14 Important Things About Pug Chihuahua Mix Breed!

    Pug Chihuahua Mix- Complete Breed Guide

    If you are looking for the perfect family dog, the Pug chihuahua mix breed is the only dog you should stick to. Wondering why is that so? Well, pug chihuahua mix or chug is a fantastic mix of very popular pug and chihuahua dogs. You might be knowing how friendly and adorable these breeds are. Once you find out everything about pug chihuahua mix dog’s temperament, nature, and nutrition needs, you will know why you should add them to your family. Let’s find out!

    Pug Chihuahua Mix Breeds

    pug chihuahua mix
    My Dog’s Name

    The pug chihuahua mix or chug is a mix between the pug and chihuahua. They are affectionately named Chug by their owners and can easily adapt to almost all the households. If you are willing to add a furry friend to the family but you live in a small apartment, do not get disheartened as the chug fits perfectly well in a small apartment or house with no place outside. They are extremely happy in their happy little small places and do not require huge yards to play in.

    While pug and chihuahua are extremely popular in their own right, getting purebred dogs can be slightly expensive when you are not rescuing them from the shelter. This is one reason why many people prefer buying mixed breeds. Another reason why mixed breeds are gaining so much popularity is that you can enjoy the best of both breeds in one dog. If you are not sure, just try living with a pug chihuahua mix.

    In this guide, you will get all the insights and complete information on the pug chihuahua mix. Here is all the information you will require to help you decide if you want to add this super cute little pup to your family or not. Know that it makes the perfect canine companion for a small family.

    Here are all the important things to know about these dogs.

    1. Parent Breeds

    To understand your chug more, you must learn certain things about the parent breed. You might have come across many people having a chihuahua and a pug breed. Both breeds make an excellent dog for their owners and the pug is well known for its friendly nature and forms a great family pup. It is important to know more about chihuahua and pug before you make your mind if chug is a perfect dog for your family or not.

    Usually, the parent genes have a great influence in shaping the dog. You will mostly have no idea whose features will be seen more in chug when they grow up among both the parent breeds.

    Here is a little information on both the breeds to know pug chihuahua mix more.

    Pug Breed

    pug, puppy, dog
    Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

    Pug is a member of the toy group and is viewed often as the comedian among the dog world. It was originally bred to become a companion to the Chinese nobility and it continues to fulfill its role as a family pet. Because of their sweet nature, they are often bred with other breeds like Corgi. They are extremely good with all the members of the family along with other pets making them an ideal dog for the family.


    chihuahua, dog, pet
    Photo by a-mblomma on Pixabay

    Chihuahuas are the smallest dog recognized by AKC as pure breeds. There are two different types of chihuahuas, one is deer head and one is apple head chihuahua. Chihuahuas are considered to be the national dog of Mexico. Their name is also Mexican because they were originally spotted in the 1800s in Mexico for the first time. Ancient sketches of these dogs are also seen to have been spotted in Central America. they are quite similar to ancient Techichi dogs and ancient Chinese crested dogs.

    2. Chihuahua Pug Mix or Chug

    Due to the features of both breeds pug and chihuahuas, chugs have a broad personality range. They can be cute and comic just like pugs but sometimes also turn out to be feisty as the chihuahuas. They are typically fun to be around and get pretty well with all the family members including pets in your house.

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    Chugs are highly sought-after dogs with the designed dog craze that has hit so many countries in the last few years especially the United States. However, as you already know it is a mixed breed, so the physical appearance and character of the dog will largely depend upon the parent breed he takes after more. Also, some issues present in parents might be present in pug chihuahua mix like tendency to yap, aggression towards other pets, breathing problems, etc.

    3. Temperament

    They are extremely balanced and known to get along well with other dogs and people. They love attention, there is no stopping them in terms of it. They will take as much attention as you will give to them. If you do not wish to have a dog that constantly needs affection and love, pug chihuahua mix might not be the breed you should go for. They also have inherent anxiety which they get from chihuahua parents but it is not as intense as the chihuahuas.

    Chug dogs should always be with a family that can spend enough time with them during the days. These dogs do not do well when their owners leave them during the day most of the time. These dogs do not require a lot of activity, just your presence is enough to keep your little pup happy and entertained throughout the day.

    Once they grow out of their puppyhood, they are not very much fond of toys but smaller toys should be kept near to them when they are puppies as they have a small mouth and stature. As they grow up, their motivation shifts from toys to food. Chugs are lap dogs they will be extremely happy hanging out on your lap while you are doing something else like watching TV or simply lying on your couch.

    They are not at all aggressive (unless they inherit some from chihuahuas) and generally, they get along really well with everyone.

