15 best behind stove stove backsplash ideas to implement in your kitchen

    Behind stove stove backsplash ideas that are stylish transform a functional feature into a fashionable one. A backsplash, whether eye-catching due to its material, color, pattern, or texture, or a more understated design, can be a beautiful part of the kitchen.

    Of course, it’s also a hardworking feature, protecting walls from splatters, splashes, and grease as you cook, so a backsplash must be easy to clean to make keeping the room clean a breeze.

    Consider the stove backsplash as part of your kitchen ideas to select a balanced palette of paints and materials for the room, and thus we’ve gathered suggestions to inspire you here. Read on to find the best behind stove stove backsplash ideas. 

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas

    Can You Install A Backsplash Right Behind The Stove?

    You can install it solely behind the stove if you are on a tight budget but still want a beautiful backsplash. Regarding efficiency, the backsplash materials you choose must effectively prevent food stains from ruining your wall.

    Installing a backsplash behind the stove is a worthwhile option for extending the life of your kitchen. An easy-to-clean tile backsplash can eliminate the need for scouring and create the ideal aesthetic for your kitchen design.

    A well-chosen behind-the-stove backsplash serves two purposes: it protects your walls from stains and spills while also making a statement in your kitchen.

    When choosing tiles for a stove backsplash, the options are nearly limitless, but you should consider a few key aspects before making your final decision. Kitchen backsplashes must be both functional and appealing.

    The backsplash should be easy to clean during the cleanup phase of dinner preparation and should complement the overall style of your kitchen.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas

    Behind stove stove backsplash ideas

    Behind stove stove backsplash ideas must be quick and easy to maintain, stain resistant, and maintain their good looks after exposure to splatters, grease, and steam. In choosing your kitchen backsplash ideas, be inspired by these examples. Here are some kitchen behind-the-stove backsplash ideas to help you improve the overall look of your kitchen. Each has a distinct personality; some can only be used in a specific design.

    Backsplash Tile Only Behind the Stove

    A tile backsplash can be used as an accent wall directly behind your stove. This is a good option if you like a tile but don’t want to go overboard with it or if you desire to add a splash of paint without going overboard.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
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    Marble Tile Backsplash Behind the Stove

    Marble tiles have a robust surface that is naturally resistant to heat, making them an appealing choice for a gorgeous backsplash design behind a stove. Nothing lasts longer than a majestic marble and natural stone backsplash, but its authentic grandeur must be preserved and protected.

    Grease and grime are more likely to penetrate the corners and crevices of your tile backsplash as your stones become more “natural,” grainy and gritty. Unlike rough stones, stone tiles with a polished appearance are an excellent choice.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    designing idea

    Because all-natural stone tiling options are porous, whether you keep marble, travertine, slate, or any other natural rock, you must seal your tiles regularly to prevent stains from collecting.

    A marble backsplash adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen design. There are numerous beautiful options for creating the ultimate look for your kitchen, whether you prefer a standard marble subway tile layout or an ingenious twist with a marble mosaic arrangement.

    Backsplash Ceramic Tile Behind the Stove

    Ceramic tile backsplashes installed behind the stove provide a durable, heat-resistant layer that guards against regular oil spills and sauce splatters while leaving ample space for unique kitchen wall décor.

    With a low cost per square foot and various colors and designs, these behind-the-stove backsplash tiles are one of the best low-maintenance options if you want to simplify things in your kitchen.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    designing idea

    Backsplash with Pearl and Shell Tile Behind the Stove

    Pearl and shell tiles are quickly becoming a must-have for opulent interiors. Despite their exquisite and radiant sheen, they are an incredibly long-lasting tile material, particularly behind your stove. This gorgeous natural material is cut from the internal layer of shells to provide the backsplash tiles with a pearly sheen. They look awesome when combined with other materials. However, they also appear amazing on their own.

    Even though the pearl surface is extremely durable, making it ideal for heavy-duty scouring after cooking, it does require some upkeep. It would be best if you always sealed your beautiful shell tiles to ensure they last as long as possible.

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    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    designing ideas

    Suppose you decide to use this material for your behind-the-stove backsplash. In that case, you should avoid using harsh chemical-based cleaners to avoid damaging the surface and ensure the luster remains beautiful. If your pearl and shell backsplash tiles have been properly sealed and maintained, you must be able to wipe up spills with a wet towel quickly.

