3 Most Important Benefits Of Turmeric And Black Pepper When Combined!

    Turmeric And Black Pepper- What Makes This Combination So Powerful?

    Turmeric and black pepper both are highly used in different cuisines as well as ayurvedic departments, ever wondered what is the reason behind this? Let’s find out!

    Another name for turmeric is golden spice, there might be a reason why it is called so. It is native to Central America and Asia. It gives the curry a yellow color and is used in traditional Indian medicines or ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years for the treatment of several health conditions without side effects.

    Many studies support the usage of turmeric and black pepper and show that there are many health benefits of both. It is said that when turmeric and black pepper are mixed, the benefits of turmeric increase highly this helping cure diseases.

    In this article, you will see the health benefits of turmeric and back pepper when both are combined.

    Turmeric And Black Pepper Health Benefits

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    Active Ingredients In Turmeric And Black Pepper

    In recent years, much researchers are carried out due to which it is confirmed that turmeric has various medicinal properties. Most people often use black pepper for seasoning purposes only but know that black pepper has various health benefits too.

    Both turmeric and black pepper have a key ingredient that highly contributes to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting qualities.

    When both are used together, the key ingredient doubles making an effective role in treatment.

    Curcumin in turmeric

    The key active compounds present inside the turmeric are known as curcuminoids. This is a highly active ingredient and the most important one. Curcumin is a type of polyphenol that makes it highly advantageous to several health-related issues. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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    There is only one downfall of curcumin that it is not absorbed well inside the body. This makes it less beneficial over time.

    Piperine In Black Pepper

    As turmeric has curcumin, black pepper has piperine. This is a bioactive compound that is an alkaloid in nature similar to capsaicin (an active compound found inside the chili powder and cayenne pepper).

    Piperine compound has shown to be effective in treating nausea, poor digestion, headaches, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    In addition to all such health benefits, the most significant benefit it has is the ability to boost curcumin absorption inside the body. This makes it highly useful when mixed with turmeric. This is one reason why turmeric and black pepper together works wonders for health.

    Turmeric and black pepper together are said to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting qualities.

    Piperine Enhances The Absorption

    Unfortunately, the curcumin inside the turmeric is not absorbed well into the bloodstream even after turmeric being so advantageous to health problems. As a result, even if you consume turmeric for its benefits, you might not see complete results.

    However, once you add black pepper, this problem can be resolved and it helps completely with absorption. Research has supported the fact that combining piperine from black people with curcumin from thermic enhance the absorption o curcumin in the bloodstream by 2000%.

    A study revealed that adding 20mg of piperine with just 2 grams of curcumin helped increase its absorption significantly. The results were great.

    There are two theories also currently through which you may understand how it works, these are:

    • Piermine compound makes it easy for curcumin to pass and move through the walls of the intestine to your bloodstream thus it passes to the whole body.
    • It might slow down the breaking of curcumin by the liver thus increasing its levels in the blood.

    Due to both these explanations, it is evident that combining turmeric and black pepper or piperine with curcumin has potential health benefits. Pieprime makes curcumin readily available to the whole body which otherwise is not possible.

    This Combination Boosts The Benefits It Possess

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    While both piperine and curcumin have their own health benefits, taking them together can be proven to be better for you. They work together to treat many health conditions. Here are some of the most useful health benefits of turmeric and black pepper combined.

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    1.Reduce pain and fights inflammation

    Curcumin present inside turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, some studies have revealed that turmeric alone can match the power of several well-known drugs given to treat inflammation. The best part about turmeric is that it does not even have any side effects or negative effects even after taking it.

    Studies have also demonstrated that turmeric has shown to be a huge success in the treatment and prevention of arthritis. These are diseases occurred by inflammation in the joints that later cause pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help with the treatment greatly.

    When turmeric and black pepper are combined, it acts as the ultimate duo to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation.

    2. Prevents Cancer

    Turmeric has shown to e promising in preventing cancer too. Some test-tube studies have revealed that it has the ability to decrease the growth of cancerous cells. It helps decrease the development, growth, and spread of tumor cells at the molecular level thus preventing the diseases from occurring. It also contributes to the death of already existing cancerous cells.

    Pipermien also seems to have a role in the death of certain tumor cells which decree the risk of formation of tumors. Other researchers indicate the same results. This can be concluded that it might help inhibit the growth and development of tumor cells.

    One study has revealed at turmeric and black pepper both in combination as well as separately interrupted wt the renewal process of stem cells in the breast. It is highly important as it the place from where breast cancer originates and later spreads.

    Further studies show that turmeric and back pepper have protective effects against many cancers like colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and more.

    3. Aids In Digestion

    It is a well-known fact that Indian medicines have completely relied on turmeric alone to treat digestion and gut problems for thousands of years and it never failed to amaze them. Modern studies also support the usage of turmeric for digestion and it can also help reduce flatulence ad gut spasms.

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    Piperine in black pepper has also been effective to increase the activity of certain enzymes in the gut which helps our body process the food more effectively and easily.

    Furthermore, the anti0inflamorty properties of turmeric and black pepper combined may aid in reducing inflammation in the gut which helps deal with digestion.

    Safety And Dosage

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    Generally, both turmeric and black pepper are considered to be completely safe with no negative effects. But, there are no official recommendations to consume any of these due to which the maximum amount to be consumed has not been identified well.

    certain people might experience some side effects when the dosage is not right like headache, nausea, skin rashes, etc after consuming them. It is thus important to follow the dosage recommendations on the packaging of these products.

    The WHO expert committee has set a certain dietary intake for curcumin and it is 1.4 mg per pound of your body weight, This will be 245 mg for a person weighing 175 pounds or 80 kg. You may check yours accordingly and consume for health issues.

    In Indian culture, both turmeric ad black pepper is commonly consumed by using them in morning tea. They often combine it with honey, ginger, coconut oil, olive oil. etc.

    Curcumin compound is soluble in fat so you can also consume it with fat-soluble compounds for good results and absorption. However, if you want to reap all the benefits of turmeric fully, it is best to combine it with black pepper as it has piperine.

    The Bottom Line

    Turmeric and black pepper both have great health benefits due to the main active compound present in them that is curcumin and piperine.

    As piperine helps to enhance the absorption of curcumin inside the body up to nearly 2000%, you should definitely combine the two to magnify their health effects ad advantages,

    They may help improve digestion and reduce inflammation particularly when taken in form of supplements, however, you can consume them naturally as well. For complete benefits of the two, mix turmeric and black pepper.

    These were all the important things you needed to know about turmeric and black pepper when combined.


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