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Maisie Williams Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

maisie williams net worth

Maisie Williams net worth is built with her dazzling career in films and television. The British actress is best known for playing the lead character, Arya Stark, in the T.V series, Game Of Thrones. She has started in numerous TV shows, docudramas, and feature films. She is an internet entrepreneur.

Williams gets the moniker ‘Maisie’ from the cartoon strips she loved and retains it to date. She has professional training in performance arts, ballet, and various dance forms from a prestigious performing arts school in the UK. The Game Of Thrones was her first big break while still in high school.

The award-winning actress has been busy producing, creating apps, and doing charity work from a very young age. She started her acting career with the medieval fantasy fiction series, Game Of Thrones.

NameMargaret Constance Williams
D.O.B, Age15 April 1997, 24
Professionactress, entrepreneur
Net Worth$6 million
RelationshipReuben Selby (2019, present)

Maisie Williams Net Worth

maisie williams net worth

Maisie Williams net worth is earned from her award-winning performances for Game of Thrones. She started acting at the age of 12 with Games Of Thrones until she was 22 years old. She admits to having developed self-esteem issues and not being lady-like playing Arya Stark for Game Of Thrones.

She acted in numerous independent films, short films, and web series. She admits to having come a long way dealing with praise, criticism, and hatred that gets poured on social media platforms. At a young age, Maisie tasted worldwide fame and has been handling it well.

Early Life

maisie williams net worth

Maisie Williams was born in Bristol, U.K, to Hilary Pitt Frances. Details of her biological father are not known. She has been raised by her mother and her stepfather. She is the youngest of four siblings. She didn’t complete her schooling because she was filming for Game Of Thrones at 13. It didn’t give her time to finish high school.

She loves dancing and has taken dancing lessons in various dance forms from Bath Dance College. The Game Of Thrones launched her career in the acting profession in the film and television industry and gave her worldwide fame. Maisie Williams net worth is also about building a platform for other creative professionals.

She has expressed to Vogue magazine how her character of Arya Stark affected her self-esteem. She is a tomboy in real life who once loved climbing trees. Her taste in clothes and fashion sense is terrible. You can tell that from her pictures and the outfits she chooses to wear. Most of the time, they are démodé and unsuitable for her personality.

Arya Stark Of Game Of Thrones And Cultural Impact

maisie williams net worth

Arya Stark is an important character in Game Of Thrones and appears in most of the seasons of the HBO series. Though the original plot from this fantasy fiction novel has different in the television series, it has carved a unique personality for the character Arya Stark.

She is the younger child of the Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn Stark of the Winterfell fictional world created in the novel. She is an anti-heroine who does not have lady-like characteristics. She is portrayed as a feisty, killing machine who kills those who wronged her. Arya Stark is a personality you cannot define because it is a mix of good and bad characteristics.

She comes across as ruthless and vengeful when dealing with those who wronged her and fights intensely for justice. She is loyal, loves pets, and listens to her mentors. She is not interested in power-plays or fighting for the throne. She is loyal to her peers and is protective about her family.

Arya Stark is an unorthodox character who follows her path and does what she thinks is right. She cannot be impressed or influenced and has the skill to catch a lie. She does not like lady-like things such as sewing, grooming, embroidery. She is fascinated by combative sports such as a sword-fight.

She is short-sighted, gritty, brash, and impulsive, making her lose a few, battling to win many with her agility. She is outdoorsy, chooses her adventures, and is an exception horserider. She is a lone warrior who is out to avenge her father’s death and everything that seems to have wronged her.

She has an aversion to relationships and marriage, viewing how her sister is treated. She is courageous enough to battle men who are twice her size and stronger than her. She has no fear but lacks strategy and endurance, making her lose a few battles.

Filmography, Television, And Theatre

maisie williams net worth

Game Of Thrones has been the starting point in her career. She acted in movies like The Falling, Mary Shelly, The Book Of Love, The New Mutants, The Owners, etc. Her performance ranges from choosing movies in a variety of genres such as horror, romcoms, animation films, period dramas, mystery, and horror.

Post Game Of Thrones, Maisie starred in numerous television shows like ‘The Secret Of Crickley Hall,’ ‘Cyberbully,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ etc. She has starred in web series called ‘Gen: Lock’ set in a dystopian future. She has starred in numerous music videos for various artists.

Ted Talks

maisie williams net worth

She presented a meaningful topic in Ted Talks in Manchester about nurturing talent instead of striving for fame. She talks about everything ranging from her childhood, to realizing her dreams, success, and how the entertainment industry works. She also talks about her app ‘Daisie’, which gives complete control to artists to showcase their work and collaborate with other creative professionals.

Maisie Williams Businesses And Pursuits

maisie williams net worth

Maisie started her startup as a teenager and built a few production companies. She is an internet entrepreneur who started the app Daisie and has 100,000 members. Daisie was launched in 2018 and is a social media platform for artists and creative professionals from all creative industries to showcase their work, find work, and collaborate.

Maisie Williams Production Companies

She started a production company named Daisy Chain Productions with Don Santry and actor Bill Milner focused on scouting new talent and making short films. She developed Pint-Sized Pictures to encourage female talent in the U.K.

The Story Of Launching Daisie App

The Daisie app works differently than how most of the talent-hunting social media apps work. The user’s profile grows not by getting more subscribers or followers but by collaborating with other creative professionals like a chain.

Individuals can sign up and search for creative projects. Companies are not allowed to sign up, which makes it a great platform for creative professionals to find genuine work and people to collaborate with. The focus of this app is to help find budding creative professionals find work they love and gain recognition. Maisie Williams net worth is wealth earned and used for a good purpose of uplifting young talent.

The company has 17 staff and is located in an eastern district of London. It has raised $2.5 million in funds and has hundreds of signups after its launch. The app has got good reviews and a score of 4 out of 5.

Creative Advisor On Contact Platform

Williams and her partner Rueben founded the Contact platform that enables modeling agencies and models to allow booking various events and shows.

They raised a fund of $1.9 million for this venture. Their goal is to expand it to photo and videographers, stylists, and those involved in the creative fields. It makes it easier to showcase work and book creative professionals for events and shows without the need for middlemen or agencies.

Williams Sustainable Genderless Fashion Line

Though Williams fashion sense does not display great taste, she and her partner Reuben designed an androgynous fashion line showcased at Paris Fashion Week. Reuben and Williams pretty much started a couple of ventures successfully, raising funds and getting good reviews. Maisie Williams net worth comes from her acting professions and startup ventures.

Williams is not an insecure actress. She is an enterprising actress who wants opportunities for all and works hard towards fulfilling these goals that help creative professionals in any industry fulfill their dreams. There are very few young actresses who have worked to build start-ups that let others shine.

Campaigns And Activities

Williams is an active environmental activist. She protests Dolphin hunting and is a part of support groups for antibullying, gay marriages, and trans rights. She is a part of numerous charitable organizations that provide clean water and encourage young people to vote.

Williams is focused on designing sustainable clothes and accessories. She was appointed by World Wildlife Fund for supporting its mission towards climate change and conserving nature. Maisie Williams net worth comes mostly from Game Of Thrones and startup ventures.

Awards And Achievements

Williams has won numerous from 2011 to 2019 in various categories for Game Of Thrones. She is the youngest actress so far to have received a prestigious award for Best Supporting actress.

Williams achieved a lot at a very young age. Her philanthropic side to launch startups to help other creative professionals speak volumes about her confidence and the will to do good. Maisie Williams net worth is built not only through her hard work but is also used for a good cause of uplifting talent.

