15 Hilarious And Funny Dog Collar Tags For Your Furball

    funny dog collar tagsYour pet could want to take stroll by themselves, explore the nearby areas, and leave its kingly dominion(your home) for the want of wanderlust. Funny dog collar tags can get them back home safely if they get lost venturing. Funny dog collar tags add a fun element to other details such as, pet owner’s name and address.

    A personalized accessory for your pet that ensures safety when they are running around freely. Either choose from the bunch available online, create your own or use ideas given here to create a hilarious dog collar tag. Here are ideas for your dog collar tag with quotes and details you can print or embed.

    King Of the Castle

    Suitable for a dog of huge size. Can be embossed or printed with colors and textures. This is a good idea if you want a tag with a funny message or phrase to go with the address as a condiment.

    Lazy But Lost, E.T Phone Home

    If you have a cute dog small or medium size, this tag would suit them. With a fun phrase from Steven Spielberg’s E.T, enjoy creating this funny dog collar tag for your kid. The 90’s kids love it and feel reminiscence of the golden era where everything was steady and heartfelt.

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    Miss My Favorite Sitcom, Take Me Home

    How many of you enjoy watching TV, movies, reading books with your pet dogs? They are the best company. Their curiosity can amuse you. If this is your dog, giving you company in everything, use this phrase to create funny dog collar tags for your pets. Maybe your dog loves to watch Game of Thrones or Wanda Vision, or something like that.

    Take Me To My Hooman

    Lol Cats introduced a funny grammar and language that lets you keep up with humor and be amused. In the typical LOL cats language, this is a catchy and funny phrase idea for your dog tag if they get lost, and a conversation starter.

    Lost In Transition, Where Is My Hooman?

    Maybe your dog has been time traveling when a portal opened in the frame of time and your pet was lost in transitioning between time frames. Now, he wants to be with his Hooman, after going through every page of history just like Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure.

    Those who love talking to their dogs can only imagine the civilizations, and zealous cultures, and species, your dog must have ventured into. But, wait, he was found eating grass in the middle of now where. Glad you found your pet, phew!!

    Oh, Not Coming Home Unless You Give Me Treats

    Dogs, don’t you love them? Is your dog as spoilt as Garfield? Lazing around, expecting to be cajoled, and venerated. Is your dog behaving like a prima dona cat? This is the best tag for your dog. Isn’t it funny?

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    Bitches, They Love Mehh, But I Love My Hooman

    Your dog must be flirtatious, lively, and a social butterfly who loves to go out and meet people. Oh, but did he get lost? These funny dog collar tags will get him home safely. Isn’t it amusing to have a naughty pet who loves ‘me time’ exploring nearby areas and enjoying time all by himself.

    Highly Pampered And Spoilt, I Need My Hooman

    Is that is Shih Tzu, or a cute breed who loves being pampered and the center of attention? This is the right funny dog collar tag for your pet. It can help someone find their way back home and be amused. Whoever finds your dog knows that it needs to a kid-glove treatment, so you do not have much to worry.

    Momma And Dadda Miss Me

    A cute and emotional message on your dog collar is enough to get a teary-eye and rush your pet safely home. The one who finds knows how much your dog loves you and can get them to you when your pet is lost.

    Have To Debate On World Affairs With Hooman

    With the power of observation and intuition vested upon dogs, dog insights can be amusing if they participate. Plus everyone is going to give an attentive ear to their well-meaning thoughts hidden in their bark. Ah, now that’s imagination, never mind. Maybe, you could watch Hachi or Bolt to hear dogs speak human. But then, your dog is back home after being lost. Priceless!!

    I Am Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

    Godfather, funny dog collar tags has it right. Is your dog a spoilt gangster? This is the right dog collar tag for him. Barking and lost, this amusing dog tag can find his way home and give you a piece of mind.

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    A Wrong Place To Sniff, Take Me To My Kingdom

    Your princely dog is lost? This tag will find his way back to his kingly abode. Is your dog a sniffer and a troublemaker? This is the right tag to attach to dog collar. Do not forget to add your number and address with funny dog collar tags.

    Strange Place That Does Not Smell Like Home

    Not in a fairyland, is he? flying with unicorns, enjoying dog years in bliss and harmony. Does it feel like a strange place for your zealous dog to be? Missing home, feeling lost, funny dog collar tags can motivate the finder to bring it home to you.

    Eat, Sleep, Bark, Repeat, Everyday, But Today, I’m Lost

    Missing the wonderful dog life, one day the dog went amiss. His mommy cried and worried. Then there was a knock on the door that was going to put a smile on her face, and it did. Her dog returned and there was happiness all over again. Just like The Groundhog Day movie, his day repeated itself unto eternity without a sign of boredom and moments full of pampering, love, and joy.

    I Am An Escape Artist

    Does your dog have the habit of running away into the oblivion? This is just the right tag for your pet dog. Getting the serial escape artist back home is fun and not-so-worrisome anymore. Handcrafted tags are eco-friendly. Show off your dog’s unique personality and traits with these funny tags.


    Aww, that adorable, and cute furball!! Lost? OMG!! did you have the funny dog collar tag on it? Phew! you can breathe a sign, there is no problem anymore. It will help your dog find its way back home while providing some amusement.





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