    This tile selection includes a plethora of groutless tile options. As there are fewer grout lines, there is less to scrub, which is a win-win situation. Although some grout may be required to fill in the gaps between mosaic layers, these tiles provide a seamless finish on your behind-the-stove backsplash.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
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    Backsplash Stainless Steel Behind Stove

    For various reasons, stainless steel behind-the-stove backsplash is both functional and cost-effective. It is easy to clean and extremely heat and water-resistant, so it will not be affected by temperature or spraying water from the faucet. It also lasts for years because it does not need to be re-polished and is sanitary enough to prevent bacteria from spreading from filthy kitchen items.

    Type 304 stainless steel is the most adaptable and widely used of all stainless steel types. This backsplash material provides the best functionality due to its chemical structure, mechanical qualities, and corrosion tolerance. Stainless sheets come in a variety of sizes, diameters, and finishes.

    Stainless steel backsplash absorbs and reflects light. As a result, the stove area appears larger than it is. This method creates a look and gives the entire kitchen a high-end feel. A stainless steel backsplash updates the look of your kitchen.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
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    Backsplash Accent Behind Stove

    Using various materials behind the stove, you can create a centerpiece. You can construct an accent wall behind the stove in your cooking room by laying a complementary tile to the ceiling. An accent wall can make a dramatic difference in a kitchen with high ceilings.

    Through contrast, accent walls add interest, delight, and beauty to a plain kitchen backsplash. The arrangement of the accent walls in your behind-the-stove kitchen backsplash influences how striking the transition is, whether you prefer to emphasize the color, pattern, size, shape, or surface of the tiles.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Long and rectangular accent walls behind the stove work well as borders, as do the backsplash corners. Such borders can be placed on the outer edges of the behind-the-stove backsplash or an inch or two within the edge. The border can be as small as one tile or as large as you want, and it can run along the backsplash’s top, bottom, or sides.

    Accent tiles can be properly integrated into the overall aesthetic by incorporating them into your behind-the-stove backsplash layout. Installing four square accent tiles diagonally in the backsplash makes room for a small square tile in an accent piece.

    Texture, rather than color, is an easy yet effective way to add variation to accent tiles. Whether you use polished tiles against coarse, unglazed tiles or ceramic tiles as a border, complementary accent finishes provide a nice contrast.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
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    Backsplash Fireproof Behind Stove

    Glass and concrete are the only two completely fireproof backsplash materials. Let’s look at two fire-resistant behind-the-stove backsplash materials:

    • A backsplash of glass behind the stove

    Glass is an excellent choice for a behind-the-stove backsplash, especially if you have a gas stove. This is because glass is completely incombustible.

    On the other hand, a glass backsplash is not as common as the other options, but given how stunning it looks, you could argue that it is still a very wise choice. Thus, a glass backsplash could be an excellent addition to contemporary and modern kitchens for various reasons, beginning with aesthetics.

    The appearance of a glass backsplash behind the stove is arguably the most noticeable feature. Because of their modern and trendy appearance, glass backsplashes are appealing. They are beautiful and add to the overall appearance of the stove area.

    Glass backsplashes can also be easily customized. They look great in minimalist kitchens and are extremely versatile.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Another advantage is increased efficiency. Glass backsplashes behind the stove keep your walls clean by capturing stains and maintaining the kitchen’s appearance.

    A glass backsplash is much easier than a marble or stone backsplash. Spills and stains on glass are visible, but they are also fast and straightforward to remove, allowing you to keep your cooking space clean and appealing at all times.

    • A backsplash of concrete behind the stove 

    Concrete backsplashes can be manufactured to precisely match your concrete countertop or be of a distinguishable design, type, form, or quality. Vertical concrete surfaces can also be used to hide worn-out tile backsplashes. 

    Concrete is completely fireproof, making it an excellent choice for your backsplash behind the stove. It does not have the identical visual appeal as marble or granite, but its affordability and versatility make it an excellent choice. Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with its appearance, you can always paint it.

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    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Backsplash Granite Behind the Stove

    Granite is, in fact, one of the most popular backsplash materials for kitchens, particularly around the stove. Granite backsplashes are frequently made of the same material as your countertops. Granite is another high-end option for your backsplash behind the stove.