Things You Didn’t Know About Maisie Williams

  • Maisie learned to perform activities using her left hand to prepare for her role as Arya Stark in the Game Of Thrones.
  • The reason she auditioned for Game Of Thrones was because she wanted to earn enough to buy a laptop.
  • She is closer to her co-star from Game Of Thrones, and they grew closer on the sets as teens.
  • She was bullied at school after starring in Game Of Thrones
  • She sometimes worries about her look in Game Of Thrones thinking, it might affect her career.


Maisie Williams net worth comes from choosing acting as a profession at the age of thirteen. She is an award-winning young actress with good causes to advocate. Williams is a philanthropic internet entrepreneur who encourages young talent and has built several platforms to let creative professionals find work and collaborate.

Dave Mustaine Net Worth – Bio And 10 Interesting Facts

dave mustaine net worth

Dave Mustaine net worth is in millions, but his story is one of the most tragic ones. He is a self-learned guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for his thrash metal band Megadeth. His early days as a child have been tragic, followed by a series of traumas, tragedies, and health problems.

But nothing stopped Dave Mustaine from playing for his band, Megadeth. After being fired from the famous rock band, Metallica, it was hard for Dave to focus on music as it came as a sudden blow. The journey of this thrash metal guitarist and frontman of Megadeth has been far from rosy.

Dave has come a long way, loving his craft endlessly, from the death of band members to a host of controversies and battling with life-threatening health ailments. The lyrics of his songs express chaos, grief, and all the topsy-turvy emotions he experienced dealing with numerous tragedies.

NameDavid Scott Mustaine
D.O.B, Age13 September 1951, 1961
ProfessionMusician, guitarist, songwriter, producer
Net Worth$18 million
MarriagePamela Ann Casselberry, two children


Dave Mustaine Net Worth

dave mustaine net worth

Dave Mustaine net worth is a story about the gruelling challenges he dealt with at every stage in his life but never gave up his passion for music. He is the most influential musician in the rock and metal genre. His personal tragedies and the jolt of being removed from Metallica led him to form a new genre of heavy metal music.

He pioneered thrash metal music and created a distinct style of playing metal guitar with riffs, speed, and distortion, adding melodies, growls, and symphonies. Thrash metal is a semi-symphonic offshoot of the punk rock genre, a more distinct and rhythmic metalcore genre.

His daughter is a country music singer. His son has played the guitar with him at several local events. The Grammy-award winning guitarist-musician impacted the music industry in the metal music genre. He started to play the guitar to outnumber his sister, who was learning to play the piano and has developed a passion for music since then. His debut album won a Grammy award for ‘Best Metal Performance’ and sold a million copies worldwide.

The Tragic Early Life

dave mustaine net worth

Dave did not have a happy childhood. His father was an alcoholic, violent, and abusive. His mother was strict and religious, which was not the ideal home environment he was looking up to. He could never grow as a person dealing with extreme behaviour and attitudes from his parents and lack of support.

When his brother-in-law was generous enough to lend him his guitar, he started learning and fell in love with music. Since then, there has been no stopping. His first band, ‘Panic,’ saw a dead end after two band members died in a car accident.

He admitted to being addicted to substance abuse and sold them to pay his rent in his early days. Working on Megadeth, he overcame yet another series of tragedies, most of which were his injuries and health problems. He developed a neck injury due to headbanging and was diagnosed with throat cancer.

He lost his sister, his mother-in-law, and one band member of Megadeth. The other band member was removed from being charged for grooming. It has not been a smooth journey for Dave, but he has won numerous awards for inventing thrash metal and a dazzling style of playing thrash guitar.

Journey As A Musician

dave mustaine net worth

After the failure of his debut band, ‘Panic,’ he joined Metallica but was disappointed and heartbroken for being fired. Though he takes the blame for being irresponsible, that didn’t end his music career. He created Megadeth, invented a new metal genre and won numerous awards for his guitar playing style and compositions.

He invented the ‘spider chord’ style of playing power metal. Throughout his career, Dave was hurt about being replaced by Kirk Hammett and was relieved when he read the book authored by Joel Mclver about Metallica and their band members. He has been ranked numerous times as one of the greatest guitarists and musicians in the rock and metal genre.

He remodelled the electric guitar, switching from Gibsons to Jackson with 24 frets instead of the standard 22 and more changes on the fretboard. Jackson still sells the remodelled version of electric guitars created by Dave. Dave has been instrumental in overhauling the rock and metal genre by introducing a novel style of playing chords and reinventing electric guitar.

He endorsed numerous guitar-making companies such as Gibson, E.S.P., and Jacksons Guitars. With E.S.P., he created a signature style of custom electric guitar called Axxion, which made huge sales in the market. Axxion received an award for its new design. For his tours and stage performances, he uses his signature style guitars remodelled by him.

There was a time when Dave couldn’t afford basic equipment when he started off as a guitarist. Over decades, mastering the style of electric guitars and power chords, he has remodelled numerous equipment with his signature style for various brands, which he uses on stage and on tours.

Birth Of Megadeth

dave mustaine net worth

The idea of Megadeth happened when he was returning home disappointedly being fired from Metallica. Being replaced by Kirk was his pet peeve for the most part of his musical career. He came across a poster with the slogan ‘ the arsenal of megadeath can’t be rid.’ This is how he came up with the name Megadeth, and the rest is history.

The year he created his first album, he won a Grammy, and his album sold more than 38 million copies worldwide. Dave started the ‘Gigantor’ metal fest and toured America with bands like Dream Theatre, Children Of Bodom, Fear Factory, Opeth, etc. This was to bring an eclectic lineup that was more affordable than the Ozzfest.

Dave has been inventive about everything he ever did with Megadeth. It was creating a new genre of metalcore, remodelling guitars, and an eclectic lineup to promote metalcore and its subgenres. He was raised in a strict Jehovah’s Witness faith and has expressed his faith in Christianity.

Though most of the metalcore bands are anti-establishment and anti-Christ, he retains his faith. He sings about the intense touches of melancholy he dealt with and about making a change in different aspects of societies and the political arena.

Thrash metal could be more bearable if the lyrics were not intensely troubling and more thought-provoking. There’s a reason punk, and its sub-genres are obsolete and not rising over the oblivion. It’s the sorry state of thought process in the blasphemous lyrics in a world that has evolved in spirituality that doesn’t resurrect punk and its sub-genres.

The 80s welcomed anti-Christ ideologies through heavy metal and punk genres because it was a novel movement that people didn’t give much thought to. The 2000s have been the death for the timeline of punk and heavy metal that are anti-Christ spewing negativity and violence in the name of rebellion.

Thrash and melodic death metal rose with Swedish and American metal bands that blended symphonies with riffs of guitars and growls give them a thundering beat. This music genre thunders on your senses, giving an adrenaline rush. That is what most of the listeners like, the thundering symphonies. It changes how metal music used to be, and now with symphonies in the background, it creates the magic.

Dark Side Of Dave Mustaine

Dave admits to practicing black magic as a teen and using those spells on people. He says he regrets it, has retained deep faith in Christ and wants to reach heaven following the spiritual path. He feels unsettled about playing his song ‘The Conjuring,’ which is about black magic and hexes. He admits that it tormented him, and he is no more a part of the dark arts as it haunts him.

Critique, Controversies, and Political Issues

Dave Mustaine is known to be an unpleasant person, and critics call him a pompous dolt. But he articulates with his interviews about how heavy metal is stereotyped as being angry music. His music does not talk about the pleasant side of life. It expresses anger, disappointment, and grief about corrupt politics and the ills of society.

Most of the teens relate to his music when he expresses the dark side of people’s emotions in their growing years and relates to the pain, anguish, and anger he expresses through the music he creates. There is a reason why heavy metal is still a hit. It exposes the dark side of human emotions and ordeals a human has to go through without being politically correct or soft soaping.