    4. Size and appearance

    pug chihuahua mix

    As already mentioned before, mixed breed dogs inherit their looks from either of the parts or a mix of both. You really cannot determine how your little pup will look or grow just by looking at them as puppies. However, they are typically small dogs and they grow somewhere between 6 to 12 inches tall. Their weight is also typically from 8 to 20 pounds.

    As both the parent breeds are small, the pug chihuahua mix is a small-sized dog. If you wish to pet a bigger dog, then pug chihuahua mix may not be the perfect dog for you. They are not athletic particularly and inherit the face of their parent Pug having a flat face.

    Their flat face is also the reason they cannot perform heavy activities in hot weather. However, they may or may not inherit the skin of the pug. Their skin depends largely on the breed they take up the most.

    5. Coat and colors

    Chugs either have long hair or short hair. They also shed about as much as their parent breed Pug having dense fur. Their coat colors can be brown, black, cream, tan, chocolate, fawn, merle, speckled, spotted, dark brown, or a mix of black and brown. A pug chihuahua mix does not have white, blue merle, or a brindle coat color.

    Also, your pug chihuahua mix can be single-coated or double-coated. If they inherit double coats, this means they will shed throughout the year. This also means they will shed more during the winter and summer seasons. During these timeframes, regular grooming for your dog is highly recommended. Their coats are usually shorter in length.

    6. Exercise and living conditions

    As chugs are small dogs, they do not require a lot of exercises to keep going. A short brisk walk each day and a few minutes of playtime indoors or in your yard are enough to keep them healthy and happy.

    Know that your pug chihuahua mix will not be very happy living outside. One thing is clear, the parent breeds are known t form a strong bond with the families they live in and both can suffer from anxiety when separated for a long time. This can also lead to destructive behavior and excessive barking.

    In a nutshell, you need to keep them indoors with the family. If you are residing in hot environments, make sure your pup is not having a hard time and is in a room air-conditioned so that they do not suffer from breathing issues.

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    7. Training

    pug chihuahua mix

    As soon as your pug chihuahua mix completes its vaccination, you can start their early puppy training and socialization. They need to learn at a young age.

    Puppy training schools are everywhere and they help to teach your dog how to get along well with family and other pets. This is particularly needed if your puppy takes after chihuahua most of his parentage. Chugs can be really stubborn to train depending upon the parent side they take on. If it is a chihuahua, you might have a hard time.

    basic obedience training should be given to the dog and ongoing obedience training at your home is the best way you can continue their learning and indulge them in good behavior. This is also a part of positive reinforcement training and shapes your dog’s behavior. If you plan to train the dog using a harness, you should go for one that is made for smaller dogs.

    8. Health

    They are generally healthy mixed breeds. Most pug chihuahua mix-breeds do not share a lot of health problems. The offspring of chihuahuas and pugs will likely be healthy. You should always see the health certificates of the parent dogs before completing the process of buying or adopting. You should ask for pieces of evidence that the puppy is entirely healthy with no inherited diseases or conditions.

    Mixed breed dogs often have fewer genetic health issues because of reduced inbreeding as a result of a cross between two different breeds. This is indeed great news, but still, health insurance is highly recommended. Pet insurance can save a lot of money from your wallet, you must give it a thought.

    9. Nutrition

    You should give your pug chihuahua mix nutritions kibble especially prepared for smaller breeds. When it comes to feeding pug chihuahua mix, you will have to feed them as per their size and stage of life. When they are little puppies, you will have to feed them small breed puppy food. As they grow old, you can shift to adult formula. Once these dogs enter the golden years, again shift to a senior formula so that their immune system remains healthy and your dog enjoys their life longer.

    Both pug and chihuahua are likely to suffer from dental issues like overcrowding of teeth in their mouth. This later leads to the formation of plaque and canine periodontal diseases. So, you should always go for dry kibble that scapes away the plaque-causing bacterias once your dog starts eating food.

    Make sure you feed your pug chihuahua mix as per the instructions and guidelines are written on the manufacturers’ food packaging. You can also give them treats but these dogs are more prone to overeating (from the Pug side of their family) and can become obese quickly when not paid enough attention to their diet.

    10. Grooming

    A pug chihuahua mix does shed which means they will require grooming. As mentioned earlier, they have a single-layered coat as well as a double-layered coat. Their fur is generally short or medium length. Regardless of their double-layered or single-layered coat, these dohs do shed. They require grooming at least 2-3 times per week when it is shedding season for dogs. They also need to brush their teeth weekly. Deshedding can help keep your dog’s hair off the couch and your clothing.

