50 Best Gender Neutral Names For Your Baby

    Gender neutral names are something that has become very popular in recent times when it comes to choosing a name for your baby. One of the main reasons behind that is wanting to get over the stereotypes that people associate with any particular gender.

    Ever since people started recognizing themselves as the gender that they feel comfortable in, gender neutral names have grown more popular.

    Gender identity is important for every person and if you are someone who thinks people who want to be called by some other pronoun, other than the one you have been using for them all along, then please don’t think that it is a way of gaining attention or anything equally absurd.

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    The gender identity of every person matters, and the people who are non-binary or others who want to be called by the pronouns ‘they’ or ‘them’ usually want gender neutral names. That is not the case with everyone, but sometimes when people discover their identities, they might want to change their names.

    When that happens, finding gender neutral names that they may like might get a bit difficult. People discovering their gender identity is not the only time when someone would be looking for gender neutral names.

    Parents sometimes love names that are gender neutral or gender fluid. For such parents and people, I am going to be listing the 50 most popular gender neutral names in this article. Stick with me to find out what these names are and what they mean because it is necessary that you know the meaning behind a word.

    Why Should You Choose Gender Neutral Names?

    One of the obvious reasons that parents might opt for gender neutral names is that they would not know the gender of the baby and still want to have picked a name before the baby is born. Choosing gender neutral names in such a case would be good because it can be used no matter the gender of the baby.

    One of the other reasons would be because the gender of the baby might not be male or female, so in that case, gender neutral names would be chosen. Another reason gender neutral names are picked is because the parents just liked the name, and it had nothing to do with the name being gender neutral or not.

    When it comes to picking up names for your baby, you should just pick a name and not worry about whether it is a girl’s name or a boy’s name because at the end of the day, the name should suit your baby. You can just take a name and make it your child’s name, and they will own it.

    Having gender neutral names also helps when getting a job or writing and things like that. When people can’t guess your gender, they will not have any notions of you already made before you even meet them. That is, JK Rowling has used pseudo names to publish her books because she thought if people thought she was a male, they’d read her books.

    Now I know I should not mention someone like JKR in an article about gender neutral names, but I am doing this so you would know that even if people try to oppress you, you should never let them dictate your life. Live as you want, and don’t let the muggles get you down.

    50 Best Gender Neutral Names

    Now that you know why using gender neutral names would be a good idea, below are a few of the most popular gender neutral names that you can choose for your baby. I have also added information about what these names mean and some other facts about them. So read ahead and pick up some favorites.

    1. Alex

    • Alex is one of the most popular and most loved gender neutral names all around the United States.
    • The name has a strong meaning i.e. warrior.
    • Alex also means protector of humans.
    • The reason behind the popularity of this name is because it’s short and crisp to pronounce.
    • Another great fact about the name Alex is that it’s a greek origin name.
    • You can also tweak the spelling to form variations of this name, for e.g., Alecs, Aleix, Lex.

    2. Addison

    • Addison is one of the subtle and old gender neutral names you can take a look at if you don’t want any fancy new name.
    • As I said, the name Addison originated from old English.
    • The meaning of Addison is “Child of Adam”. Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve?
    • You don’t need to worry if you are looking for a shorter name, you can always go for its variations like Addy, Adis, Adisa, or more.


    3. Blair

    • Blair was primarily a girl’s name but nowadays accepted as one of the gender neutral names.
    • This name is of Scottish and Gaelic origin if that is something you were looking for.
    • Blair means the child of the battlefield.
    • This name has been widely used in different Tv shows and media.
    • Blaire is one variation that is loved a lot by many people.


    4. Brett

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    • Brett is more common for boys than for girls, but it has been used as a girl’s name in the past.
    • Brett is a Latin name.
    • The meaning of brett is ‘someone from Britain or Brittany, as simple as that.
    • This name has become very popular in the late ’20s.
    • Other variations of Brett include Bret or Britte.