That’s what makes the ‘angry’ metal music honest. They leave no stone unturned in exposing and singing about everything that affects human life and emotions. Dave has been a controversial, favorite child, for the blatant comments he makes on various issues.

He claimed that ex-president Barak Obama staged Arizona shooting. He has taken an active interest in politics writing lyrics about corruption and how things are left unsaid when people choose to commit suicide. His songs have an element of truth that most dare not speak, and that is what makes the band popular among youth.

Real Estate And Vineyards

He owns a couple of properties that he sold for millions of dollars which added to the Dave Mustaine net worth. He created custom wines and won a platinum-gold award for She-Wolf and Merlot-Rose wines which he created for a competition. He also earns from custom wines he creates and Megadeth merchandise which ships worldwide.

The merchandise include, clothes, costumes, t-shirts, posters, accessories, etc. Metal fans love wearing tees and buying the award-winning wine Dave created, which is said to be class apart. Here is a frontman who has dealt with miseries and traumas to turn it into a piece of thought-provoking music with interesting merchandise. Dave Mustaine net worth also comes from the sales of merchandise of Megadeth.

Awards And Achievements

He won numerous awards and nominations. In 2014, he won the ‘Metal Guru’ award. He won a silver medal in 2016. His albums ‘Rust In Peace’ and ‘Hangar 18’ won the ‘Best Thrash Band’ awards in 1991. In 1993 his album ‘Countdown To Extinction’ won Genesis Award. Most of the Megadeth albums were nominated for Grammy Awards. His album ‘Dystopia’ won the Grammy for ‘Best Metal Performance.’

In 2011, his albums ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Public Enemy No 1’ won ‘Metal Video Of The Year’ from Loudwire Music Award. He won the ‘Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards’ for ‘Riff Lord’ and ‘Best Live Band.’

From 2004 to 2016, he won numerous ‘Metal Storm Awards’ and nominations. He was ranked in the ‘100 Greatest Artists and Influential People’ by various music magazines and television channels.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dave Mustaine

  • He owns expensive cars and once worked as a car mechanic before starting a band.
  • He is known for supporting Republican candidates.
  • He is a strict Christian who does not support gay marriages.
  • He claims to heal cancer for one of his fans through magic and prayers.
  • Dave consciously chooses not to play to professed Satanist bands because of his Christian faith.
  • He enjoys doing interviews where he has something positive to talk about.
  • His arm injury almost put an end to playing guitar.
  • He has a strict workout routine
  • His bandmates connect spiritually before performing
  • He loves playing golf and played hockey as a kid
  • He loves connecting with important people, and told Loudwire he has friends in ‘Secret Service’ and the ‘F.B.I.’


Dave Mustaine net worth is created with his inventiveness, grit, and consciously not choosing to be politically correct. Many of his songs are misunderstood, but they have a thought-proving element which most of them relate to, especially those who are dealing with pain and misery.

His songs express unspoken emotions and give a voice without beating around the bush about various issues that affect human life. He takes criticism well and has stopped at nothing from achieving all that he ever dreamt of.

His passion for music and the ideologies he cares about keeping his Christian faith intact contrasts with what the Satanist bands portray. His songs are thoughtful and hard-hitting. His band spews truth about the side of life you never thought about.

What most people don’t get about metal music and its sub-genres is the beauty of the dark emotions expressed. They do not encourage negative emotions but express how pain changes them and what emotions they go through dealing with all the pain on the inside. That’s what makes them relatable because life is not all fairytales; there is a dark side in all of us, else we wouldn’t be humans.

Sweet Pastry Recipe: 9 Easy Steps to Prepare it at Home

The little colorful creamy pastries looking at you behind the glass bar of the shop! Sounds drool some, isn’t it? But, having pastries always from the shop does not sound healthy, right? So, you are in a great dilemma! Whether you should satisfy your tastebuds or think about your health! Here we are to help you. Why not try a sweet pastry recipe at home?

sweet pastry recipe
Tesco Real Food

You can manage the amount of sweetener and other ingredients at your convenience. Also, you can get a fresh bite of your favorite. So, say “goodbye” to the pastries peeping behind the glass, and let’s learn the sweet pastry recipe to try at home.

Shortcrust Pastry Recipe vs. Sweet Pastry Recipe: 

Often, you can see people using the terms called sweet pastry and shortcrust pastry interchangeably. Although the types are similar, they are not the same. While preparing sugar crust pastry, the butter is mixed with sugar before putting it into the egg-flour combo. With regular shortcrust pastry, the case is different. Chefs usually do not use sugar with butter in that recipe.

If we go by the traditional shortcrust recipe while preparing a sweet pastry, the lining may get difficult due to the crumbled features of the pastry. Hence, the task has been made easy with the innovative ideas of our legendary chefs. They mix the butter with refined sugar to incorporate air within it. The creaming of butter and sugar together creates a beautiful light color texture.

sweet pastry recipe
Leite’s Culinaria

Now, let’s come to the sweetest pie of the dessert. Find the much-awaited sweet pastry recipe below.

Sweet Pastry Recipe: A Perfect Treat to your Tastebuds:

The recipe is simple. But, if you miss any of the details, you will not find the delicious elegance of the pastry. So, follow the steps carefully.

Ingredients required:

  • 200 gm unsalted butter
  • 165 gm icing sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 400 gm all-purpose flour
  • 1 pinch salt

How to Prepare:

  1. First, cream the butter and sugar together lightly. Make sure that you do not overmix. Otherwise, more air inside the pastry may ruin it at the end.
  2. Now, once they are blended well, mix the eggs. Blend all of the mixtures uniformly.
  3. Next, add flour to it.
  4. Mix well and make a tight yet soft dough.
  5. Flatten it slightly and keep it inside the freezer.
  6. After 30 minutes, roll it flat with a kitchen roller.
  7. Line the baking sheet with parchment paper and bake the flattened dough.
  8. Once it is baked, fill it with your favorite stuffings.
  9. You can garnish with sweet cream and dry fruit crusts.
sweet pastry recipe
Mooreland’s Eater

Thus, you can prepare a sweet pastry recipe. Well, when it comes to pastry, numerous types are available. Let’s find the list.

Types of Pastries- Which One do you Choose?

Variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to dessert, we love to enjoy variations as much as we can. Let’s know how many types of pastries are available.

  • Classic Sweet Shortcrust Pastry- It is a popular option for making all kinds of tarts, pies, and so on.
  • Super Sweet Pastry- It is ideal for baking delicious jam tarts.
  • Classic Pâte Sablée- Often, the chefs use it to prepare different types of biscuits and tarts.
  • Whipped Pastry- It is a creamy variation that is often used for tea and coffee biscuits.

Whenever there is a sweet pastry recipe mentioned, our sweet tooth leaps up with joy. Along with these above-mentioned variations, there are many other kinds of sweet pastry recipes. Try any of these variants and enjoy your love for dessert.

Before you go, let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions about sweet pastry recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can be made from sweet pastry recipe?

Ans. You can prepare anything from tarts to pies and biscuits to crunchy bread with a sweet pastry recipe.

Q. Can I use caster sugar instead of icing sugar in pastry?

Ans. Yes, you can. You can use caster sugar or icing sugar. All you need to use is a type of finely coarse sugar so that it gets well-blended.

Q. What does egg do in pastry?

Ans. Eggs help to structure the pastry and add flavor to it. However, if you want, you can add milk instead of eggs.

Q. Is sweet pastry the same as shortcrust pastry?

Ans. Although they are similar, there is a difference between these two. The sweet pastry recipe includes the stage of creaming the butter with sugar. On the other hand, shortcrust pastry is crumbly without the sugar-butter creaming.

Sweet pastry recipe
Asian Food network

Conclusion- The Cherry on the Top

So, got the delicious sweet pastry recipe? We also have added some other details. We hope you enjoyed the recipe. Here are a few more tips before we end our discussion. Do not overmix the butter and sugar. Also, make sure not to overwork the dough. Thus, you can prepare your favorite sweet pastry.