    You are also required to clean the wrinkles and folds on their face if they inherit more from the pug side of their parentage. Bathing is recommended once every month to keep them clean and healthy. Anything more than the data can make their skin dry damaging the natural oils in their fur. Also, to make sure your dog does not go through skin infection, you will have to dry and skin rolls thoroughly. Always use a sensitive shampoo for their skin to maintain pH and save them from harmful chemicals.

    11. As family pets

    The pug chihuahua mix makes an excellent family pet for all family types. These dogs are undoubtedly sweet and appealing, but if you are still not able to decide if they can make great family dogs or not, read the following:

    • The pug chihuahua mix is a friendly dog to have.
    • Chugs are entirely sociable and do really well when kept with other pets and family.
    • The pug chihuahua mix requires grooming regularly.
    • They shed year-round, especially during the summer and winter months.
    • People having allergies to pet hair should avoid going for a chug as their family pet.
    • A chug is small enough and a great dog for people living in an apartment or small house.
    • They do not require a lot of exercises daily.
    • They are lazier puppies.
    • They can also be a great dog for one person.
    • They can sometimes inherit certain genetic diseases from their parents but you can see the health certificates of their parents.
    • Always ask the breeder to provide you with all the health certificates.
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    With all the important points about pug chihuahua mix, you might be able to decide easily if you want a pug chihuahua pix or not. Now, if you want one, where will you find one? The obvious answer will be to find an ethical and well-known breeder. But it is highly recommended that you look for a rescue home first and find these dogs there if you can. Rescues are great to find mixed breeds and designer dogs.

    12. Breeders and puppy prices

    pug chihuahua mix

    The pug chihuahua mix is not hugely popular among the mixed breed dogs people find for their families yet. For that reason alone, they are quite affordable when you see the prices of other mixed breed dogs.

    Currently, a well-bred pug chihuahua mix will cost you anywhere between 500 dollars to 750 dollars. This price may vary based on which country you reside in and how the part dogs were. You can visit your local vets to find out about reputable breeders and also visit clubs of chihuahua and pug dogs to know more about their adoption or buying.

    13. Chug Rescues

    Check the nearest rescue shelters to see if you can find a chug there or not. Look for all the rescue shelters of you with to house a helpless unwanted chug and give it all the love it desires. rather than purchasing the dogs, you should bring them to rescue shelters to give them a great life. Every time you purchase a dog from breeders, know that a dog in a rescue shelter dies. You can visit websites like chihuahua rescues, adopt net, pug rescue, etc to find these dogs and adopt them.

    14. Additional Information And Health Issues

    The chug is a loving, compact, and adorable dog to have. This perfect and lively addition to your family can make your day easy. Their lifespan is between 10 to 13 years.

    Like their puggle cousins, chugs are small dogs. When it comes to feeding them, make sure you do not overfeed the dogs. Even if they stare at you with that cute wrinkled face, you cannot fall for that. You should give them as much as 600 calories every day to remain in a healthy state.

    They need one cup of high-quality dry kibble every day.

    Unfortunately, chugs may inherit some health issues from either side of the family. Two of the most common diseases inherited genetically by this breed may be respiratory illnesses and eye problems. Let’s see what the problems are:

    1. Respiratory problems- The squished and short muzzle these dogs have may lead to breathing issues throughout their lifespan. Their shortened facial structure means that their breathing passage is also shortened. This is the reason why pugs are also referred to as Brachycephalic dogs at times. It is highly recommended not to over-exert these dogs due to these issues.
    2. Eye problems- Eye conditions like progressive retinal atrophy may occur due to genetic traits inherited from the chihuahua side of the family. This is a degenerative eye disease. It is usually seen in older chug dogs. You should keep a check on their eyes to make sure they can be diagnosed earlier and treated on time. If left untreated, it will lead to blindness in the dog.
    3. Heart strokes are also a condition these dogs might have due to some reasons.

    Final Thoughts On Pug Chihuahua Mix

    If you wish to have a small dog to accompany you everywhere, the chug dog might be the one you should stop at. They are right-sized pooch to consider in this matter. This happy-go-lucky and friendly pooch will repay your love and kindness with a lot of affection and loyalty.

    They are ideal family pets and get along well with other pets and kids in your family, They do not need a lot of exercises or physical activity to remain mentally stimulated, just your presence will make their day. isn’t that sweet?

    Pug chihuahua mix fits comfortably in small houses and one-person apartments as well. On the negatives of this dog, they might differ from a few health conditions from both the parents. Also, they shed quite much so they are not meant for people having allergies to dog fur. If you still find them great and ideal dogs for your family, do not wait! Start your reach today and visit the rescue shelters nearby to adopt them if you can, otherwise, reputable breeders are a decent choice too.

    This was all you need to know about the Pug chihuahua mix breed.


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