6 trends to dominate the fitness industry in 2021

    Overview of fitness industry growth

    Due to the prevalence of COVID-19, the fitness industry saw a rise in the online fitness content, fitness apps development, remote personalized fitness coaching are some trends that rose in 2020. The online competition in fitness content has increased.

    Hence, developing original content, the solution to do home workouts and outdoor workouts have become necessary. Further, this online trend is here to remain in fitness trends in 2021.

    The fitness club market, however, is of $96.7 bn globally as of now according to IHRSA 2020 report.

    the fitness industry

    But fitness club markets have seen a decline in most countries. But, post-COVID people have become cautious and seeing a regrowth in the revenue. The retention has dropped and the fitness app market has grown enormously. Also, PR Newswire has predicted that the fitness app market will to reach $13,106.77 million by 2025 with an annual growth rate of 25.6%.

    Fitness equipment and supplement that is the commercial fitness market was also affected by the Corona Virus but they will go up in an outstanding rate by 2026. Now, the predictions are the global online fitness market will grow at a CAGR or compound annual growth rate of 30% by 2026.

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    Trends in the fitness industry in 2021

    1. Health and fitness app development:

    Fitness app market is growing at an outstanding rate now more than ever. Specialized content and the urge of the public to find out the perfect workout for them has made the fitness app market grow enormously over the period of COVID. The current is around USD 35 bn and the forecast of revenue is USD 10.9bn.

    For gym trainers, personal trainers and coaches of different disciplines all have chances to grow in online app marketing. From Pilates, yoga to bodyweight exercises, callisthenics, the chances of succeeding the online market is high enough despite the competition.

    Some of the trending and worthy apps are All Out Studio, Peloton Digital, Mirror, 30-day fitness challenge are some of the demanding apps.

    2. Personalized remote fitness coaching:

    Online market of fitness has grown Online programs and influencers like Michelle Lewin, Kayla Itsines, Tracy Anderson’s are promoting online health and fitness. Online coaching programs like the AthleanX program.

    Some popular preset or customisable programs are Gymcube, Fitness Fusion, Scat Ladlier Mind-Body Fuel programs. Some programs include one-to-one coaching which gives them the edge on liability and effectiveness of the programs.

    Since the forecast of virtual online fitness market growth is USD 79935.8mn, by 2030 a great amount of the money will be from remote fitness programs and coaching after e-commerce of fitness products. Thereafter, it is going to be one of the long-term trends in the fitness industry in 2021.

    3. Gyms with high hygiene control:

    Gyms on reopening intra-pandemic they are being super cautious about hygiene. From the installation of Infrared thermometers to creating cleanliness for public safety is not just a temporary trend. It’s more of a protocol which has affected the fitness market and created a safe environment to workout.

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    According to an IHRSA report gym sanitization and hygiene control greatly affects the retention rate of members. As reported in the survey ratings if the gym were not clean retention rate fell from 90% to 52% and satisfaction rate went down from 83% to 43%.

    4. Fitness wearables/ wearable techs:

    Fitness smart wearables to headwear to footwear, wristwear, neckwear will see an increase despite the pandemic. Besides, the growth rate of wearable techs is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 17.4%. Also, wearable medical devices are increasing. The attribution of this goes to increased screen time er person and syncing the fitness apps with different fitness wearables.

    5. Refreshing outdoor sessions:

    Nature and outdoor workout session are being rediscovered and people are finding workout sessions more refreshing and helpful in flushing out stress. The quarantine enabled a lot of people to love outdoor fitness, sports as running, games. As a result, outdoor gym, yoga classes will continue to be among the top trends in the fitness industry in 2021.

    6. Wellness of mind with the body and boosting immunity:

    Along with becoming healthy people have been concerned more about the wellness as the quarantine trapped a lot of people in depressed and anxious mental space. Realigning the body with the mind has become the purpose of many workout sessions.

    Boosting the immune system and making the body stronger is helping a lot of people with mental and physical immunity. Exercises in the fitness industry will revolve more around healthcare and wellness.

    These were the top trends that you will face along 2020. Glamour magazine has also discussed how trends in the fitness industry in 2021 is being created.

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