    5. Cameron

    • When it comes to names from letter C especially gender neutral names, Cameron is the name that can’t be ignored.
    • It’s another Scottish name.
    • The name Cameron means someone who has a crooked nose.
    • It is getting a lot of popularity as a female name though it was originally a male name.
    • Camaron and Cameron are the spelling alternatives you can use, or short forms like Cam also can be used.
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    6. Charlie

    • You must be familiar with this name because of Charlie Chaplin, but Charlie is actually one of the famous gender neutral names.
    • As you may be aware, this is a german origin name.
    • Charlie means a free man in Germany.
    • This name has been in use since the 18th century, and it is still popular in the 21st century.
    • It is spelled differently in different parts of the world like Charle, Charlee, Charleigh, Charley, Charli, Charly, and in a lot more ways.


    7. Dylan

    • Dylan is a welsh name.
    • The name Dylan means the sea or a great tide in the sea.
    • A variation of Dylan i.e. Dylon, is also widely used as a gender neutral name, and it means sun of the ocean.
    • However, the name Dylan is rarely seen these days.
    • Some of the alternate spellings that can be used are Dillan, Dillen, Dillon, Dilon.
    • This name was previously popular in girls and later on in boys too.


    8. Devon

    • Devon, one of the gender neutral names, is very much famous in England.
    • The name Devon has a British origin as you may have guessed from the popularity in England.
    • Devon means a poet.
    • It has become more and more popular since the 1980s.
    • You can tweak this name to suit any gender. Some examples are Daven, Davin, Davion, Davon, Deaven, etc.
    • There are a lot of actors, actresses and sportspeople with the name devon.


    9. Evan

    • Among all the gender neutral names, names starting with the letter E are most loved by people.
    • Evan is one such name, and it is of Welsh origin.
    • It is said that Evan is a short form of the Greek name Evangelos.
    • The name Evan means God is gracious, another meaning is a young warrior.
    • It is one of the most popular names in 2019-2020.
    • Some other variations include Evans, you must be familiar with Chris Evans, right?


    10. Emerson

    • Emerson was originally a boy’s name but can be used as a girl’s name too.
    • Emerson’s name has german and English origin.
    • This name has a straightforward meaning that is Child of Emery.
    • People had forgotten how beautiful this name is, and now it is one of the most popular names of 2020.
    • Emersen is another form that is most used.


    11. Finley

    • You must have heard this popular name a couple of times in your locality.
    • Finley is an Irish origin name.
    • It means a courageous warrior with fair skin.
    • The popularity of this name has gone up over the past 10 years.
    • Talking about gender neutral names, this name has been used by many TV celebrities.
    • If you are looking for any alternatives, then you can consider Finly, Finn, Finnlea, and Finnley.


    12. Frankie

    • You can go with this name if you have a special love for Latin names.
    • This name is rarely used, thus it’s a great option if you are looking for a unique name.
    • The origin of the name Frankie is French, Teutonic, Latin, and English.
    • The meaning of this name is Frenchman.
    • According to another meaning, it means a free man.
    • Talking about different spellings for the name Frankie, we have Frankea, Frankee, Franki, Frankkie, Franky, and the most popular one Frankey.


    13. Grayson

    • Grayson is a popular name, and if you combine the rest of the spellings of these names, you will see a lot of popularity of this name.
    • Grayson is a British name.
    • As you may have guessed, the meaning of this name is ‘son of a grey haired man.
    • This is not a new name but has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.
    • Gracen, Gracyn, Gray, Graydon, and grey are some of the most used spelling variations of this same name Grayson.


    14. Greer

    • Greer is a great name if you are looking for some short and easy to pronounce names.
    • This is a Scottish originated name.
    • The meaning of Greer is a watchful or vigilant guardian.
    • It was originally a girl’s name, but now it is recognized as one of the all-time popular gender neutral names.
    • If you are looking for some different spellings which are not really needed, you have these two options: Grear, Grier.


    15. Hayden

    • Hayden is the name if you are looking for some gender neutral names that won’t sound outdated in the future.
    • It is a traditional boy’s name, but like all other names, it suits girls too and is even accepted by many parents.
    • Hayden is a British origin name.
    • The name Hayden means a hedged valley.
    • Many people have begun using this name extensively after a long break in the 19th century.
    • Haden, Hadin, Hadon, Haidan, Haidin, Haidon, Haidyn are some of the alternate spellings you can consider before naming your child.