    As previously stated, granite backsplash is typically cut from the same slab as granite counters to ensure a proper blend. Even if the countertop has a rounded border, a granite backsplash is typically 3 centimeters thick with a square border at the top. The backsplash is fastened to the wall with silicone glue, filling gaps with grout.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Backsplash Mirror Behind Stove

    To renovate your cooking space, you should install a mirror backsplash. It can range from a single piece of mirror to a series of mirror tiles. It has the potential to completely transform one of the most important areas of your home, specifically the stove area.

    Mirrored backsplashes are a popular home design choice. It not only speeds up cleaning the wall behind your counter, but it also makes your kitchen appear larger. Mirror backsplashes, on the other hand, are not always reflective. A window-type mirror backsplash, while not a traditional mirror, serves all of the functions of a mirrored kitchen wall. It is easy to clean and brightens up the room.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    It is easy to clean and brightens up the room. However, it provides the homeowner with a lovely view of the entire area. It is not required to make your backsplash out of an ordinary mirror. Colored backsplashes are frequently used behind the stove.

    You can add brightness to your kitchen by incorporating a golden, pink, or royal blue backsplash into your stove area. You can also match it to the floor tiles, cabinets, and wall paint to create a consistent and seamless look. Small mirrored tiles can also be employed for mosaic backsplashes. This gives your kitchen stove area a stylish and modern appearance.

    In terms of appearance, antique tiles can outperform new models. This type of tile has a foggy filter, giving it a primitive and ancient appearance. Antique mirror tiles will undoubtedly add a touch of artistry to your kitchen.

    A backsplash of wood behind the stove

    Although timber is not the most durable material available, wood kitchen backsplashes are a growing craze that incorporates unique hardwood and repurposed wood into kitchen design concepts you have never seen before.

    If you select your kitchen backsplash carefully, a wood backsplash can contribute to the wall behind your stovetop. Still, a few detailed tricks of the trade are required to maintain this long-lasting material that appears presentable when used as an alternative to a stone or tile backsplash.

    Although wood can be used for backsplashes, marble, stainless steel, and ceramic are more commonly used due to their adaptability and longevity.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Wood can be used on your kitchen walls in this method, but it has several drawbacks. If you don’t clean and maintain your wood backsplashes, they will become moldy and dirty. As a result, if you want this one-of-a-kind look, you can choose from various kinds of wood.

    Unlike traditional kitchen backsplash elements such as tile, wooden backsplashes come in many shapes, appearances, and styles. The pattern and type of wood you choose will be heavily influenced by the aesthetic of the kitchen you want to create — a rustic-style kitchen will have different wooden pieces than a contemporary kitchen.

    The most standard types of wood used for backsplashes are as follows:

    • Shiplap 
    • Plywood 
    • Repurposed Wood 
    • Beadboard 
    • Barnwood

    Each of these wooden boards has a unique appearance and style, and they come in various colors and treatments to match the walls in your stove area. When choosing a material for your wooden backsplash, consider your kitchen environment, how you use the space, and how hot your stove area gets.

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    Tile with a Wooden Look

    Using porcelain or ceramic wood look tile is another option that has advantages over real wood. Compared to wood, tile is generally more durable and easier to clean. You can accomplish a similar look with less maintenance by using a tile that resembles the wood look.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Backsplash Peel and Stick Behind the Stove

    Water-resistant vinyl with realistic 3D images solidified silica gel tiles that look and feel like patterned tile surfaces. Even genuine mosaic tiles made from lightweight natural materials like mother-of-pearl are some variations used to make peel-and-stick behind-the-stove backsplashes.

    They are available in various appealing styles that resemble their natural tile counterparts. Furthermore, they are entirely do-it-yourself: peel off the backing and adhere the peel-and-stick backsplash to the wall around your stovetop.

    The best peel-and-stick backsplashes are also very low-maintenance. Wipe it down with a damp rag to clean it. Because the surface is generally waterproof, it will not be damaged.

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    Installing a peel-and-stick backsplash to the wall behind your stove is a simple way to update the look and feel of your kitchen. Aside from that, it is considered inexpensive.

    Typically, a peel-and-stick backsplash is installed on the wall directly above the stovetop. However, beginning at one end of the counter and working your way to the other may not always produce the best results.

    In general, peel-and-stick backsplash materials are simple to cut with scissors or a rotary cutter, but it is far better to make a template before trimming a piece to fit near your stove.

