his coffee house grew in the past few years. Let us see what exactly we can expect from Cairngorm Coffee as a brand.

    Building of Cairngorm Coffee As A Brand

    The family business established to continue the father’s legacy has been a very interesting journey. After the first shop, Robi started his second shop of the Cairngorm Coffee in Edinburgh city, Scotland in order to get more exposure and connect with more customers and other coffee houses.

    The iconic yellow color became the identity of the brand. By that time, Robi also decided to start roasting brands’ own coffee. Gradually, Cairngorm Coffee gained popularity and became famous in the city. This was just the beginning.

    Robi started building a better brand around his coffee shop. He learnt social media to engage with customers and promote his business. As this built a family of coffee lovers on social media, Robi decided to launch his merchandise under the brand Cairngorm Coffee. Today, they sell T-shirts, cups, mugs, hoodies, and many more items.

    Specialty Of Cairngorm Coffee

    Cairngorm Coffee house is unlike any other cafe in your town. It has deep roots of Scottish coffee which any die-hard coffee lover will appreciate for sure. Quality is the main focus of this brand. Every cup of coffee is served with pride, care, and love.

    Cairngorm Coffee

    Along with coffee, Cairngorm Coffee offers several other food items as well. Of course, coffee is the main highlight of this brand but that doesn’t mean other products are not that good. The grilled cheese is as famous as coffee. Also, they offer a variety of food items like pastries and light lunches to compliment your espresso coffee.

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    The Online And Offline Store Of Cairngorm Coffee

    Cairngorm Coffee has an offline as well as an online store where they sell various kinds of products and not just coffee. The brand has everything you need, from coffee mugs to custom coffee bags at a reasonable price.

    However, the focus still remains on delivering premium quality coffee to other cafes. Along with that, the brand is also selling different products under its own merchandise. You can check out their merchandise here.


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