If you are looking for a way to thicken the soup, find it here.

Steak Tartare Recipe: 7 Interesting Tips you Should not Miss

Steak Tartare Recipe and Some More…

Is it safe to eat steak tartare? That is a question we often hear at our foodies’ table. Even if the person is the biggest foodie ever, they become sceptical about eating this dish. As it comes with ground raw meat, people tend to be apprehensive about it. We know how bacterias can attack if we consume raw foods. Also, there is the issue of smell and taste as well. Most of us assume that raw meat does not taste well, and the foul odour can destroy the ambience.

steak tartare recipe
Image Credit- Delicious

Well, let’s break the ice here. Yes, it is safe to eat. We can eat ground meat without any tension of bacterial infection and foul smell when it comes to steak tartare. To know why we need to know how it is prepared. So, let’s start. First, we discuss briefly where did it come from. Then, we will focus on how it is prepared.

Steak Tartare: The Etymology, Origin, and History

If we go back to the early 20th century, we will see two different variations of steak tartare. The one we know today was popular as “steack à l’Americaine,” majorly in Europe. Another variation of the dish was served with savory tartar sauce. It was known as “Steack à la tartare.” Some references call it “steack à l’Americaine” without egg yolk, served with tartar sauce by its side. Later on, the “Steack à la tartare” was shortened as “Steak Tartare,” and the distinguishing factors between the two became disappeared. Eventually, as per the 1938 edition of Larousse Gastronomique, steak tartare is a dish that includes ground beef and egg yolk. No tartar sauce is mentioned there.

steak tartare recipe
Image Credit- food and recipes| HowStuffWorks

Jean de Joinville, one of the most significant chronicles of medieval France, mentioned an incredible story out the invention of the dish. Although there is very vague proof about the authenticity of the fact, let’s have a look at what it says.

The Mongols or Tartars (also known as ‘Tatars) used to apply an interesting technique to tenderize the meat. They used to keep it between the saddle and the horse backs to soften them while they rode. While eating, they used to add eggs to it. This theory is often counterattacked by eminent people saying that the idea is popularized only to establish that tartars were barbaric and uncivilized.

Apart from this theory mentioned in Jean de Joinville, another idea says that the dish actually came from French Polynesia. And it was popularised by renowned chef Augustus Escoffier during the early 20th century.

However, as per the records, by the 21st century, when there was an emergence of some diseases in cows, chefs started using fish and vegetables instead of beef. At that time, salmon, tuna, and some other fishes were used in it. Also, fruits and vegetables like tomato, avocado, pine nuts, etc., were used.

steak tartare recipe
Image credit- Kotanyi

Regardless of which story is true and which is not, it is evident that steak tartare has placed itself as a popular dish since it emerged. And therefore, many people are looking forward to learning the steak tartare recipe. Probably, you are one of them. So, are you here to know an easy- tasty recipe for steak tartare? We will discuss it here. Let’s proceed.

How to Prepare Steak Tartare- A Run-through of Steak Tartare Recipe:

Well, so the much-awaited part of the article is here. We are going to share with you a delicious steak tartare recipe. Follow below.

The ingredients needed:

  • 4 ounces beef steak(lean, fresh)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • kosher salt as per requirement
  • black pepper powder as per taste
  • 1 egg yolk
  • bread toast
  • roasted vegetables
  • 1 tbsp mustard sauce
  • shallots, finely chopped

The preparation:

  1. Buy a fresh, whole piece of lean meat to avoid any risk of bacteria formation.
  2. Wash it well, and sprinkle salt on it.
  3. Grind it into fine pieces with a knife.
  4. Season the minced meat with salt and pepper.
  5. Drizzle olive oil and mustard sauce over it.
  6. Adjust the seasoning as per your taste.
  7. At this point, you can mix the egg yolk with it or keep it separate.
  8. Now, mix all of the ingredients well and prepare the tartare.

Your tartare is ready. Now, garnish it with chopped shallot. Serve it with bread-toast and roasted vegetables. You can add a few drops of mustard sauce to the plate if you like.

steak tartare recipe
Image Credit- Pinterest

Well, it was the traditional steak tartare recipe. If you would like to add some twists to it, try the smoked steak tartare recipe ahead.

Ingredients are almost the same. You can use pickled veggies instead of roasted ones.

  • Prepare the smoker with the chips inside it.
  • Now, place the minced meat mixed with sauce and other ingredients.
  • Make sure you add the egg yolk to it.
  • Close the lid and cook for around 10 minutes at high heat.
  • Open the lid and see if a smokey fragrance is coming out or not.
  • If it is done, remove from the heat and settle for 5 minutes closing the lead.
  • Place it on a plate and mince it roughly with a knife once more.
  • Now, put it on the plate the way you want.
  • Serve with pickled vegetables and sauce.
steak tartare recipe
Image Credit- Post and Courier

So, it was an uncommon variation of the steak tartare recipe. Although the traditional recipe is mainly prepared with beef, you can enjoy tuna tartare, salmon tartare with a fruity nudge. If you want to omit the egg yolk and use tartare sauce instead of it, you can try that too. Find the recipe for preparing tartare sauce at home here.

Facts that You should know about Steak Tartare

So, you have got the steak tartare recipe. Now, let’s learn some interesting facts about the dish.

  1. Steak tartare recipe was a favorite dish of Sigmund Freud, the famous neurologist.
  2. It is often eaten with Worcestershire sauce, a popular add-on.
  3. Thomas Bernhard, the great post-world-war-two writer, was also fond of this steak tartare recipe.
  4. Steak tartare was also a favorite dish of Claude Lanzmann, the notable French director.
  5. Seasoned herbs are often used to season the dish.
  6. Rye or French baguette is one of the best options to try along with the steak tartare recipe.
  7. You can try your favorite beer or wine with the dish.

The Takeaway

Since many of us are concerned about – is it safe to eat steak tartare, let us conclude that it is safe. You can try the steak tartare recipe safely as long as you are using high-quality, fresh meat. But, if you are pregnant or possess a weak stomach, try to avoid it. You may get into trouble as you are in a vulnerable condition.

Marla Maples Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting facts

marla maples networth

Marla Maples net worth is made with her experience in modeling, film, and television career. Maples is lesser-known ex-wife of Donald Trump. Maples won beauty contests and started making guest appearances in television shows.

She advocates wellness and fitness. Apart from acting, she hosted a couple of beauty pageants, radio talk shows and participated as a contestant in the Dancing With The Stars dance reality show. She is known for marrying Trump than for her film and television career.

Marla has been in numerous relationships. Her marriage and divorce with ex-president Donald Trump were highly publicized. She is known for being a reality show star than for her acting performances or hosting.

NameMarla Ann Maples
D.O.B, Age27 October 1963, 58
ProfessionFilm and television actress, singer, model
Net Worth$6 million
MarriageDonald Trump(divorced)


Marla Maples Net Worth

marla maples net worth

Marla Maples net worth mostly comes from the settlement of divorce with Donald Trump. She does not have an impressive career to boast about. She has acted in numerous not-so-famous movies and television programs.

She has performed in a few Broadway Productions apart from serving as a guest in Wrestling Championship shows which starred Hulk Hogan. She is active doing a couple of things apart from acting, such as being a keynote speaker for women’s empowerment, wellness, and health. Marla Maples net worth might not be impressive, but she is a versatile personality has made her own choices and lived by them.

She has attended numerous events speaking about spirituality, environmental issues and appeared as a guest speaker on a podcast show. Marla takes an interest in spirituality and has hosted a radio talk show called ‘Awakening With Marla,’ which interviews doctors, astrologers, authors, etc. She is a singer, and her album, ‘The Endless,’ won ‘Hollywood Music Media Award,’ for best new age ambient song in 2012.