    Consider the colors and styles used throughout the kitchen when selecting this behind-the-stove backsplash. There are several tile-look backsplash alternatives, such as subway tile and mosaic tile, but there are also stone-, brick-, and wood-look backsplashes available.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    Ensure that the design you select complements the other home accents in your interior. Choose a backsplash after considering how it will appear to the rest of the kitchen’s objects and décor.In general, peel-and-stick backsplash materials are simple to cut with scissors or a rotary cutter, but it is far better to make a template before trimming a piece to fit near your stove.

    Consider the colors and styles used throughout the kitchen when selecting this behind-the-stove backsplash. There are several tile-look backsplash alternatives, such as subway tile and mosaic tile, but there are also stone-, brick-, and wood-look backsplashes available.

    Ensure that the design you select complements the other home accents in your interior. Choose a backsplash after considering how it will appear to the rest of the kitchen’s objects and décor.

    Backsplash Wallpaper Behind Stove

    Splash-proof vinyl wallpapers come in various designs to complement your kitchen, particularly your stove area. Splash-proof wallpaper can withstand scouring and is resistant to moisture and mold growth.

    Because vinyl wallpaper is not thin, it is easier to install than other types of wallpaper, particularly peel-and-stick varieties. The majority of vinyl wallpapers require the application of a pre-mixed vinyl adhesive. A heavy-duty clay-based solution, available from any wallpaper store, can be used. Before you begin, ensure your wall has been properly primed with a high-quality primer.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Designing Idea

    As more people have made design changes to their homes over the last few decades, wallcovering companies have seen increased requests for commodity use in kitchens.

    Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add character to your kitchen because it is versatile and comes in various styles. Furthermore, they are more easily modified and replaced than tile and stone backsplashes.

    Some people believe that when using wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash, it is critical to protect it from heat and humidity with tempered glass. They believe that wallpapering the kitchen’s behind-the-stove backsplash will only be fully functional once it is sealed with glass.

    Best Backsplash Material Behind Stove

    Backsplashes are frequently overlooked during new home construction and renovation projects. However, if you pay close attention to their function, you will notice that they play an important role in your kitchen, especially when cooking. They shield your walls from food and grease splashes.

    As a result, you will undoubtedly require a backsplash material that is long-lasting, durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. If you thoroughly examine the previously mentioned types of behind-the-stove backsplashes, you will notice that ceramic and pearl and shell tile backsplashes provide the most promising qualities.

    They are also simple to clean, long-lasting, fireproof, and waterproof. These materials are even more useful if they are groutless, preventing dirt and mold from seeping into the gaps.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Fontan Architecture

    Where to end the backsplash behind stove

    It is entirely up to you to resolve how high you want your kitchen backsplash. Most homeowners stop at the underside of their upper cabinets when it comes to the backsplash (the ones above the stove). Meanwhile, some people like to extend the tile backsplash to the kitchen ceiling.

    Moving the eye up the wall can give the impression that the kitchen is higher. The type of backsplash you select may also draw attention to open shelving and other elements. Raising the backsplash to the ceiling gives the illusion of a more ‘high-end’ kitchen.

    However, because this article is only about backsplashes behind the stove, the most practical thing you can do is stop your backsplash under your upper cabinet or within the scope of the stove.

    Should the backsplash behind the stove be different?

    The area behind your stove is the most dangerous for cleaning oil marks, food spills, and any other type of difficult-to-clean residue.

    That is why selecting the most water-resistant, fireproof, and easy-to-clean backsplash behind the stove is a good idea. It makes sense to change the type and design of your backsplash if this is the case.

    For example, if the backsplash you installed on top of your kitchen counters is simply thin peel-and-stick wallpaper or low-quality wood, it’s better to replace it.

    Ceramic, glass, marble, or any other backsplash material that is more heat-resistant, waterproof, easy-to-clean, and durable than peel-and-stick or wood backsplashes is a good choice for behind your stove.

    behind stove stove backsplash ideas
    Soul and Lane


    You can always put it directly behind the stove if you’re on tight funding but still want a nice backsplash in your kitchen. It’s still a good idea; to ensure it can effectively protect your wall, as the stove area is prone to grease and food splatters. We hope this article on behind stove stove backsplash ideas has enriched you with many ideas you will implement. 


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