    16. Hunter

    • Hunter is one of the unusual but unique among the rest of the gender neutral names.
    • Even this one is of British origin.
    • Hunter means a pursuer or a huntsman, or a provider.
    • As you may have seen, the hunter is mainly a boy’s name, but from 1993, it was being used by girls too.
    • Hunt, Huntar, Huntley, Huntor, Huntter are some of the variations of the same name with the same meaning.


    17. Iris

    • Iris is a great short 4 letter name when it comes to selecting from gender neutral names.
    • Iris is the name that originated from Greek.
    • This name is consistently popular since 1880 till now i.e. 2021
    • Iris means a rainbow in greek, but it can also mean a flower.


    18. Idris

    • Idris is another amazing one of gender neutral names on our list.
    • If you are looking for a name starting with I but don’t want it to be as short as iris then Idris is the one for you.
    • Idris has a welsh origin.
    • Its meaning is the fiery leader and also a prophet.
    • For some reason, the name Idris is becoming a lot more popular in recent years.
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    19. Jesse

    • Jesse is one of the beautiful gender neutral names, which was originally a boy’s name.
    • Jesse is a Hebrew name.
    • There are two similar meanings of this name, out of which one means that ‘god exists’.
    • Another meaning of Jesse means wealthy or god’s gift.
    • Jesse can also be spelled as Jesee, Jesi, Jess, Jessee, Jessey, Jessi, Jessie, or Jessy.


    20. Jordan

    • Jordan is another one of the Hebrew and gender neutral names on our list.
    • It is one of the most used names nowadays, thus not a unique name.
    • As I already said, it is a Hebrew origin name.
    • Jordan means down-flowing.
    • Jardan, Johrdan, Jordain, Jorden, Jordena, Jordenn are some of the variations of the name jordan.
    • There are many famous celebrities named Jordan, both male and female.


    21. Keaton

    • Keaton is a British name, and it is slightly new as compared to the rest of the names in our list.
    • It has been used consistently over the past 50 years.
    • The name Keaton means a palace of hawks, or it can also mean someone from the town of hawks.
    • There are many male as well as female celebrities having the name Keaton.
    • Keatan, Keaten, Keatin, Keatton are some alternatives to the original name Keaton to choose from.

    22. Kelsey

    • Kelsey might sound like a prominent girl’s name, but actually, it was a boy’s name. Though it is widely used as a gender-friendly name.
    • This name is British as well as Irish originated.
    • Even this name has a good history as well as meaning to it.
    • The name Kesley means a victorious ship from some fierce island.
    • There are quite a few variations of this name available which includes names like Kelcey, Kelci, Kelcie, Kelcy, Kelda, Kellsee, and many more.

    23. Lennon

    • Lennon is quite a common name, and you must have previously heard about it.
    • Musician John Lennon is probably the one who made this name popular.
    • It is one of the Irish originated Gender neutral names.
    • The name Lennon means a child of love or someone’s loved one.
    • Lenan, Lenen, Lenin, Lennan are some more options to choose from.
    • Lennon is the last name as you can see from the above example, but it is now being used as a unisex first name.

    24. Loki

    • You must have heard the name Loki from a lot of movies. It is the name of the God of Mischief in the Norse mythologies.
    • Loki is a gender neutral name because the god Loki is gender fluid and has many gender fluid kids as well.
    • If anyone amongst you is a Marvel nerd, then this would be a great name for you.
    • A kid named after the god of mischief would wreak a lot of havoc, but kids are supposed to do that so it will all be good.

    25. Mickey

    • Remember Mickey from all-time favorite cartoon Mickey Mouse? Even Mickey is one of the gender neutral names.
    • This name has Hebrew as well as American origin.
    • No doubt it was one of the most famous names in the ‘90s, however, nowadays it is not much in use.
    • The meaning of Mickey is the one who resembles the god or the one who is closest to the god.
    • If you don’t want to copy the original Mickey, then you have other options like Mickee, Micki, Mickie, Micky, Miki, and Mikie.