Early Life And Relationships

marla maples net worth

Marla Maples was born in Georgia to Ann Locklear and Stanley Edward Maples. Her father was a real estate developer, singer, and songwriter, and her mother was a homemaker and a model. Maples attended Northwest Whitefield High School in Georgia and was crowned the homecoming queen.

She competed in a couple of beauty contests, won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in 1985 and runner-up Miss Georgia USA in 1984. She graduated from the University of Georgia. Before getting married to Donald Trump, she had at least six relationships, one with Michael Bolton.

Films And Television

Marla Maples net worth might not give you an awe-inspiring tell-a-tale, but here is a woman involved in various activities that bring meaning to her life and do good to the masses.

Maples started her career in 1991 as a celebrity guest at WWF Championship for a match between Hulk Hogan and Sgt.Slaughter. She made a guest appearance on a popular television show, Designing Women.

She was in the cast of the award-winning Broadway musical, ‘ The Will Rodgers Follies.’ She did a cameo appearance with her husband Donald Trump, an episode of the popular show, ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,’ and the sitcom, ‘Something Wilder.’

In 1996 and 1997, she co-hosted national beauty pageants Miss Universe and Miss USA. Her debut film was a horror movie directed by Stephen King called ‘Maximum Overdrive in 1986. She starred in numerous forgettable films like Executive Decision, For Richer or Poorer, Happiness, etc.

She starred in a Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. film Black and White. She starred in a few Broadway productions. She competed in the 22nd season of the dance reality show, Dancing With The Stars. She co-hosted ABC’s talk show, ‘The View.’

She designed a maternity line of clothes which sold in several departmental stores across the U.S. She published a memoir, ‘All That Glitters Is Not Gold,’ in the year 2000. She is a part of numerous non-profit organizations that promotes awareness and brings funds to make purposeful improvements in the lives of women and children.

Things You Didn’t Know About Marla Maples

  • She dated Donald Trump while he was already married to Ivana Trump.
  • She is a distant cousin of Golden Globes nominated actress, Heather Locklear.
  • She worked with publisher Inside Edition and interviewed Michael Jordan in the 90s.
  • Marla raised her daughter Tiffany Trump as a single mom.
  • She was rumored to have an affair with Donald Trump’s bodyguard while they were married, and he fired him.


Marla Maples net worth might not be inspiring, but her versatility, multi-faceted personality is notable. She has carved her individual personality and is known for what she does. The activities she advocated, apart from being known as Donald Trump’s ex-wife. She has successfully raised her daughter and is actively involved in purposeful campaigns that bring good change and improvement.



Rick Rubin Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

rick rubin net worth

Rick Rubin net worth is built by creating top-selling artists in the hip-hop and the alternative rock genre. He has been named as one of the top influential record producers in the music arena. He co-founded Def Jam Recordings and American Recording labels that produce music for artists.

He served as a co-president for Columbia Records, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Rubin’s journey in producing record labels started in his early days when he started Def Jam Recordings in his high school. He toured California with artists who played with bands like Meat Puppets, Minor Threat, etc.

He switched from punk rock to learn about hip-hop production in the 80s. He has an interesting journey of finding hip-hop and alternative rock artists from various parts of the U.S and distributing their albums worldwide under the record label American Recordings.

NameFrederick Jay Rubin
D.O.B, Age10 March 1963, 58
ProfessionRecord Producer
Net Worth$250 million
MarriageMourielle Hurtdo Herrera, 1 child


Rick Rubin Net Worth

rick rubin net worth

Rick Rubin net worth is his passion for producing top-selling albums and popularizing numerous artists and bands. He was listed in the ‘100 Most Influential People’ and is known to impact the music industry. He worked with artists like Shakira, produced albums for Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Metallica, etc.

He owns lavish properties in Hollywood and Malibu, a few of which he uses to produce albums for artists and bands. Rubin produced music for many bands like Linkin Park, Dixie Chicks, etc., working with Sony Music’s Columbia Records as a co-president. Rick Rubin net worth is the money and honors earned because of his passion for music.

Early Days Of Def Jam Recordings

rick rubin net worth

Rick Rubin was born to Micheal and Linda Rubin in Long Beach, New York, and went to the Long Beach High School. While at high school, he developed an interest in music, learned guitar, wrote songs, and formed a band called ‘The Pricks.’

He has been passionate about music since his early days and started Def Jam Records before graduating. His production company was established in the ’80s and started working with local hip-hop artists, rappers, and punk rock bands.

He later started Def American Records after almost a decade of working with various artists and popular rock, hip-hop, and punk rock bands. He has a long journey of working with the best artists and bands, producing top-selling albums. Rick Rubin net worth comes from building the lives of artists and producing award-winning music videos.

Rick is a legendary, Grammy-award-winning record label producer. He is known to be a workaholic and takes music seriously. He played a DJ to bands when he started Def Jam Recordings, started producing songs for singles and albums for various artists and bands.

He dropped the word ‘Def’ from the name of his production company and changed it to American Recordings. The word ‘def’ officially entered the Merriam Dictionary meaning ‘excellent’ or ‘cool.’ He held a funeral for dropping that word with a coffin filled with Def Jam Recordings memorabilia. The mock funeral was attended by 500 artists, musicians, bands, including Tom Petty, Slayer band members.

With American Recordings, he produced notable singles and band albums. He worked with Linkin Park on Castle of Glass, Thousand Suns+, and many more. He worked with bands from all music genres from all over the world.

From Nusret and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Krishna Das, to hard rock bands like Slayer, AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Eagle Eye Cherry, etc. Rubin is a versatile record producer with a keen eye for talent and a vision for music.

Bands And Artists Rick Rubin Worked With

rick rubin net worth

There is a long list of bands from various music genres and singles he worked with. Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Cash, Jazzy Jay, etc. Rubin is an award-winning producer on a spiritual journey. He has Buddhist beliefs and is seen meditating with prayer beads.

He raised the bar of hip-hop and pop scene, which was a talent limited to the streets. He picked up artists and bands from the streets of New York and gave them a platform to sing and perform. He changed the face of pop and hip-hop music with his vision and passion for music.

He worked with LL Cool J’s Radio, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and hard rock bands like Slayer, The Cult, and performed with Hose in the ’80s. His first major project with Johnny Cash was a commercial success in the 90s. He produced a couple of award-winning albums for Johnny Cash.

He produced Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption song.’ He has worked with most of the genres and sub-genres of rock music. He is a renowned music producer well-known worldwide for creating top-selling artists and albums for bands. Rick Rubin is a slovenly music producer, a ‘Guru,’ with a mystic aura who has built the lives of numerous artists and bands.

Rick has been noted to have a certain aura of confidence since his teens. He was confident about what he envisioned about music and has transformed from a brat to a Zen minimalist. Most of the albums of RHCP and Johnny Cash were recorded in the living room of Shangri-La, his Mailbu home.

Rick practices Zen to stay calm and relax instead of depending on illegal substances to get high, which is a norm in the music industry. He is authoring a book with Neil Strauss about creativity. When you learn about the journey of Rick Rubin, it is fascinating how his vision and transformation with Zen brought him mega success and numerous Grammy awards.

Awards, Achievements, Filmography

rick rubin net worth

Rubin won ‘Producer Of The Year’ Grammy awards in 2006, 2007, and 2012 working with Dixie Chicks, RHCP, U2, Greenday, Metallica, and others. He achieved this success with a unique stripped-down production style of eliminating production elements to get the emotional power to the musical arrangements.

The artists love him because he gets the best from them. It shows in their music and performances. Rick has dealt with a share of criticism too from Taylor and band members of Slipknot.

