8 Deplorable Things About George Costanza From Seinfeld To Unlearn

    seinfeld george costanza

    Seinfeld character George Costanza is one of the main characters of the 90’s best comedy sitcom, Seinfeld. An obnoxious, dishonest, cheap character who lives with his bitter and dysfunctional parents but adds a flavor to every episode of letting you know what you shouldn’t be. A neurotic with numerous personality disorders and psychological problems. Not a happy character but the one that encourages you to unlearn and give points of pondering of the traits you shouldn’t have.

    George Costanza’s Habitual Lying

    deinfeld george coztanza

    Watching through the sitcoms, only makes one wonder how strangely this character fits into the motley crew of the sitcom and entertains with his cheap antics. With not a single admirable trait except for the fact that he sticks with his friends, there’s nothing positive or inspiring about his character. Procrastinating, not holding on to a single good job except he got lucky getting a job with the Yankees.

    Dishonesty, stealing, and escapism make for most of his personality. He is best friends with Seinfeld which makes you wonder about this unusual camaraderie. Maybe Jerry likes to hang out with him and talk about day-to-day events.

    The Comical Dysfunctional George Costanza

    seinfeld george costanza

    His ignorance about masking his reality could astound you in a lot of ways. He bends the truth to make himself look cooler to gain acceptance and get laid. Though he is not ashamed of his body or lack of fashion sense, he is never giving up on trying his luck at getting what he wants.

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    Optimistic, Hopeful, Acceptance

    seinfeld george costanza

    Despite being unsuccessful at relations and almost everything, he is still hopeful and optimistic. Laziness is a skill he is good at and knows how to use it to his advantage. He has a bag of tricks that could get him out of sticky situations most of which are created by him. A paradoxical character who expects to have a positive outcome from the dire situations he puts himself in.

    He accepts his shortcomings but doesn’t work towards being a better person. George Costanza is comfortable with it and has no feelings about how he portrays himself to the world. His sense of acceptance of all that he is makes him despicable. His bouts of anger add to the hilarity.

    George Costanza Can’t Keep A Job

    seinfeld george costanza

    A waiter, a real estate agent, a hand model ( something that he is always proud of), write for sitcom along with Jerry, a sales rep, and a computer salesman. He can’t keep a job. He also falsely claims to be a marine biologist, architect, an importer/exporter, and a playwright. In real life, this is not a person you would ever make friends with as the character lives in a fantasy world with nothing significant going on for him.

    George Costanza’s Tryst With Bad Luck Is Hilarious

    seinfeld george costanza

    To sum it up, George Costanza is not a nice guy. He acts on most of his ridiculous ideas to get by every situation. His quick get-rick schemes put him down the spiral. Most of the situations that he lands in out of sheer bad luck are downright hilarious. He plays the role of a neurotic to perfection enough for you to despise him.

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    Funniest Character In Seinfeld

    seinfeld george costanza

    Everything is wrong with this character which makes it comic. A character who has no remorse for his lack of morals. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants, by hook or crook, and fails in all of his missions. An important character who tells us all that we shouldn’t be and exposes to us pitfalls of fallen human nature.

    Lands In His Dream Job

    seinfeld george costanza

    While getting lucky at times through his series of lies, the only good thing about this character is that he can land his dream job at the Yankees. A nonchalant liar, procrastinator who has a dream and can fulfill it.

    Subjected To Bitterness

    seinfeld george costanza

    Both his parents are bitter and sullen. His early childhood is filled with unpleasant memories which makes up for most of his personality. His skewed notions and ideologies about everything make him a hilarious character who does whatever it takes to get what he wants.

    Come to think about there are a lot of good examples to imbue in real life who come from abusive backgrounds and bad experiences but have a lot good to give to this world unlike this character of George Costanza who loves to live in his world full of pettiness.


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