    26. Morgan

    • Morgan, Tony Stark’s daughter. Who doesn’t want to keep their child’s name as Morgan? It is the best unisex name you can keep for your child.
    • After the mention of Morgan in Avengers Endgame, the name is getting a lot of popularity and love.
    • The name Morgan means circling sea or a bright white sea traveler.
    • This name has a welsh origin.
    • Although you should not really make any tweaks in the spelling or name, Maughan and Morgain are two alternatives for the name Morgan.

    27. Owen

    • Owen, another short, 4 letter name. Such small names are the most preferred by the parents of the new generation.
    • This name has Welsh and Scottish origin.
    • Though the name was originally meant to be used by boys, it is used for girls too.
    • Owen means a young warrior or someone born in high society.
    • You have alternate spelling options like Ouen or Owain.

    28. Paris

    • I think I don’t need to explain the origin of this name, everyone knows it’s coming from the famous city, the capital of France.
    • However, the actual origin of the name Paris is greek and not British.
    • It has become popular since the late ’90s.
    • As we already know, the name Paris is taken from the Paris city and thus has no particular meaning.
    • There are few altered names based on Paris if you don’t want your child’s name to be so obvious.
    • The alternate names include Paeris, Paerris, Paras, Paree, etc.

    29. Phoenix

    • This name must be reminding you of the X-men character dark phoenix.
    • Well, the character, the name, and the meaning of the name, all three complement each other very well.
    • Phoenix means dark red.
    • This one is a greek name.

    30. Rain

    • Rain is one of the unique and meaningful names on our list.
    • Rain means ‘wise ruler’ or ‘counselor’ and not the actual rain you were thinking of.
    • It has Latin and British origin.
    • It is a great choice if you are looking for a short but unique name.

    31. River

    • River and the names of rivers both can be used as first names as gender neutral names.
    • River has the actual meaning of water flowing from a water body.
    • You will find many media artists with the name river.
    • It’s a great choice if you want a decent and simple name.

    32. Robin

    • The name Robin is of English origin.
    • Robin means someone who is bright with fame and is very social.
    • There are a lot of variants of Robin, and they are Robyn, Robbin, etc.
    • Robin is a name that has been very popular between both girls and boys.

    33. Rory

    • The name Rory has Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic origins.
    • The meaning of this name is the ruler or chief.
    • This name can also mean someone who is famous for their brilliance.
    • The alternate spellings for Rory are Rorry, Rorrie, etc.
    • The name ranks 368 for boys, and 579 for girls in the list of top 1000 names and hence makes its way into our gender neutral names list.
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    34. Ryan

    • Ryan is a name that has Irish origins.
    • The meaning of the name Ryan means a little ruler, and it is a very common name amongst Christians.
    • There are a lot of famous people named Ryan like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Adamsn, Ryan Reynolds, etc.
    • Ryan is a name that is very popular in boys, but it is often used for girls as well, qualifying it for this gender neutral names list.

    35. Sasha

    • Sasha is a name of Greek and Russian origin.
    • This name means the defender of mankind.
    • There are a lot of variants of Sasha, such as Shashi, Shasha, etc.
    • Sasha is a name that is used more for girls than boys, but it is gaining more and more popularity for boys’ names as well.

    36. Shannon

    • The name Shannon has Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic origins.
    • The meaning of the name Shannon is smart and someone who has great wisdom and is wise like an owl.
    • You can connect this name to the Greek name Athena because they are almost the same in their meanings.
    • Shannon has a lot of other variants that are gender neutral names like Shanon, Shannun, etc.

    37. Skylar

    • The name Skylar has a Dutch origin and is kind of unique.
    • The meaning of the name Skylar is intelligent and scholarly.
    • There are a lot of names similar to Skylar, like Skye, Schyler, etc, that can be used as well.
    • Skye could be a great name for your child if you are looking for gender neutral names.
    • The names Skylar and Skye just have such a cool feel to them.

    38. Sloan

    • Sloan has an Irish and Celtic origin, unlike many other names on this list.
    • The meaning of the name Sloan is a strong protector and a warrior or even invader.
    • There are other variants of this name, like Sloane or Slonne.
    • Sloan has been one of the very commonly used gender neutral names in recent times.