Filmography And Trivia

He acted in numerous film in cameo roles and as himself. Rubin directed and acted in the movie ‘Tougher Than Leather,’ in 1986. He made cameo appearances in numerous music videos he produced. Most of the films in which he played himself were documentaries of artists, bands, and music videos.

Things You Didn’t Know About Rick Rubins
  • He is a huge fan of wrestling and had a lifetime ticket to the wrestling tournaments in the 80s and 90s.
  • He is known to be a mellow guy who is good to artists.
  • He believes in magic.
  • He has had a beard since his teens and keeps it that way.
  • Like Steve Jobs, he wears the same clothes everyday, a white t-shirt and black shorts.


Rick Rubin net worth is because he is all about producing good music. He has transformed from a brat to a zen-loving mellow music producer. His home Shangri-La is famous for recording the most popular and top-selling albums from bands and various artists. Rick

Rubin understands the sound of music, unlike a legend in the Bollywood industry who is clueless about music and seems to have built the lives of artists with a tainted reputation. We have a real ‘Guru’ Rick Rubin who knows what he wants to create in any music genre. Rick Rubin net worth speaks about his simple and dedicated approach towards creating music.

7 Surprising Facts about Delicious American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey! A popular treat for most foodies, especially those who are fond of macaroni pasta and noodles! Mention the name and see them drooling over it! However, many of you are probably interested to know more details about it. And why should not you!

After all, being a foodie, knowing your preferred food can help you enjoy the taste better than ever. We understand. Hence, we are here with a detailed discussion on American chop suey. From its origin, variants to some interesting, fun facts- get all of them here. Let’s proceed.

American chop suey
Sugar and Soul

American Chop Suey: What is it?

Before we ponder over other facts about the popular delicacy, let’s have an idea about what American chop suey is. It is an American casserole dish prepared with ground meat, macaroni pasta, and sweet-tangy tomato sauce. Usually, beef is used in it as meat.

American chop suey is quite popular in the areas of the United States and New England. It is a famous option in the cuisine of New England. Here is the American chop suey recipe.

How to Prepare:

To prepare the dish, you need – elbow macaroni, cornstarch, oil, water, any meat (preferably beef), minced garlic, ginger, sliced onion, chopped carrot, chopped green bell pepper, shredded cabbage, white vinegar, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, sugar, salt, egg, and finely chopped spring onions.

american chop suey
Debra Murrah

First, boil the macaroni. Keep it aside and prepare the sauce. To prepare the sauce, add ginger, garlic, and all of the vegetables to the oil. Stir well until the veggies look tender. Now, mix cornstarch with water in a bowl. Add tomato ketchup and vinegar to the veggies.

Then, add the cornstarch mix to it. Mix salt and sugar as per taste. Add macaroni to it. Finally, sprinkle chopped spring onions on top of the dish. Serve with a fried egg omelette on top of the whole plate.

Well, you might think that it has some close connection with Chinese chop suey as both of the names are similar. No, it does not have. American chop suey is famous with other variants like American goulash, Johnny Marzetti in different regions outside the United States. But, there is barely any similarity between the two dishes- American chop suey and Chinese chop suey.

Let’s have an idea about what are the differences between the two.

Chinese Chop Suey and American Chop Suey: How are they different?

Chop suey, or the famous Chinese chop suey, is a renowned delicacy in American Chinese cuisine. When American chop suey is made of ground beef, pasta, and sauce, the ingredients in chop suey are different. The meat used in this dish can be of any kind.

It may be beef, chicken, pork, and any other variation. Instead of simple macaroni and tomato sauce, chop suey includes cabbage, celery, and bean sprouts. The meat is cooked thoroughly with the veggies. All of the items are soaked in a sauce that is thickened with starch. Well, do not forget eggs. It is also an essential factor in this dish.

american chop suey
Times Food- Chinese Chop Suey

Not only in the ingredients but also in taste and texture, they are different. American chop suey tastes sweet and sour, while Chinese chop suey has a spicy flavour. With a bright orange-red colour, the American chop suey is a treat to the eye. It is often used as a main course. Chinese chop suey is served with rice or traditional Chinese noodles.

Along with Chinese and American, chop suey also has many other variants. Consider the ones in India, Indonesia, Canada, and so on. When the variant changes, the ingredients also differ. We will discuss the famous Indian variation of the dish.

Indian American Chop Suey

Try this version of American chop suey if you are bored of your regular boiled noodles, roasted beef, and other dishes. Indians never fail to amuse the world with exceptional qualities when it comes to food.

After all, it is a country of diversity. While you find the innumerable hot steamed dumplings at one place, you can enjoy a delicious curry at the other place. Indians never cease to add Indian flavour to every continental dish they discover. Hence, this American dish has also got its Indian variant.

Indian American chop suey is primarily famous as street food or college canteen dish. Unlike the original version, this dish includes carrots and other veggies dipped in a thick orange-flavoured sauce.

american chop suey

On top of the vegetables, you can find deep-fried noodles and eggs. Well, it is similar to the Chinese variant. However, this Indian variation has a rich history. Let’s know what the story behind the dish is.

The Origin and History of Indian American Chop Suey:

The famous anthropologist E.N. Anderson discovered the history of chop suey. According to him, the dish was influenced by another dish called ‘tsap suei.’ In Cantonese, it is translated as miscellaneous leftovers. Nonetheless, the history of Indian chop suey is another exciting story. During the China-Burma-India Theatre operation, a large number of US troops came to India.

First, they reached Delhi and later on Kolkata(then Calcutta). Then, to serve their tastebuds, when they asked for chop suey in Kolkata’s China Town, the Indians of Chinese origin prepared the dish of ‘tsap suei.’

Due to a lack of authentic ingredients, they prepared it with locally available items like noodles, eggs, local vegetables, etc. gradually, it became famous among the local Indians. Thus, Indian American chop suey was born. Although the story is not fully proven, it is one of the best stories roaming around.

Interesting facts about American Chop Suey

Enough of the grave historical details and recipe updates! Now, let’s learn some interesting information about the dish.

american chop suey
Classic Recipes
  1. Usually, the meat pieces are small in this dish.
  2. High-quality American chop suey includes elbow macaroni.
  3. Popular restaurants use sautéd onions along with cooked ground beef for the dish.
  4. It is generally served with bread. Sometimes, it is preferred as a simple main course dish.
  5. Some chefs experiment with grated parmesan cheese.
  6. Worcestershire sauce is also used in some places.
  7. Italian seasonings are popular with this dish.

Wrapping it Up

The sense of gluttony is knocking at the door? The recipe is already mentioned. What are you waiting for? Prepare American chop sue and enjoy it with your loved ones. Satisfy your sudden craving for food perfectly. Let us know how you liked it.

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David Hasselhoff Net Worth: Facts You Should not Miss about the “Baywatch” Star

All You Need to Know about David Hasselhoff Net Worth

With rising popularity for “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider,” David Hasselhoff became the 90’s sensation. As he was born and brought up in different areas, his early life was so interesting. Similarly, due to his versatile talents, his career has also been an adventurous one. From movies, motivational speeches to entrepreneurship, music- his career includes all. He reached a level of success where many people dream of reaching, with such a dynamic personality.

david hasselhoff net worth
Men’s Journal

Throughout his career, he has accumulated a net worth of $10 million. Since David Hasselhoff net worth is a matter of discussion, you might be curious to know how he could manage to acquire this much wealth. What is the secret? Why is there hype about David Hasselhoff net worth? We will answer it here. Stick to the end to learn the exciting facts you might have missed about this “Baywatch” star.

David Hasselhoff- The Early Life, Schooling, and More

Before beginning with his exciting career growth, let’s have a sneak peek into his early life when he was just a boy who had no fans, no limelight that he has today.

