Blac Chyna Net Worth – Fortune of an American Model

    Blac Chyna is one of the finest American models, who started gaining immense popularity in 2010. She is also famous for being the stunt double for Nicki Minaj (for the music video Monster by Kanye West).

    Blac Chyna is a renowned socialite who had the chance to give numerous magazine appearances, especially in top-notch magazines like Black MMen’sMagazine, Straight Stuntin, etc.

    Blac Chyna has become a great television personality and a social media entrepreneur who now has her makeup brand (Lashed) and beauty salon in Los Angeles. All these ventures have taken the Blac Chyna net worth to great heights.

    Blac Chyna Net Worth
    Flaunt Magazine


    Birth name Angela Renée White
    Date Of Birth 11th May 1988
    Age 33 years old
    Nationality American
    Profession American model

    Television personality

    Social media entrepreneur

    Blac Chyna Net Worth (as of 2021) $10 million


    Through this article, you will come to know interesting facts about Blac Chyna net worth (as of 2021), her childhood, personal life, career, and so on. So gear up for a fact-filled article!

    Early Life

    Blac Chyna Net Worth

    Blac Chyna, also known as Angela Renée White, was born on the 11th of May, 1988, in Washington D.C. She was born to Eric Holland and Shalana Hunter and had a brother named Eric Holland.


    Career as a Stripper

    To pay her college tuition fee, Angela started her career as a stripper in Maryland. She then attended Johnson and Wales University of Miami. She resumed stripping there as a side hustle. Later, due to her stressful routine and constant fatigue, Angela fell asleep in class regularly and found it hard to concentrate.

    So, she turned her full attention towards modeling and stripping and kept her stage name as “lac Chyna” as per one of the ccustomer’ssuggestions.

    Career as a model

    Blac Chyna Net Worth
    Best Toppers

    In 2010, Blac got the chance to pose for the front cover of the famous “ime-piece” “magazine. She also got the great opportunity of posing for the front cover of “lack MMen’sMagazine” Blac Chyna became famous overnight due to Drake. Yes. Drake, in one of his songs named “iss me” has referred Blac.

    The very same year, she gained millions of followers on social media and also got to be the stunt double of Nicki Minaj; in her music video “monster,” She also received many awards. She was given the title of “model of the year” “by the Urban Model Awards.

    Blac Chyna Net Worth 2021

    The famous television personality and social media entrepreneur has gained both fame and fortune within a short time. She became an overnight sensation after the release of DDrake’ssong. In addition to all these, she is also a great model who owns her makeup brand and an aesthetic beauty salon.

    Wondering what the Blac Chyna net worth is? Well, Blac Chyna net worth, as of 2021, is a whopping amount of $10 million.

    Career Highlights

    Blac Chyna Net Worth

    Here are the names of a few of the singles exclusively released on Blac CChyna’sofficial SoundCloud page.

    • Seen Her
    • Cash Only
    • Doom
    • My Word
    • Said Sum Remix
    • Hollywood
    • Thick

    Personal Life

    In December 2011, Blac Chyna started dating Tyga, the famous rapper. They both had a son together in the very next year, 2012. Unfortunately, Blac and Tyga parted ways after two years (in 2014).

    Blac Chyna Net Worth
    NY Daily News

    After five years, in 2016, Blac started dating Rob Kardashian, JJenner’shalf-brother and in November 2016, the couple had a daughter together. Her name is Dream Renée Kardarshian.

    Unfortunately, this relationship didn’t last that long either. The couple announced their separation in December 2016. Rumours say that they both were together for a few days but then split up again.

    Blac Chyna Social Media

    As mentioned earlier, Blac Chyna became famous overnight, after the release of DDrake’ssong. She gained millions of followers after that.

    Blac Chyna Net Worth

    Blac Chyna, the renowned social media entrepreneur, owns a followers count of 16.2 million on Instagram (causing a significant elevation in the Blac Chyna net worth). On Twitter, she maintains a followers count of 649.8k

    Lesser-Known Facts about Blac Chyna

    • After the break up with her Kardashian boyfriend Rob, Blac Chyna started dating a rapper named Mechie.
    • Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian were rivals back then, but as of now, they are great hangout buddies.
    • Everyone almost knows the reason behind the Blac-Tyga splitting. Due to TTyga’saffair with Kylie Jenner, the couple had to break up. Since then, things have been a bit turbulent between Blac and Kylie. However, after BBlac’srelationship with Rob, KKylie’shalf-brother, things seem to be cool and settled between them.
    • Blac dated and was in a relationship with Future before she dated Rob. FFuture’sname was tattooed on her hand, and this proves it.
    • Blac started stripping when she was eighteen years old to pay her college tuition fee. Back then, her stage name was “ream.”
    • Not only is she a great model and entrepreneur but also a rap legend.
    • Only a small number of people know that Blac is also a professional makeup artist. She also gives free makeup classes at her beauty bar. IIsn’tthat cool?
    • Blac Chyna met Tyga through Chris Brown. He attended the F.A.M.E tour after-party of Chris Brown, and Blac was working at the strip club.
    • Blac Chyna was once arrested for public intoxication and getting into a fight with a flight attendant.
    • She considers Amber Rose as her best friend and says that she has been with her through thick and thin.

    Cessation | Blac Chyna Net worth

    Blac had a considerable amount of rumours in her life but still succeeded at a young age. She is now not only an entrepreneur but also a celebrity and a wonderful mother. She has never let any of her goals slip away. This is what we want in every person out there, to work towards their financial stability, irrespective of how young you are.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Blac Chyna net worth, life, and career. Feel free to share your suggestions for the next celebrity net worth article in the comments below.

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