    39. Storm

    • The name Storm has English and American origin, the meaning of the name shouldn’t be hard to guess.
    • The meaning of the name Storm is volatile and powerful, like very severe weather.
    • Storm is a very unique name, and it is slowly making its way into the top 1000 names for girls.
    • Storm could be a good name for a kid who has parents that are Marvel nerds.

    40. Sydney

    • The name Sydney has a lot of origins, including English, French, and Portuguese.
    • The meaning of Sydney is someone from the wide island or wide pasture.
    • There are two famous cities named Sydney, one in Australia and one in Canada.
    • Sydney is amongst the top most popular gender neutral names, and it was most popular in the year 1913 and the late 1990s.

    41. Tanner

    • Tanner is, again, an English name, and the name means the maker of hide or leather.
    • The name Tanner sounds a lot better than what the meaning of the name is.
    • Tanner is one of the most popular gender neutral names and has been like that for a very long time.
    • Tanner is currently on the list of the top 1000 names for girls.

    42. Taylor

    • Taylor, like so many other names in this list, is a name of English origin.
    • The meaning of Taylor is garment maker or cloth cutter.
    • The meaning might not be that great, but the name sounds very beautiful.
    • Taylor has been on the list of most popular names for girls and boys for a long time.

    43. Wesley

    • Wesley is a name of English origin, and it has a lot of other variants like Weslie and Wesly.
    • There are a lot of famous people named Wesley like Wesley Johnathan Waples, Charles Wesley, etc.
    • Wesley means from the meadow in the west, which is a beautiful meaning.
    • Wesley has been in the top 200 names for boys for over a century, and it is very popular amongst girls as well.

    44. Winter

    • Winter is a name of English origin, and it means someone who is born in the winter season.
    • Winter is a popular name for girls, but many parents use it for their sons as well.
    • You must have heard about the famous American Actress Winter Ave Zoli Uhlarik.
    • Winter is ranked at 390 in the top 1000 names for girls and also making its way into the top 1000 names for boys.

    45. Xia

    • A very few names in the world exist that have their initials as X, and Xia is one of those rare names.
    • Xia is a Chinese gender neutral name, and it has two meanings.
    • Xia can mean summer or rosy clouds.
    • Another meaning of the name can be great or grand.
    • Any name that starts with Xia is a lovely name.

    46. Xylon

    • Xylon is a name of Greek origin.
    • The name is pronounced as Zy-lon.
    • The meaning of the name Xylon is someone who lives in the forest.
    • Parents who love nature and want a name related to nature can pick this name for their child.
    • This is one of the most famous gender neutral names that has a Greek origin.

    47. Yolanda

    • The names that start from the letter Y are scarce, and that makes this name even more special.
    • Yolanda is a name of Christian origin.
    • Yolanda is a name that means a violet flower.
    • Any name that means a flower is already beautiful, and add to it the uniqueness of the name, and you get an awesome first name.

    48. Yuval

    • This name is of Hebrew origin.
    • It is a variation of the masculine name Jubal.
    • The name Yuval means a river stream.
    • In the book of Genesis, Jubal was the first musician’s name.
    • This is one of the few gender neutral names in Hebrew.

    49. Zeal

    • Zeal is a British name as well, and it is a very unique name
    • The word zeal means zealous or passionate.
    • Names similar to this are Zel which can be used as a nickname for a person named Zeal.
    • Zene is also another name that can be assumed to be a variation of Zeal.
    • Zene means beautiful.

    50. Zenith

    • Zenith is a relatively modern name and is newer than most other names on the list.
    • The name was derived from the Latin word zenith.
    • Zenith means the highest point in the sky, and it is used in astronomy.
    • People who are lovers of the cosmos can use this name, and if you are a greek nerd, another name similar to this would be Zeus.

    Cessation | Gender Neutral Names

    Gender Neutral Names
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    I hope that these 50 gender neutral names would have helped you pick a name for your baby. You should just keep in mind that whatever name you pick for your child should suit your child.

    Picking gender neutral names should not be a big issue. As long as you love your child, the name you pick for them should not change their personalities; it all depends on the type of upbringing.


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