Probably, the diversity in his character came into him by blood. His family has been a dynamic one of diverse descent. The Roman Catholic family had German, English, and Irish descent. His ancestors emigrated from Germany to Baltimore. David’s mother was a homemaker, while his father was a business executive.

His early life was spent first in Jacksonville, Florida, and after that in Atlanta, Georgia. In Georgia, he started his schooling at Marist School. At the early age of seven, he made his first debut in theatre. It was in Peter Pan. Since then, he developed a dream of starting a career on Broadway.

david hasselhoff net worth
South China Morning Post

Later, he completed his graduation from Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois, in 1970. At school, he also played different roles. David was a member of the speech team at school. Also, he was one of the senior discussion leaders. Alongside this, he got the prestigious batch of the president of the choir, captain of the volleyball team. He also performed some roles in different plays.

He also studied at Oakland University. Finally, he graduated with a degree in theater from the California Institute of the Arts. Thus, from parenting to schooling-everything interestingly happened to him.

Now, coming to the main thread of our discussion, let’s get into how he entered into the career of an actor, musician, and others. Also, we will share our insights on how David Hasselhoff net worth was accumulated and became a popular matter of discussion.

David Hasselhoff Net Worth: How His Career Shaped it:

When it is about David Hasselhoff net worth, we cannot miss the details about his career. Can we? What do you say? His career began with “Boner” in the “Revenge of the Cheerleaders” in 1974. He performed it to be accredited into the Screen Actors Guild, a labor organization representing numerous films. Later on, he portrayed the character of Dr. “Snapper Foster” on “The Young and the Restless” from 1975 to 1982. In the year 1979, he played the role of “Simon” in Starcrash.

He also began his singing career with the guest appearance on “Kids Incorporated,” a children’s program. He performed a popular song called “Do you Love Me.” He also appeared in two other programs called “Different Strokes” and “Santa Barbara” in 1984. After that, he performed in many singing shows in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

david hasselhoff net worth
Celebrity Net Worth

Further, the breakthrough arrived.

He got a chance to enter into the science fiction series called “Knight Rider.” It will be unjust if we do not talk about this phase of his career in this discussion about David Hasselhoff net worth. He performed in the series from 1982 to 1986 as Michael Knight, a popular character. However, he received the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” as the most famous actor. Even today, the show is quite popular among science fiction lovers.

Next comes another critical phase of his career. He started working on “Baywatch.” It was premiered in 1989 but canceled after one season. But David restored the show and got involved with it as an executive producer. As per the report, the resurrection of “Baywatch” was more successful than before. It had been aired for 11 years, from 1990 to 2001. The viewer number crossed 1 billion when it was shown across 140 countries. Thus, it made him one of the world’s famous television personalities. At that time, his fortune was reached $100 million.

Again, in 1991, he joined the television film called “Knight Rider 2000”, a sequel to the original show.

Now, coming to his other achievements, in 1996, Hasselhoff got a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a significant landmark in the streets of California. His musical journey continued with his duet with Regine Velasquez, a Filipino singer. In 2000, he got a chance to fulfill his dream of working at Broadway. He got the title role in “Jekyll & Hyde.” Isn’t it great to see how an individual got chances to achieve the milestones of success and live his dreams?

david hasselhoff net worth
Vulture: Hasselhoff in Jekyll & Hyde

Later, he performed many roles and hosted many events. He also served some self-parodic appearances in different movies. In many of his music videos as well, he acted as self-parody characters.

Not only acting, performing in music videos, and producing but also he tried his hands on being a judge. Yes, this man of versatile talent served as a judge from 2006 to 2009 in “America’s Got Talent,” a show presented by NBC. Also, in 2011, he became an additional fourth judge in the show named “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Again in 2008, he repeated playing the role of Michael Knight in “Knight Rider 2008.” He performed in a cameo role in “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” In December 2020, he released one of his songs called “Through the Night.” It added more wealth, helping him reach the highest mark of David Hasselhoff net worth.

Moving towards his other ventures in life, David went ahead and launched a social networking site called “Hoffspace.” Along with it, he with his daughters appeared in a reality show called The Hasslehoffs, aired on A&E.

So, his career helped him to amass the vast wealth of the much-discussed David Hasselhoff net worth.

How did David’s Personal Life Impact David Hasselhoff Net Worth?

Many of you may argue that there is no connection between David Hasselhoff net worth and his personal life. Some of you may even raise your voice, saying why we should intervene in a person’s private life while discussing the professional career? Well, let us answer. We should not poke into someone’s personal life when it is irrelevant in a discussion. But, here, the scenario is different.

Hasselhoff first married Catherine Hickland in 1984, a renowned actress of his time. Later, in 1989, he married Pamela Beach, another actress. The couple together got two children – Taylor Ann and Hayley. in January 2006, David announced to file for divorce. David got custody of one child while Pamela had to take care of another.

david hasselhoff net worth
Closer Weekly- David with his Daughters

As per the report presented on his life, he lost much of his wealth paying alimony to his ex-wife, Pamela. In 2016, he declared that he could not pay alimony anymore as he did not have enough money left in his name. He then filed a petition saying that Pamela had not tried to be self-dependent even after so many years since they got divorced. After a long argument and legal hassles, the amount was reduced from $10,000 to $5000.

Along with a disturbing personal life, he is said to get addicted to alcohol. According to his lawyer, he is a “recovering alcoholic,” which means he is coming back to the mainstream after struggling with strong alcohol addiction.

The Bottom Line

So, we hope you can see how David Hasselhoff net worth got affected by the upheavals of his personal life. Liked the story of the famous star? Let us know how you enjoyed it. The comment box is all yours.

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Susan Boyle Net Worth – Bio And 7 Interesting Facts

susan boyle net worth

Susan Boyle net worth is about the dream she dreamt later in her life and fulfilled it. She is the groggy participant of the third series of the singing reality show, Britain’s Got Talent. She surprised the judges with her high-octane mellifluous voice in 2008 when she auditioned for the show looking like a fish out of water.

Susan has vocal training, recorded albums, sang in church choirs, and saved up her savings for pursuing her passion for music. When Susan auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, everybody judged her by her appearance until singing. There was no stopping after that. It was her real breakthrough in singing and an eye-opener for the rest of the world to not judge a book by its cover and never stop dreaming!

What is inspiring about Susan Boyle is that her success did not stop her from learning what she loved. She learned piano, not stopping at being a vocal singer. Her age did not stop her from becoming what she wanted to be. I think one should never stop pursuing no matter your age because it fuels your soul with a divine energy and adds more meaning to your life. Pursuing what you love is good for your soul.

NameSusan Magdalane Boyle
D.O.B, Age1 April 1961, 60
Net Worth$40 million
MarriageNever Married


Susan Boyle Net Worth

susan boyle net worth

Susan Boyle was born in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, when her mother was 45 years old. She suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, learning disability but with an above-average I.Q. that let her complete formal education. She joined music schools, did a couple of singing courses, sang at every opportunity, and learned everything she could to earn a net worth of million of dollars today.

Susan is the youngest child and has four brothers and sisters. Susan gets her singing talent from her father Patrick Boyle, a veteran in WWII and used to sing at Bishop’s Blaize. Her mother, Bridget, was a shorthand typist. Boyle started singing at an early age, taking singing and acting lessons and singing in various local venues. Susan Boyle net worth was made in her 60s.

Musical Journey Of Susan Boyle

susan boyle net worth

Susan started taking singing lessons from a vocal coach Fred O’ Neil. She attended Edinburgh Acting School, sang in the local parish, auditioned for a British television show called My Kind Of People. She recorded three tracks in 1998 at the Heartbeat Studio. She sent these recordings using all of her savings to radio and TV talent competitions and recording studios.

She was bullied as a child, but she never gave up her dream of being a singer and kept pursuing it until old age. For some, luck knocks at their door a little later, with dazzling success. In 1999, 1000 copies of her tracks were sold, which she recorded to celebrate the millennium. Susan Boyle net worth speaks volumes about her success and is an inspirational story.

Boyle won numerous singing competitions before she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. Though the audience were booing at her, it did not shake her confidence. She mesmerized the audience and cynical judges like Simon Cowell. Isn’t that something! Susan Boyle net worth is what she made on her own with her singing performances.

Her mother and former coach Fred O’ Neil persuaded her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. However, she was apprehensive thinking she was too old to do it. Boyle auditioned for this show in 2008, and it started her musical journey as a professional singer. Her audition video where she sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Misérables got 10 million views. She was placed second in the finals of this talent reality show.

Later Boyle sang with her role model Elaine Page on stage. Her first album as a professional singer, ‘I Dreamed A Dream,’ was released in 2009. It sold 4 million copies making it the fastest-selling album of all time in the UK. In U.S., 7 million copies were sold in the first week of its release. Success did change her styling, clothing, and hair, and she looks wonderful in her new donned look. She looked a few decades younger when she lost weight . It is one of the searched images that could inspire many to lose weight like Susan Boyle.

For six weeks straight, it was on the top of Billboard charts. Boyle’s success was mentioned in People’s magazine. Boyle gained worldwide recognition with her first release. The second album she released in 2010 was The Gift. Since then, she has been giving numerous musical and acting performances. Susan Boyle net worth comes from her albums and singing tours.

Awards And Honors

susan boyle net worth

Boyle won the Top Scot Of The Year award in 2009. She has been nominated numerous times and won World Music Award in 2010 for World’s Best Selling British Artist. She was nominated for the People’s Choice Awards. She won Radio Forth and Scottish Music Awards in 2013. Boyle’s musical journey has seen ups and downs but she never stopped what she loved, music.

Things You Didn’t Know About Susan Boyle

susan boyle net worth
  • She is known as a woman who shut Simon Cowell.
  • Boyle’s first album was also best selling album on Amazon.
  • She has been singing since the age of six.
  • She auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent to honor her mother, who had died, and wanted her to audition at the show.
  • She has a cat named Pebbles, and she is ten years old.
  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are her fans.
  • She was working as a charity worker before she became a famous singer.


Susan Boyle net worth is because of her passion for music and singing. She lived and simple life and dreamed a dream! Boyle has come a long way, dealing with bullies, learning disabilities and pursuing her love for music and singing. She admits to being a 47-year old virgin and lives with her 10-year old cat. With a golden heart and a golden voice, here is a woman who never stopped dreaming!

Jon Taffer Net Worth – Bio and 10 Interesting Facts

jon taffer net worth

Jon Taffer net worth is a wealth made because of entrepreneurial life and T.V. shows. He is known for being the host of the reality T.V. show Bar Rescue. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs and started his first job as a bartender. He also created a unique NLF ticketing programming package.

He has authored a book, created an app for nightclub management, and hosted a couple of reality show series with unique concepts. He has more than three-decade of experience in the bar and restaurant business. He started a job as a bartender when he was in his teens. Since then, he has chosen this line of business and has tasted remarkable success.

Name, AgeJonathan Peter Taffer, 67
D.O.B7th November 1954
ProfessionEntrepreneur, TV personality, author
Net Worth$15 million
MarriageNicole Taffer (m.2000)


Jon Taffer Net Worth

jon taffer net worth

Jon Taffer net worth could have been more than what he is earning today had he not been the Ramsay Gordon of Bar Rescue. He has successfully helped bar owners profit from failing businesses with a few lawsuits and controversies lined up. Well, there is all kinds of audience. A few love the mellower side of reality shows, and some wouldn’t mind a mean streak.

Well, for Jon, the mean streak, violence, and being sued might have turned down the magic of creating profitable businesses a few notches down. Jon is innovative. That’s what brings him money. He is full of ideas and sticks to his line of experience, which is bars and restaurants. Jon Taffer net worth is because of his inventiveness and experience in the bar and restaurant business.

Talking of reality shows, there are many entertaining half-truths, which is pretty much what you see in Bar Rescue. The pressure is to get failing bars and restaurants a makeover to get more customers and profits. Regardless of the controversies, the show was a success which made Jon Taffer a well-known face on television.

Personal Life And Career

jon taffer net worth

Jon Taffer has been married to Nicole Taffer since 2000. He is a dotting father to his daughter Samantha from his previous marriage. He says he could lose everything to make his daughter happy. He lives with his family in Las Vegas.

Jon was born to Russian-Jewish parents in New York and graduated from the University of Denver in political science and cultural anthropology. His first job as a bartender was in 1973 when he was nineteen years old in a pub called Barney’s Beanery.

In 1978 he worked as a bar manager in The Troubadour. He was given complete control of managing the full nightclub located in California, Hollywood. In 1994 he created an NFL Sunday ticketing program that integrated sales, marketing, and distribution of the tickets. He created a patented method of selecting playlists in music.

He was elected as the president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group in 2010. Bar Rescue was his breakthrough in television which happened in 2011. It was aired on Spike TV. His job was to renovate and give a makeover to failing bar and restaurant businesses all over the United States.

His first book ‘Raise The Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Relations,’ was published in 2013 and co-written by Karen Kelly. The bar management app developed by Jon was called BarHQ and was launched in 2014.

He hosts a podcast series called ‘No Excuses’ in which he interviews celebrities about current events. He hosted the television reality show ‘Marriage Rescue’ for Paramount Network in 2019, to save failed marriages of the participant couples.

Jon Taffer TV Shows And Controversies

jon taffer net worth

Jon Taffer has helped failing bar owners give a profitable overhaul to their businesses by analyzing various aspects. He might yell and scream like Gordon Ramsay, and must have angered many people but he also helped businesses make profits.

His show Bar Rescue helps bar and restaurant businesses get a make over and fixes their bad attitude, customer service, and other aspects of the business. He is not sugar-coating it. He is hitting it right on the button, telling people as it is, and fixing issues they cannot see through to.

He brings a lot of energy into the shows, and it is interesting to watch his precise analysis of bars he wants to rescue. His wife, Nicole, participates in the show and analyses the bar to be rescued for issues faced by staff and customers. Jon Taffer net worth is the wealth he adds by screaming, shouting, yelling, and fixing bars.

He did receive a lot of backlash from a couple of bars he wanted to rescue. Most of those who didn’t find his comments appropriate also questioned his idea of ‘old fashioned’ drinks that he usually did on the shows. A few of the recipes that he created on these shows were called out by many haters on social media.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Taffer

jon taffer net worth
  • He is not as bad as Gordon Ramsay.
  • On his first job, he got the entire staff fired.
  • He is inspired by the visionaries Thomas Jefferson and Walt Disney.
  • He loves some of the Punk rock bands like the Dead Kennedys, FEAR, Black Flag because he started off in the ’80s.
  • He is listed in the Nightclub Hall Of Fame.
  • He developed a ‘Taffer’ line of mixology and drink mixes.
  • He has been sued for discrimination and a couple of lawsuits that brought the show in hot waters but is still a hit.
  • He lost $600,000 when he started his first business because he chose the wrong partner
  • In an interview, he admits to not wanting to open a bar
  • His way of unwinding from the yelling and screaming on the show; is to drive in his convertible Mercedes.


Jon Taffer net worth is what he earned yelling, screaming, and fixing failing bar businesses. He has uplifted and given a stunning makeover to most bars that didn’t do well and had bad reviews. Though he has a lot of haters who do not like his in-your-face reviews and candid analysis, the seasons of Bar Rescue have been running successfully.